5 Most Common Home Electrical Hazards in of Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX

5 Most Common Home Electrical Hazards in of Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX

As necessary electricity is in our lifestyle, it is equally important to be aware of its associated hazards. Homes in Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX are equipped with fine electrical ductwork but one can never be too safe. You may be getting annual or periodic maintenance from your electrical service in Dallas

Fort Worth, TX but as a resident, you must also be aware of the common hazards associated with electricity in order to prevent them. When you learn the kind of electrical hazards you need to watch out for, it will help you prevent electrical accidents from happening in your home. Modern electrical appliances running on electricity are ubiquitous in all kinds of household. The odorless, soundless, and lightening quick electricity, can be dangerous if you are unaware of the risk factors that increase the likelihood of electricity related accidents which can be potentially fatal. The high incidence of electrical fires in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX are indications that we need to take proactive steps as home owners to reduce the electrical hazards in our homes.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common electrical hazards in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX

1.     Letting water interact with electrical appliances

Water and electricity do not go well; this is one of the first basic things we learn as kids. However, you will be surprised by the number of fatal accidents caused by water interacting with electrical appliances in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. It’s common practice for many of us to reach for the music player from our bathtub while we are taking a shower, or to hold the shaver while our hands are still wet. Bottom line: electrical appliances should never be touched with wet hands. Be extra careful about electrical outlets and electronics that are near water, including the kitchen sink, bathtub, and swimming pools. Make sure you keep your electrical outlets and cords away from phones, curling irons, televisions, bathtubs. Make it a habit to dry your hands completely before reaching for your personal electronic devices.

2.     Overloaded electrical outlets and power strips

The residents of Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX often tend to plug in numerous high voltage electrical devices into a single power strip, which can have disastrous consequences. We must not forget that electrical outlets and power strips can only handle a certain amount of electricity, which must not be exceeded. Overloading them with high voltages and amperes can cause electrical fire. It is common for people to plug in an adapter so you can plug in a lot more devices into a single outlet on the power strip. While it may allow you to run various devices simultaneously, needless to say, it is overloading the capacity of the power strip. Don’t overestimate your power strip by plugging two or more power strips together either. If you are going to need power strips, make sure you buy the kind that features circuit breakers as a precautionary measure. As soon as the power strip becomes overheated or overworked, the circuit breaker will instantly trip to significantly reduce the risk of an electrical fire. Electricians in Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX recommend residents to only use power strips that come with Underwriters Laboratories seal. It is also a good practice to have your electrician in Dallas Fort Worth, TX to inspect your power strip for damage from time to time.

3.     Having damages cords and wires

A neglected electrical wiring means greater likelihood of having degraded or damaged electrical wires. Let’s talk about the dangers of damaged cords and wires first. There are a number of ways your live electrical wires and cords can get damaged, but the hazards associated with all of those damages is the same. Damaged wires can cause electrical fires, potentially fatal shocks and even third-degree burns. If you don’t get electrical service in Fort Worth, TX done annually at least, your cords might be melted, frayed, blackened or corroded by now. Irrespective of the kind of damage that your wire takes, once its outer sheathing is torn, the exposed live wire underneath is just waiting for the right conditions to cause fires, shocks, and burns. To prevent such tears, always unplug electronic appliances by pulling on the plug instead of the cord. Do not try to patch up the damaged outer wire insulation by taping it. The tape can catch fire. Make sure you have a professional electrician in Dallas Fort Worth, TX take a look at it instead.

4.     Smoke alarms running out of battery

The National Fire Protection Association have reported that approximately two thirds of all deaths that result from home fires occur in homes without a working smoke alarm. A smoke alarm with exhausted batteries is literally useless. Since smoke alarm is one of the most important safety features any home can have, it is crucial for homeowners to make sure they contain working batteries. You can check whether your smoke alarm is working on a monthly basis, by pressing the “test” button on it. If the smoke alarm produces a single beep with periodic intervals in between, that is an indication of the batteries in the alarm failing, which means it is time for you to replace the batteries. When installing the smoke alarm, it is best to place one in every room of the house on the roof.

5.     Having unprotected electrical outlets

Electrical outlets are near the ground, which means they are accessible to your curious children and pets. The risks run high when you have children or pets in the house that can poke their fingers, snouts or objects into the outlet. Having the electrical outlets located higher up is not the only way to tackle this problem though. You can place plastic covers over the outlets that will prevent children or pets from reaching into the electrical outlet. Outlet covers are easily available in any hardware stores.

To minimize electrical hazards in your home, make sure you get an annual inspection as well as electrical service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX from the professionals down at Tioga Plumbing & Electric. With years of experience under their belt, they will eliminate the risks and hazards associated with your electrical system.