10 Ways A Plumber Can Help Hotel Owners Avoid Plumbing Issues

10 Ways A Plumber Can Help Hotel Owners Avoid Plumbing Issues

Being a hotel owner is challenging. Besides ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of your guests, you need to be proactive in maintaining the hotel’s plumbing systems to avoid common issues. If you’ve been involved in the hotel business, you know plumbing issues happen when least expected. They can be a nightmare when they occur, leading to expensive repairs, unhappy guests, and even negative reviews.

Not to worry; a professional plumber can help you avoid common plumbing issues and keep your hotel running smoothly. Whether you are a veteran in the hotel business or just venturing in, continue reading to learn ways a plumbing technician can save you from plumbing disasters.

Leak Detection

Hotels receive hundreds and even thousands of guests daily; every minute, a lot of water runs across the vast network of valves and pipes from the basement to the rooftop. Therefore, it’s common to have leakage problems. If there is a water leak in the hotel, there is a high chance it’s coming from pipes, roofs, or water tanks and heaters.

Most of the time, identifying these leaks is not easy, and if left for long, they may cause costly repairs and lost revenue due to extensive damage or even closure. To catch leaks early, you should advise your staff to continuously monitor ceilings or walls for signs such as bubbling or peeling paint, green algae growth, yellow water stains, sagging ceiling, or black mold. 

If the atmosphere of the space or room feels humid and heavy or has a distinct musty smell, you could also be having water leakage problems.

But the most important thing is to have a contingency plan to address potentially major issues that may arise from water leakages, whether small or big. Using advanced leak detection technology, a plumber can identify and fix leaks before they wreak havoc.

Regular Inspections And Maintenance

Your hotel’s plumbing will experience massive wear and tear over time. Thus, you need to invest in regular plumbing maintenance. Please do not wait until a plumbing fixture breaks or is damaged beyond repair to have it fixed or replaced. This could lead to a major inconvenience to the guest and staff and costly repairs.

It’s essential to have a plumbing company conduct regular inspections to avoid unnecessary replacements. Through routine maintenance, the plumbing pro can identify potential problems before they become major and ensures your plumbing system stays in tip-top condition. 

Drain Cleaning

Managing a hotel can be a sport due to the thousands of tasks you must do. Thus, hotel managers sometimes forget to have the plumbing systems inspected and drain pipes cleaned regularly. This usually leads to negative reviews and bad publicity for the hotel. 

A drain system in poor condition compromises the comfort of your guests and even risks their health. It releases foul smells from blocked vents, bacterial buildup, and clogged pipes. The drain smell is repulsive and can even cause sewer gas poisoning.

A compromised drainage system also damages your pipes. Soap scum, kitchen grease, leftover foods, and sink or toilet cleaning products hurt the drainage system. Fortunately, a plumbing expert can perform regular drain cleaning and keep your plumbing system flowing smoothly.

Water Heater Maintenance

In a hotel, water heaters ensure guests can access hot water for baths, showers, and other amenities. Investing in regular water heater maintenance ensures you avoid costly and disruptive breakdowns. 

When staying in a hotel, guests expect hot water. If your hotel has a malfunctioning water heater, it will lead to low water pressure and even no hot water. Investing in water heater maintenance ensures your guests receive comfort and satisfaction.

If your water heater is poorly maintained, it will be less energy efficient, leading to higher utility bills. The good news is that regular maintenance optimizes the water heater’s energy efficiency, reducing the hotel’s operating costs and energy usage.

Also, a neglected water heater can harm your staff and guests and lead to serious health issues like carbon monoxide poisoning. Thus, it’s wise to have a plumbing expert check it regularly to ensure it functions safely and that all problems are identified and resolved immediately.

Lastly, most state regulations require water heaters, especially in hotels and other commercial buildings, to be maintained and inspected regularly. If your hotel does not comply with these regulations, you’ll be fined or have serious legal problems. Therefore, water heater maintenance is critical for the smooth operation of a hotel. Always have a plumbing pro on standby who can conduct regular maintenance to ensure your water heater runs efficiently and effectively.

Emergency Repairs

Plumbing emergencies in a hotel can happen at any time, causing massive damage if not addressed quickly. In such cases, the hotel needs emergency repairs to ensure the guest’s safety and comfort, avoid business disruption, and prevent damage to the property.

When you don’t respond to plumbing emergencies on time, they may affect the hotel’s reputation. With negative reviews, the hotel may likely lose business. Fortunately, a plumbing expert can provide emergency repair services to reduce damage and restore your plumbing system. Prompt emergency repairs ensure visitors have a positive experience, maintaining the hotel’s reputation and attracting future guests.

Need Help With Preventing Plumbing Issues In Your Hotel?

At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we will help you keep your hotel safe and free from plumbing issues. Whether dealing with water heater issues or a frozen pipe burst, our certified plumbers have top-of-the-line equipment and extensive experience to address your plumbing needs. Contact us today to schedule a repair or get any plumbing service.

Final Thoughts

In essence, working with a plumbing specialist can help hotel owners avoid minor and major plumbing issues and ensure the comfort of their guests. From regular inspections and maintenance to emergency repairs, a plumber can provide the expertise you need to keep your plumbing system running smoothly if you are a hotel owner. Partner with a trusted plumbing company to keep your guests happy and operations running smoothly.

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Common Residential Plumbing Problems and How a Professional Plumber Can Help

Indoor plumbing is an integral part of almost every house. Unless you get your water directly from a pond or a brook and use an outhouse as a bathroom, your plumbing system will always have an important role to play in your house. In addition to making it possible for you to access the water supplied by your utility company, it makes it easier, safer, and more convenient for you to manage the wastewater produced in your house. Unfortunately, although modern residential plumbing systems are quite dependable and durable, they are not without some weaknesses. Indeed, your plumbing system can sometimes break down and develop issues that can compromise the safety of your home and family and even cause serious inconveniences. However, plumbing issues are usually more complex than they seem, and therefore, no matter how simple a plumbing issue might seem, you need to call a professional plumbing contractor you can trust to help you resolve it. But what exactly can prompt you to seek professional plumbing services? Below is a rundown of the most common plumbing issues you might run into as a homeowner.

Leaking Pipes  

When your plumbing system is in good condition, no water should be leaking from the pipes. However, with time, corrosion can damage the pipes and cause them to develop holes that might leak. Besides, constant expansion and contraction can put the pipes at risk of cracking. But whatever the cause of the problem might be, leaky pipes can cause several serious problems in your house. For example, they can create dampness that might invite a mold infestation, which might compromise your indoor air quality and even cause severe structural damage to your house. Besides, leaky pipes can cause a severe drop in water pressure, which might affect the performance of water-using appliances and cause other inconveniences. Therefore, when you notice that your pipes have leaks, you need to promptly call your plumber to get the issue fixed immediately.

A Blocked Toilet

A toilet can get blocked by materials like paper and low-quality flushable wipes. But whatever the cause of the problem might be, a blockage will cause the wastewater to fill up your toilet bowl and even spill over to your bathroom floor when you flush the toilet. In addition to creating a nasty site that can make your bathroom unusable, a blocked toilet can expose your family to the risk of contracting serious infections. Therefore, if you have noticed that the wastewater does not quickly flow out of sight when you flush your toilet, you should make a quick call to your professional plumbing repair service. The professional will come with the right tools to fix the issue without putting your toilet at risk of getting damaged.

A Busted Water Pipe

Several issues can cause a water pipe to burst. For example, if the ground on which a pipe runs is shifting for some reason, it might put the pipe at risk of getting damaged. Besides, if there is a tree drawing near a pipe, its roots might coil themselves around the pipe, and eventually end up damaging it. But whatever the cause of the issue might be, a burst water pipe will release a lot of water within a short time since the water flowing in the pipes is usually under high pressure. Unfortunately, this might cause flooding on your property, leave your garden damaged, and even put at risk the structural integrity of the structures standing on your property. Therefore, when you notice a bust water pipe in your house, you need to get it promptly fixed by a professional plumber.

A Clogged Drain

The wastewater flowing through your drainage system usually contains materials such as food particles, hair, soap scum, greases, and fat. With time, these materials can mix to create a substance that might block the flow of water through your drains. This will cause the wastewater to back up to your house, flood your bathroom, and fill up the sinks instead of flowing out of your home. Of course, you can try to fix the issue using a plunger, but it is always important to hire a professional plumbing contractor when you find yourself in such a plumbing situation. Your plumbing contractor will come with the right tools to effectively remove clogs, no matter how deep within the drains they might be. They will then clean your drainage system thought to minimize your risk of having to deal with drain clogs in the near future. 

Frozen Pipes

In winter, the weather can be extremely cold, putting the water in your pipes at risk of freezing. Unfortunately, the formation of ice in your pipes can cause several problems. For instance, it might immediately cut off the supply of clean water in your house. Besides, since water seems to expand as it frees, it might put your pipes under immense pressure and consequently increase the risk of cracking. Therefore, when you notice that your pipes are frozen, you need to immediately make a call to your professional plumber. The plumber will not only fix the issue to restore the supply of water in your house but also advise you on how to improve your pipe insulation to minimize the risk of freezing in the near future.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many plumbing issues you can run into as a homeowner. Most of them will need to be fixed as soon as they have been spotted since failure to do so might cause them to get worse or expose your home and family to serious dangers. If you are looking for a dependable plumbing contractor to help you handle any plumbing situation in your house, Tioga Plumbing & Electric is an excellent choice. We have been solving residential plumbing issues for a long time, and we are a household name in the city. Call us for more information about our company and services.

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Why Do You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Drain systems are integral to the functioning of your home, helping pull waste, dirty water, and gasses outside. With time, your drain system may encounter problems that impact its performance, from slow drains, recurring clogs, and foul odors to water flooding. Although you can handle some simple drain cleaning tasks, you need experts to resolve complex issues. By scheduling professional drain cleaning service as an annual routine, you prevent most problems from happening and save you big money in the long run. 

This blog discusses the reasons why you should leave drain cleaning to professionals. 

Saves Time And Money

When you contract a professional plumber, you are saving money in the long run. The professionals will perform scheduled and regular maintenance of your drainage system, thus helping you avoid bigger problems in the future. Well-maintained pipes can last for decades, giving you solid reliability into the future. With a professional, you also avoid buying expensive tools to service the drains. The company you hire has invested in top-notch equipment and tools, such as motorized drain augers and video pipe inspections necessary for quality work. Hiring professionals will also help you find and solve fugitive issues, such as undetected leaks, saving you from the frustration of doing it yourself.

Ensure Safety

When it comes to drain cleaning, safety is often the top priority. Drain cleaning can be dangerous, especially when not done correctly or when the wrong tools are involved. You run the risk of poisoning if you inhale, swallow, or come into contact with hazardous cleaning chemicals. A professional drain cleaner has the training and experience to ensure the job is done safely, so you won’t have to worry about putting your household at any risk. 

Efficient Work

A licensed plumber has the experience and expertise to clean your drains efficiently and quickly. Unlike DIY cleaning, professionals do the job right the first time to prevent problems from recurring. As mentioned earlier, professionals have the right equipment and tools to carry out drain cleaning tasks efficiently. If clogs recur, they look for the primary cause and fix issues effectively.

Deal With Emergencies

A minor issue with your drains that may look simple and easy to fix can quickly become a plumbing emergency. Emergencies can happen at any time of the day, including the dead of the night. Issues such as overflowing toilets on sinks must be tackled quickly to avoid unsanitary conditions in the home. When you hire the best drain cleaners, you can rest assured that help is only a call away in any emergency situation. They will respond to emergencies promptly and prevent minor issues from growing into big problems. 

Accurate Inspection And Troubleshooting

Sometimes, minor issues in your drain are just the tip of the iceberg. Simple clogs could be warning signs of deeper plumbing issues you should not ignore. Drain corrosion or tree roots blocking the passage could be the main culprit behind the clogs. When you hire a professional drain cleaning service, they perform routine video inspections to determine the primary reason behind the clog. They will then fix the issue and make your plumbing system work efficiently. 

Receive Tips And Advice For Maintenance

When you contract professionals, they will clean out drains effectively and give tips and advice on maintaining them and preventing typical issues. Drain cleaning services will pinpoint typical issues that can clog your drains and how to avoid them. They will also recommend routine cleaning techniques and products to keep your drains flowing freely. 

Protects Floors And Walls From Damage

When your drains are clogged, there is a risk of costly damage on floors and walls from overflows. Water can also seep under the tile to erode plaster and wallpapers and reduce the value of your home. Additionally, moisture creates perfect conditions for mold to grow and affects the health and safety of your family. A professional drain cleaner removes the worry of clogs to prevent water damage and hazardous conditions in your home. 

Enhance The Health Of Your Family

Slow or clogged drains are perfect grounds for bacteria and molds. Bacteria break down the organic matter to create foul odors. Exposing your family to bacteria and mold can lead to numerous illnesses, infections, and other problems. Mold allergies can cause coughing, itchy eyes, restricted breathing, and other airway symptoms. A clog-free drain keeps bacteria and mold from growing, thus protecting your family from severe health issues. 

What Happens During A Professional Drain Cleaning?

For many homeowners, drain cleaning simply means pouring chemicals down a sink. However, this is not what professionals do to clean your drains. Drain chemicals can cause damage to plumbing systems to leave your drains worse off than before. Experts leverage the right tools and equipment to clean your drains. Tools such as a drain snake can handle almost any obstruction within a drainpipe without using chemicals. For more thorough cleaning, experts may leverage video pipe inspections to determine the best approach to the drain cleaning process. The professionals may also use hydro-jetters to blast away the blockage and ensure your drains stay clean for a long time. 

What Is A Hydro –Jetter In Drain Cleaning?

A hydro jetter is a powerful plumbing device that leverages motors to put water under immense pressure. A plumber inserts the nozzle down into the drainpipes so that water is dispensed at extremely high pressure, thus scouring the inside of the pipes and removing almost all types of accumulation. 

Contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric For All Your Drain System Needs

There are several advantages to hiring a professional drain cleaner to maintain your drains. Professionals keep typical problems from happening to save you money and time. They have the experience and equipment to safely and effectively clean your drains. Professionals can also give tips and advice to prevent future clogs.

If you require professional plumbing and drain cleaning services, contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric. Our skilled and licensed plumbers leverage top-notch tools and equipment to tackle common problems affecting your drains. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment, or ask us for a free estimate.

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Is Your Plumbing System Acting Up? Hire A Plumber

You rely on your plumbing system multiple times a day, so the last thing you want is for something to go wrong. Plumbing problems can be inconvenient because many affect your ability to perform everyday tasks.
With so many videos online that teach the average homeowner to make home repairs, you may be tempted to fix the plumbing problem yourself. Plumbing techs undergo years of training and apprenticeship to learn their craft. You can’t learn enough in a YouTube video to diagnose and repair plumbing issues correctly, so you should leave the job to a licensed plumber.
If your plumbing system develops any of the following problems, it’s best to deal with it immediately and hire a professional.

A Dripping Faucet

A few issues can cause a faucet to drip, such as a worn-out gasket or washer, loose O ring, or corrosion in the valve seat. Age is also a factor, and if the faucet is over 15 years old, it can leak and must be replaced.

Ignoring a dripping faucet is easy because you won’t notice the dripping sound after a day or two. Ignoring the problem isn’t an option, and it must be addressed immediately to prevent your water bills from increasing considerably. A faucet that drips one drop per second wastes 11 gallons a day and up to 330 gallons a month, so it’s best to call a plumbing company when the dripping starts. A plumbing tech can fix the faucet or replace it if necessary, which will stop the dripping, and you won’t waste more water.

The Toilet Runs Constantly

Toilets are designed to run after each flush to allow the tank to fill so it’s ready for the next flush. It should stop running when the tank is full, and if it doesn’t, there’s a problem with your toilet.

A few issues can cause the toilet to run constantly, such as a broken flapper or chain, the refill hose is too long, or the float height must be adjusted. Since there are multiple potential causes, you’ll need a plumber to determine why the toilet runs constantly so they can fix it.

It’s best not to allow the problem to go on too long because the running toilet will waste a significant amount of water. A running toilet will waste up to 30 gallons daily and up to 900 gallons a month, so it’s best to call a plumbing company quickly.

A Leaking Pipe

Plumbing leaks happen when the pipes get old and begin to corrode. Leaks also occur if a connector becomes loose or disconnected or the sealing fails. Regardless of how the leak happened, it can be a nightmare.

A plumbing leak must be addressed immediately because the leak will cause water damage and mold growth. Also, the leak will waste a significant amount of water, causing your water bills to increase considerably. You should call a plumbing company if water pools under the sink or water spots develop on the walls because these are signs of a leak. Leaks under the house exhibit signs that differ from leaks in other areas, including:

  • Warm areas on the basement floor
  • The basement floor or wall is cracked
  • Dampness in the basement
  • The basement smells musty or moldy
  • Large puddles outside by the house
  • Areas of the lawn are greener and lusher than the rest.

The plumbing tech will replace the leaking pipe to stop the leak. If they can’t locate the pipe, leak detection equipment will help them find it so it can be replaced.

A Problem With the Water Heater

Your water heater is essential to your daily life because it heats and stores the cold water entering the home. You need hot water often during the day to perform everyday tasks, and your hot water-based appliances rely on hot water to function correctly.

If your water heater acts up and exhibits any of the following signs, it’s best to call a plumbing company immediately.

  • Moisture or water pooling around the unit
  • Insufficient water pressure
  • Discolored water
  • You don’t have hot water
  • The water doesn’t get hot enough
  • You run out of hot water frequently

A plumbing tech can determine the cause based on the signs the unit exhibits so that they can repair the water heater. If the problem cannot be fixed, the tech can help you select a new unit, and they’ll install it for you.

It’s best not to allow water heater problems to continue for too long because the situation could escalate to something more serious that will be more expensive to fix or can’t be fixed, requiring a replacement.

Your Sump Pump Isn’t Working Right

Your sump pump prevents your basement from flooding during severe weather, so it must always be ready to turn on when necessary. When the water in the pit gets too high, the sump pump will kick on and pump the water out of the pit and away from your home’s foundation, preventing a flood and water damage. You should hire a plumber if the unit develops any of the following problems.

  • It makes strange noises
  • It vibrates excessively when running
  • It runs constantly
  • Irregular cycling
  • It runs too long
  • Visible rust
  • Motor failure

The tech will fix the sump pump and replace it, if necessary, to ensure your basement doesn’t flood.

Call Tioga Plumbing & Electric Today

If your plumbing system acts up and you need to hire a plumber, look no further than Tioga Plumbing & Electric. We’re a full-service residential plumbing and electrical company, providing service to Dallas/Fort Worth residents since 1953.

Our techs are professionally trained and passed a drug test and background check before working for us, and their knowledge and skill have allowed them to successfully complete some of the toughest jobs in the plumbing industry.

If you have a plumbing problem that must be addressed immediately, we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you call for emergency service, we’ll get a tech to your house to resolve the problem quickly.

If you need an appointment, call us today.

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Insider Knowledge From A Professional Plumber: Don’t Ignore These 10 Crucial Warning Signs of A Leaking Shower

Water damage is one of the major insurance claims made by a large percentage of U.S. homeowners. In fact, water damage affects at least 14,000 people in the United States daily. To avoid the devastating effects of water damage, you should know the warning signs and take action before it worsens.

A leaking shower is among the most dangerous leaks that can happen in your home. This is because it is usually hidden, and most of the time, it’s noticed after causing massive damage.

Fortunately, a plumber can fix leak repairs cheaply if they are detected early. Below are vital warning signs indicating your shower is leaking, and you should contact a plumbing specialist immediately.

Dampness Around The Base Of The Shower

It would help if you paid attention to the dampness around the base of your shower. It should be a cause of concern as it indicates there is an issue with your bathroom that should be checked immediately by a professional plumber.

For starters, you could have water leaking from the tiles or shower pan. If left unaddressed, it will lead to water damage to the floor and even the subfloor. After some time, you’ll also notice structural damage and mold growth.

Sometimes it’s not a leaking shower; it could be due to other factors such as condensation, poor ventilation, or splashback. That’s why it’s crucial to have a plumbing expert perform inspections and determine the real cause of dampness around the base of the shower.

Low Water Pressure

Everyone needs a satisfying shower experience. But imagine how frustrating it is to encounter low water pressure in your shower after a long work day. A leaking shower is one of the most common causes of low water pressure in a bathroom.

When the shower leaks, water escapes from the plumbing system before reaching the showerhead. Thus, there is less water available flowing through the showerhead, leading to low water pressure.

If you suspect your shower leaks, fix the issue to restore the water pressure. A plumbing pro can also help you by cleaning the showerhead and replacing worn-out parts, thus, preventing further damage to your home.

High Water Bills

Although there are many causes of a high water bill in your house, sometimes it could be due to leaking showers. A leaking shower wastes water that you pay for but not using, and it increases over time.

If the leak happens to go undetected for an extended period, the amount of water wasted will be substantial. Depending on the severity of the leak, the amount of water wasted can add up to hundreds or even thousands of gallons in just a year.

A leaking shower also results in hidden water damage, causing your water bills to skyrocket since it may take to detect the damage. By the time you notice the water damage, you may have spent an arm and leg on high water bills. If you notice a leaking shower, contact a plumbing specialist to help you address the issue immediately.

Musty or Moldy Smell

A leaking shower is not just an annoyance but can also lead to a musty or moldy smell in your bathroom. This horrible odor makes your bathroom an uncomfortable place to be. The mold odor happens when the water leaking from the shower seeps into the ceiling, floor, or walls.

This creates a damp environment that is ideal for mold and mildew growth. Over time, the mildew and mold spread, causing a wet smell in your bathroom. Your bathroom smells because mold and mildew produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as they grow. Besides the unpleasant odor, VOCs are a health hazard for asthmatic individuals or those with allergies. VOCs also cause headaches, respiratory problems, and other health issues.

If your bathroom has a musty or moldy smell, you can check for visible signs of water damage on the walls or ceiling below the shower. This could indicate a leak that needs to be addressed.

Also, check the faucet and showerhead for leaks. If there is any flow, you can tighten the loose parts. If the leak is due to worn-out parts, you can contact a plumbing contractor to replace the parts. Sometimes the water could be leaking because of broken pipes. In such cases, contact a plumbing specialist to investigate and fix the issue.

Cracked or Missing Grout or Caulk

Grout and caulk are vital components of a bathroom because they prevent water from seeping into the walls, floors, and ceiling. If your shower leaks, it leads to the deterioration of grout and caulk. Over time, it causes gaps or cracks in the grout and caulk, allowing water to seep through, resulting in more damage.

After a while, this water that has seeped through minor cracks or gaps in the grout and caulk damages the bathroom’s ceiling, walls, and floors. The water also provides a conducive environment for mold and mildew growth, which can harm your health.

By repairing any cracked or missing grout or caulk and improving ventilation, you can curb further damage and keep your bathroom in excellent condition. If you can’t address the issue yourself, you should reach out to a plumbing technician to fix the problem immediately.

Need Help With A Shower Leak? Call Tioga Plumbing & Electric For Trusted Plumbing Repairs

Do not let leaking showers stress you. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we are experts at fixing leaking showers throughout Texas. Our technicians offer a fast, cost-effective solution to repair your leaky shower using the highest quality products. Call us, and a professional plumber will help by scheduling a suitable time to address your issue.

To Sum It Up!

Knowing the warnings mentioned above helps you avoid potential safety risks and damage. If you notice any of these signs, it is essential to reach out to your local plumber to address the leak as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs and ensure the integrity of your home.

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