7 Reasons To Perform A Drain Cleaning Service In Every Year | Irving, TX

7 Reasons To Perform A Drain Cleaning Service In Every Year | Irving, TX

Every system in your home needs routine maintenance to ensure it’s functioning as efficiently as possible, including your plumbing system. Hiring a drain cleaning service every year to clean the drains will ensure your drains and plumbing system continue functioning correctly.

A plumber can use a drain camera to inspect the drains for clogs and other issues. Next, they’ll use a drain snake, drain auger, or hydro-jetting to clean the drains.

The average cost to have your drains cleaned is around $220. If you aren’t sure if this service is worth the price, you should consider how it can benefit your home and family.

#1 Prevent Frequent Clogs

Drain clogs cause the water to drain slowly or not at all making life in your home inconvenient. As careful as you are with what you put down the drain, grease, food, soap, scum, and hair will end up in the drain and can create a clog, and you’ll need to hire a plumber.

Fortunately, hiring a drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, every year can prevent clogs from occurring. The plumber will remove any existing clogs and flush the pipes to remove any built-up debris that could cause a clog, allowing the water to flow freely until the next drain cleaning service.

#2 Prevent Standing Water

Significant drain clogs can result in standing water in your sink, bathtub, washing machine, or dishwasher, which is a problem because you can’t use the fixture until the clog is removed. Also, standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms and can make your family sick.

Having your drains professionally cleaned every year will eliminate the risk of clogs and standing water because the plumber will clear the pipes, allowing the water to flow freely down the drain.

#3 Prevent a Backup

A water backup is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The last thing you want to see when you walk into your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room are puddles of water because water damage and mold growth can occur. If there’s a significant clog in the toilet or sewer line, raw sewage can back up into your home, resulting in a nasty mess that can be harmful to your family’s health.

Fortunately, having your drains professionally cleaned can eliminate the risk of a backup. The plumber will remove even the smallest drain clog so it doesn’t escalate to a significant clog that could cause water and sewage to back up into your house.

#4 Quiet Noisy Drains

When a drain makes a gurgling sound when the water drains, it indicates a significant clog. The water will change directions to get to the clog, and the change in direction creates air pockets, causing a gurgling sound. Allowing the problem to persist will result in a completely clogged drain, and the water won’t drain, resulting in standing water.

Hiring a drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, will remove the clog, quiet the drain, and you won’t need to worry about clogs if you have the drains cleaned every year.

#5 Eliminate a Fruit Fly Issue

Are there fruit flies in your kitchen that buzz around your face? If you don’t have a fruit bowl or a vase of dying flowers on the counter, the kitchen drain is likely to blame. Grease and food buildup in the pipes create a hospitable environment for fruit flies, which will continue multiplying in the drain. There are hundreds of home remedy recipes online to help with the problem, but home remedies will only mask the problem. If you don’t use the treatment several times a day, the fruit flies will return, and a drain cleaning service is a permanent solution to the problem.

A plumber will clean any food, grease, or gunk from the drain, making the pipes a less hospitable environment for fruit flies, and when they’re done, the problem will be resolved.

#6 Eliminate Foul Odors

Is there a nasty smell in your kitchen and you can’t find the source? Have you tried scrubbing the kitchen from top to bottom, and nothing seems to help? If so, the odor could be coming from the drain.

When food, grease, and gunk clog the drain, it will start to spoil, leaving a rotten smell in your kitchen. Also, clogs can result in mold growth in the drain, which leaves a moldy smell and mold exposure can be harmful to your family’s health.

A drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, can clear everything from the pipes in your home, eliminating the nasty smell in your home.

#7 Detect Damage to the Pipes Early

Most of the pipes are hidden; therefore, you won’t know there’s any damage. Old or damaged pipes can cause a leak in your plumbing system, resulting in water damage, mold growth, and high water bills. The last thing you want is for a disaster to strike with an expensive repair bill.

A plumber can use a drain camera during the drain cleaning service to get a good look at the hidden pipes to inspect them for damage. This will allow them to detect minor issues before escalating to something significant that could cause a flood in your home. The cost of a yearly drain cleaning service is much less than the cost of cleaning up after a flood, so it’s more cost-effective to have the drains cleaned regularly.

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