Whole-House Water Softener Systems: Good Reasons To Have A Plumber Install One In Your Home | Bedford, TX

Whole-House Water Softener Systems: Good Reasons To Have A Plumber Install One In Your Home | Bedford, TX

Although there are other ways of softening water, a whole-house water softener system is the ultimate solution to hard water and its dampening effects. What makes water hard? The answer is simple; ‘Hard’ minerals. When it rains, water collects in rivers and lakes. Rocks embedded in these water bodies begin to react with the water, enriching it with dissolved minerals.

Water hardness levels may vary depending on where you live. The higher the concentration of calcium and magnesium, the harder your water is. Professional plumbers such as Tioga Plumbing & Electric can add that soft touch to your water by installing a whole-house water softener system. Below are some benefits of a whole-home water softener for your health and property.

Healthier, Softer Skin

This is one good reason you may want a plumber to install a water softener in your home. If your water is hard, you may never know what a soft feel on your skin is. This is because you are used to feeling dry after bathing and always have a moisturizer handy to reduce irritation.

You probably think that your genetic composition, moisturizer brand, or type of soap you use are the reasons to blame for your dry and pale skin. But what if it has nothing to do with all these but your water?

If you hire a qualified plumber near Bedford, TX to install a whole-house water softener in your home, you could be surprised by what happens to your skin. Once the harsh minerals are removed from your water, your skin won’t feel dry as soft water is gentle on the body.

Stronger, Silkier Hair

For those with lots of hair, you know what it takes to care for it. You must figure out the best products to keep them in condition. But maybe you already missed it before you even reached for the soap. The reason your hair looks dry or frailty might be because you wash it with hard water. Just like the skin, your hair is very sensitive to the mineral deposits in the water.

Even with all sorts of hair moisturizing products you could be familiar with, the best way to keep your hair healthy is to wash it in soft water. Consider adding a water softener system to your home; a trained plumber can help you do that easily. It will eliminate all those minerals without compromising the quality of your drinking water.

Softer and Cleaner Clothing

What happened when you first washed your new, soft pullover? Did it feel soft again? If not, hard water might be the reason why. Just as it makes the skin and hair dry, so does it dry out your clothing, causing it to fade over time. Again, you might notice your clothes don’t look cleaner even after rinsing, and it’s easy to believe they’re still dirty.

But it could be due to the mineral buildup that prevents soap from lathering. On the flip side, soft water will leave the clothes cleaner. Your plumber can help you realize this through a whole-house water softener installation.

Helps Remove Unwanted Tastes from Your Drinking Water

Some homeowners may already know that unpleasant, ‘earthy’ taste left in your mouth after drinking hard water. Sometimes, your gums may become too sensitive because of excessive hard minerals to acidic ions such as iron and sulfur

A professionally-installed home water softener is all you need to get that acidic taste out of your water and enjoy drinking it as you would want.

Cleaner, Stain-Free Dishes

Water that contains high amounts of minerals causes films, streaks, or spots on your dishes after washing. This happens because when the water dries out on your dishes, it leaves behind mineral buildup.

If you lack a soft water system, the sediments in the water will waste away the protective coating on your cups, plates, and spoons, leaving them faded and unsightly.

Soft Water Is Gentle On Your Plumbing Fixtures

Soft water doesn’t cause lime buildup on your water heaters, dishwashers, or pipes. This improves the quality of your water. Besides, a home soft water system can reduce scale-related plumbing problems in the future.

This way, the lifespan of your plumbing system is extended greatly due to increased efficiency. Fewer plumbing issues also mean you won’t have to dial your emergency plumber in Bedford, TX frequently.

You’ll Use Much Less Water

You might not believe how much water you’ll use to wash if a plumber installed a whole-house water softener unit for you. It will be much less than when washing with hard water since with soft water, soap lathers easily as it’s scale-free. You won’t have to use much of it to rinse your clothes.

Soft Water Will Save You Money

Less soap and detergent use means you’ll save a few bucks. As already mentioned, with soft water, lather forms readily. If you had a professional plumber in Bedford, TX install a whole-house water softener, you could realize a reduction in the amount of soap used by a large percentage.

Another benefit a water softener system can bring is a reduction in your energy bill. Scale buildup in your water heater reduces its performance levels. Thus, it will strain to get the water hot as required. In the process, a lot of energy is used, which causes your electric bill to spike up. Also, you’ll experience more savings since less hot water is needed to wash your skin or hair while in the shower.

Reach Out to Tioga Plumbing & Electric for Your Home Water Softening Needs

Is your water hard? Do you need a water softener installed in your home? Hire the plumbers at Tioga Plumbing & Electric now and wait to enjoy the soft water you’ve been missing. Besides providing residential and commercial plumbing for customers in the DFW area, we also offer a full range of electrical services, including generator installation, seasonal lighting, fixture upgrades, and emergency repairs. Call us or schedule an online appointment. We’ll be more than glad to hear from you.

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