6 Times You Need to Call an Electrician in Dallas, TX

6 Times You Need to Call an Electrician in Dallas, TX

Most people wrongly believe that the only time they’ll need an electrician is when they first move into a new house. They think that they’ll be able to do most of the electrical repairs themselves and won’t need any professional help. However, this is not the case and every home in Dallas, TX needs professional technical support throughout its lifetime.

We tend to make several electrical blunders each day such as using too many power extensions, stuffing wires under the rugs and using rusted power sockets. This is because people are mostly unaware about many electrical hazards and take this lightly. But electrical disruptions should never be ignored and one must immediately look for their nearest electrician.

A professional electrician can be located by running through the yellow pages but the best approach is to ask around for the nearest electrical service agency in Dallas, TX. These certified services have skilled and qualified electricians who have ears of experience in repairing home circuits and therefore will be able to help you with your electrical crisis efficiently. Below are a few common conditions in which calling an electrician is inevitable for a homeowner.

1.     Burning Smell

One of the many times you need to call up your nearest electrician in Dallas, TX is when you smell something burning in the house and it’s not the grilled chicken you were cooking.

Mostly the burning smell originates from the electric sockets and can be spread throughout the room. Since the smell is fairly pungent, it is hard to ignore and shouldn’t be ignored either. The reason of this smell can probably be if the old or wrongly attached wires are malfunctioning inside the socket. This could also be because of faulty wirings inside bulbs and lights which are also subjected to breakdowns from time to time.

A burning smell should however be never taken lightly as it’s possibly signaling a major circuit failure that could cause a house fire. Therefore, a professional electrician must be immediately hired.

2.     Old House

Moving into a new house is the best time to call an electrician and get the wirings evaluated right in time. However if your new house is a 250 year old vintage country home then it is extremely important to get every electrical socket checked before moving in. There are chances that the previous homeowners never modernized their property and still have the old fashion wiring system. These systems are mostly hazardous and need to be updated.

A few things that should be checked are antique lights, appliances and decay or burn marks on the walls. Older properties in Dallas, TX are mostly dominated by two-prong outlets which are not safe for operating modern day appliances.

For example, a microwave with three-pong plug should never be inserted in to a two-prong socket. Since these situations could lead to electrical shocks and circuit failures it’s always recommended to seek technical help for inspection as soon as possible.

3.     Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are always a sign of worry and you know that if you have watched a lot of horror movies. Lights flickers mostly due to circuit overload, this means that some of the appliances are consuming too much power.

You would generally notice the lights dimming or flickering whenever something like a microwave or motor is switched on. This is because the latter equipment is drawing more current than the circuit’s capacity. A quick fix for this issue is to move the high voltage appliances to a dedicated circuit and for this you need to call an electrician.

The handyman would likely install an extra line to the circuit for these equipments if shifting them to another isn’t practical. Also flickering lights should never be overlooked as harmless because they can lead to not only power outages but can also burn the appliances.

4.     Regular Fuse Breakdown

A once in the blue moon fuse breakdown is nothing to be worried about. You can simply call an electrician in Dallas, TX and get it fixed. However if these fuses keep blowing out frequently then his could be something a lot more severe.

Regular fuse burnouts usually signal a dangerous fault in the overall circuit system. It could also be a sign of the circuit carrying more electrical current than it is supposed to. Breakers usually trip because of irregular power flow and can be easily fixed but a fuse needs immediate replacement and shouldn’t be repaired more than a few times.  Under these circumstances it is needless to say that one needs to immediately call for an electrician.

5.     Heated Outlets

You know it’s time to call an electrician if the sockets get warm while being used. This could be caused be overloading as well as an internal wiring fault and needs to get assessed in time before they lead to anything dangerous.

6.     Electrical Shocks

There’s nothing pleasant about getting a shock each time you turn on a switch. Shocking switches are a sign of loose electrical wiring or even short circuiting inside the outlets. These shocks aren’t only physically discomforting but also life threatening.

Electrical shocks can also be caused by rusted sockets as the char can find melt with the heat being produced inside the socket and find its way into the wires. The rust reaches the wires in a liquefied form and as we know electricity and water are never a good combination. Therefore to maintain a healthy and shock proof electrical system we need to have a qualified electrician work on these fixtures.

Many people wonder when is the best time to call an electrical service firm. Should they be bothered for even the smallest of electrical concerns and especially at night? Well, helping people with electrical issues in their homes is what electricians do; hence any time is a good time to call one up. Homeowners in Dallas, TX can reach out to Tioga Plumbing & Electric at any time for assistance and repairs without thinking twice.