7 Signs That You May Need To Call For Water Heater Repair | Arlington, TX

7 Signs That You May Need To Call For Water Heater Repair | Arlington, TX

Every appliance in your Arlington, TX home helps make your life more convenient. You can get by without some appliances, while others are essential to your everyday life. For example, if your washing machine stops working, you can go to the laundromat. If your dishwasher stops working, you can wash your dishes by hand. Your water heater is an appliance that you cannot go without. Your water heater is essential for showering, cooking, and cleaning. If your water heater stops working, it can make life in your home very difficult and inconvenient.

If the water heater in your home experiences any of the following issues, you should call a licensed plumber immediately. If you have your water heater repaired as soon as the issue starts, you can prevent a minor issue from becoming a major one.

#1 No Hot Water

The most obvious sign that you need to schedule an appointment for water heater repair is if no hot water comes from your taps. This is a serious issue that needs to be repaired immediately. Until you call for a repair, you won’t be able to perform typical daily tasks. If you have an oil water heater, make sure you have not run out of oil. If you have a natural gas water heater, make sure that your gas bills are paid, and there is no widespread outage. You should also make sure that the pilot light is lit. If everything checks out, or if you have an electric water heater, the heating elements may have failed. The sooner you call for a repair, the sooner you will have hot water again.

#2 The Water Isn’t Getting Hot Enough

If you turn on the hot water in your Arlington, TX home and it comes out lukewarm, you may need water heater repair. Before you schedule the appointment, check the setting on the thermostat. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that you keep your water heater set to 120 degrees to prevent scalding. If the temperature is set too low, turning it up should resolve the problem. If the thermostat is set correctly, schedule an appointment for a repair. One of the heating elements could be malfunctioning. If there is just one functioning heating element, the water won’t reach the desired temperature.

#3 Fluctuating Water Temperature

If the water goes from warm to freezing cold or scalding hot in seconds while you are in the shower, you may need to call for water heater repair. Before you make the call, make sure that a family member didn’t flush the toilet or used the water while you were in the shower. If not, and if the water often fluctuates, schedule an appointment for a repair. There could be an issue with the heating element; the thermostat or the water heater may have reached the end of its lifespan. Until you make the call, you won’t have an enjoyable shower.

#4 Your Are Running Out Of Hot Water Quickly

If you find that you can barely get through an entire shower with enough hot water, you should schedule an appointment for water heater repair. If your hot water demand has increased due to an additional family member in the home or you installed a new water-based appliance, your existing water heater may not be large enough. If this is the case, you may need to have a larger water heater installed or go with a tankless water heater that provides hot water on demand.

If your hot water demand hasn’t increased, you will need to call for water heater repair. Over time, sediment can build up inside the water heater, which will reduce the space you have for hot water storage. This could also mean that your water heater has reached the end of its lifespan, and a repair won’t help. In this case, you may need a water heater replacement.

#5 Poor Hot Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can be a hassle. This issue can make simple daily tasks difficult, such as rinsing your hair in the shower. Poor water pressure can also affect the way your washing machine and dishwasher function.

If the hot and cold water pressure is poor, you could have a leak in the water main. If just the hot water pressure is poor, schedule an appointment for a repair. When sediment builds up inside the water tank, it can clog the waterline, resulting in poor hot water pressure.

#6 Rusty Hot Water

If the hot and cold water is rusty, your pipes may be corroded, and repiping may be necessary.

If just the hot water is rusty, you should schedule an appointment for a repair. When sediment builds up inside the water heater, it can come out in the hot water, making it rusty. It is essential that you schedule a repair immediately, so your water will be safe for use again.

If the water coming into your Arlington, TX home is coming out rusty, it is a major cause for concern. Rusty water isn’t safe; therefore, you won’t be able to use the water until the issue is resolved.

#7 Banging Sounds Coming From the Water Heater

Banging sounds are not normal and would require immediate water heater repair. When large pieces of sediment build up inside the water tank, they can bang against the side. If you ignore the problem, a large piece of sediment can cause a crack in the water heater, causing a major flood.

#7 Moisture or Water Pooling Around the Water Heater

Moisture or water pooling should never be ignored. The issue could be a simple fix, like a broken or disconnected hose. You could also have a crack in the water heater, which is a very serious issue. It is best to schedule an appointment for repair as soon as you discover the problem.

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Zach Boatwright

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Willie M.

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Pat M.

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Kimberly M.

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Mary L.

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Allison White