5 Signs You Need To Hire A Plumber | Hurst, TX

5 Signs You Need To Hire A Plumber | Hurst, TX

Your Hurst, TX home’s plumbing system consists of two parts, the water delivery system and the drainage system, and each of these is essential to your daily life. If either part of your plumbing system isn’t functioning properly, life in your home can be very inconvenient.

If you are tempted to perform a DIY plumbing repair to save on the cost of hiring a plumber, you should understand that it is better to hire a professional. Without professional training, it can be challenging to diagnose the problem correctly. In addition, if you make one mistake during a DIY repair, you could cause more damage or a flood.

If your plumbing system is experiencing any of the following issues, it is best to leave the job to a licensed plumbing company.

#1 Discolored Water

The water coming from the taps in your home should run clear. If the water is brown, you should call a licensed plumbing company.

If just the hot water is discolored, it indicates sediment in the tank that has broken up and contaminates the water. If the water heater is over ten years old, the inside of the tank could be breaking down, and small pieces of metal and mineral deposits are contaminating the water.

If the hot and cold water is brown, the issue is likely with the pipes. Aging pipes can become rusted and corroded, which can contaminate the water.

It isn’t safe to use contaminated water; therefore, you should avoid using it until a plumber has resolved the problem. If you have to use the water, it is best to boil it first.

#2 Reduced Water Pressure

If the water pressure in your Hurst, TX home has suddenly weakened, you should call a plumber right away. Poor water pressure can make simple everyday tasks like rinsing a dish and washing your hair take longer than necessary. Also, your water-based appliances need adequate water pressure; therefore, it is best to call a professional right away.

If only the hot water pressure is reduced, the issue is with the water heater. When sludge builds up at the bottom of the tank, it can clog the waterline.

Several issues can cause poor hot and cold water pressure, including;

  • A problem with the main water line
  • A significant clog in the pipe that delivers water to your home
  • Faulty pressure regulator
  • A leak somewhere in the plumbing system

A plumber can easily figure out why the water pressure has weakened suddenly so that they can resolve the problem.

#3 Leaks

A leak in your plumbing system is a serious problem. Leaks can cause water damage, mold growth, and waste a significant amount of water, causing your water bills to increase. These issues can be expensive to resolve; therefore, it is best to call a licensed plumbing company if you have a leak.

Leaks under the sink are easy to detect because you will see a puddle of water when you open the kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity. Leaks behind the walls or above the ceiling often leave water spots. If the leak is underground, it can cause pooling water in the yard or a warm basement floor. If the leak is significant or the pipe has been leaking for a while, it can cause damage to your home’s foundation. Finally, some leaks will show no signs except for an expensive water bill.

A plumber can use leak detection equipment to find the leak’s location so the pipe can be tightened or replaced.

#4 Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are the most common plumbing issue. When food, grease, hair soap, or other debris create a small clog, the water will drain slowly. Slow drains are frustrating because when the water runs, the sink or tub will fill with water, which can be frustrating when you shower or wash the dishes.

Over time, small clogs can increase in size, and a significant clog can prevent the water from draining at all. When this happens, you can’t use the bathtub or sink until the clog is removed.

A plumber can use a drain camera to find the clog and will have the necessary equipment to remove the entire clog safely.

#5 Clogged Toilet

A clog in the toilet will make it impossible to flush; therefore, you cannot use the toilet until the clog is removed. This can be annoying, especially if you only have one bathroom in your Hurst, TX home.

Many toilet clogs can be removed by plunging the toilet. The plunger can break up the clog enough that it can be flushed. However, if the clog is too large or located too far down the drainpipe, the plunger won’t work, and you will need to call a plumbing company.

A plumber can use a drain camera to find the clog and determine the size. They will use this information to determine the best way to reach and remove the clog.

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