Sub Contracting


Our commercial plumbing division tackles all types of plumbing challenges including: general plumbing, installation and repairs, site utilities, water treatment systems, grease trap installation and repairs, and customized reports.

We have a certified in-house Rinnai Tankless Water Heater service center in our office located centrally in the metroplex. Rinnai has been in business for over 45 years and owns more of the world’s Tankless Water Heater business than all of their competitors combined.

Tioga Contractors will provide plumbing service that fits your needs, and your budget. With a reputation for quality work, and on time service, Tioga Contractors is the choice for your plumbing needs.

electrical service
Armed with the knowledge of the newest technology in the electrical field and expertise to see your project through, Tioga Contractors Electrical Service is able to handle all types of electrical challenges.

Our Tioga technicians take pride in knowing they lead the way in quality electrical service. By adapting rapidly to new technologies, we will always have the most current knowledge, correct tools, and a positive attitude when servicing any electrical problem. Our Tioga technicians understand and can face any challenge head on, determining the best solution to your electrical needs.

wet utilities
The installation of underground pipe and materials is for professionals only! Tioga Contractors is a full-service underground utility contractor specializing in the installation of all water, sewer, underground fire lines and storm drain systems.

Our underground wet utility crews and estimators are industry leaders in underground excavation and pipe laying projects which:

  • Utilize material and pipe ranging from 48” down to a 2” PVC service line.
  • Include concrete drainage structures, sewer manholes, and lift/pump stations

And to you, the customer, is the assurance that when the dirt covers it all:

  • The site preparation was right
  • The elevation was right
  • The bedding was right
  • The fill was right
  • The installation was right
  • The cover was right
  • The soil compaction was right
  • And the finish was right

Whether you need to keep water off your premises or funnel it into a storm system we can help you get the job done. A visit to the various historical museums scattered around the state will show you a history of what happens when you are not properly prepared for the water that comes in our state from time to time. Floods have ruined more than one dream in the Lone Star State. Our experts will review your requirements and plans. They will suggest improvements and/or changes. We will help you plan the optimum system for your budget.

Proper alignment and grade is essential to the installation and our highly experienced crews are technically proficient. The end result: an efficient, cost effective system that stands the test of time.

why tioga?
Maybe the job you had in mind isn’t exactly as large as the Panama Canal, but proper completion is just as important to you as those jobbers were to others, and we know it. We know, as well as you, that the expense of preparing for everything is generally beyond budget. However, our experience over the years, and a lot of schooling, has shown what works and what courts disaster. You are the one that will be there after the job is done and we have packed up our equipment. Rest assured that we will assist you in every way to guarantee a quality product you will not have to lose sleep over every time you hear thunder.

Call us now and sleep well knowing you made the right choice, Tioga!

We offer prompt, emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the entire DFW area.