10 Signs You Need An Electrician To Repair Your Wiring | Flower Mound, TX

10 Signs You Need An Electrician To Repair Your Wiring | Flower Mound, TX

Do you live in or operate a business from a building built before or in the 2000s? If yes, it is possible that your property has an old electrical system. This could mean that your space is not able to perform the electrical tasks you need. Tioga Plumbing & Electric can assess the current state of the electrical system and provide a solution to any electrical problems your Flower Mound, TX home or business might have. Don’t risk your safety. Contact an electrician at Tioga Plumbing & Electric immediately if you notice an electrical problem!

These are signs your electrical system may be in need of repair:

Flickering lights: If your lights are flickering, especially when you use an appliance in your home, this could be a sign you’re overloading your electric system. We rely on a variety of heavy-duty electrical appliances in our homes more often these days than ever before. Although energy-efficient washing machines, refrigerators, lighting and other environmentally friendly products can reduce the number of electrical problems you face, an outdated electric system will still pose a risk. Overloading circuits can cause damage, including fires that could prove to be fatal, not just minor nuisances such as flickering lights.

Dimming lights: Alternatively, you might see dimmed lights rather than flickering lights. You could be overloading circuits or wiring if your ceiling lights dim when you use a vacuum cleaner or microwave. Check the circuit breaker and wiring in that area of your Flower Mound, TX home to make sure you are safe.

Circuit Breakers Tripping: If you overload circuits in your house or business, it can trip them. Does switching on the shower trip the bathroom circuit? Do you have to avoid using the washing machine while the dishwasher is on, to avoid tripping the kitchen circuit? Frequent circuit interruptions can cause serious damage to your property, as well as be very inconvenient. To resolve frequent circuit trips, an electrician can inspect your space and help you replace an old electrical system.

Strange Sounds and Smells: You should be aware of the following sounds and smells: popping, crackling, and burning. It is dangerous to let problems like these go untreated. They can also lead to more expensive repairs down the road.

Crackling and Buzzing Sounds: You may have a serious problem if you hear clicking, sizzling or buzzing sounds coming from appliances, switches, or outlets. You should immediately turn off the electricity in the affected area and call a professional to investigate.

Rodent Damage: Rats and mice love to chew on wires. To ensure that the wiring isn’t damaged, you should periodically inspect for droppings or other signs of rodent activity. When rodents chew the protective covering off wires, this leaves bare metal exposed. Once exposed, excess electrical heat can set fire to wood framing and property insulation.

Frayed Wires: Age, heat, corrosion or bending can also cause wires to crack or fray. Wires can also be pinched, nicked, or punctured with nails or screws. Any damaged wires found during an inspection should be replaced by a professional electrician.

Heat and Scorch Marks: All switches and outlets should be cool to touch. Unsafe wiring conditions can be identified by scorch marks or warm spots

Smoke: Smoke coming from an outlet, an appliance or along a baseboard can be a sign that your electrics need attention, and fast! Turn off all appliances immediately if you see smoke. You might also need to shut off the main circuit interrupter until you find the cause of the smoke.

Loose connections: The connections between the electrical wires and outlets can become loose over time. Make sure all switch plates and outlet covers are in good order. Also, make sure the wires are secured. Replacing any broken, cracked or missing plates should be done as soon as possible.

5 Reasons to Hire a Licensed Professional to Fix Wiring Problems

A Safety Guarantee

Safety is the most important reason to hire a licensed electrician over DIY. It is not as easy as connecting wires and finding the correct circuit. First, make sure you have turned off the correct circuit. It could endanger your life if you make a mistake.

Do-it-yourself electrical work can lead to electrocution and even fires. “Hey, I wonder what this wire is?” might be your last words. Even if the repair is minor, it’s worth hiring a licensed professional.

Insurance and Accountability

It should not surprise you that insurance companies have strict standards about electrical systems and electrical work. Although you may believe you are saving money by wiring a light fixture or outlet yourself, the end result of an incorrectly repaired fixture could be that the item starts to smoke, spark and cause a fire. Not only is this dangerous, but it will require you to spend money to get a professional to repair the electrical issue safely.

Professional electricians are required to have valid licenses when they work for clients. Because they want to maintain their license and business, licensed electricians make sure they do the job correctly and comply with all applicable codes. Work is insured, and the contractors are held accountable.

Ensure Code Compliance

Electrical contractors are licensed to keep up with the latest building codes. They will tell you whether your wiring and circuit boxes are code-compliant or not. A licensed professional can also explain the consequences of an electrical system that isn’t compliant, including fines and fires.

Avoid Bad Wiring

An operational bad connection is still bad. It is not worth trying to repair or reconnect an electrical fixture that is likely to fail. An electrician is licensed to identify wiring problems that can be found in older homes.

Avoid Overloading Circuits

Overloaded circuits are often discovered by homeowners when the lights go out or the dishwasher stops working. Another reason to hire a licensed electrician over DIY is that they can show you how many appliances, lamps, and chargers each circuit can handle. Imagine wiring a new light fixture or appliance yourself, but not knowing what is on the circuit. Unwittingly overloading a circuit is a dangerous hazard that you might not even realize you are creating. For fast, accurate electrical inspections and repairs in Flower Mound, TX contact the licensed electricians at Tioga Plumbing & Electric.

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