8 Signs You Should Call A Licensed Electrician | Irving, TX

8 Signs You Should Call A Licensed Electrician | Irving, TX

You rely on the electrical system in your home for just about everything. Without electricity, you cannot turn on lights, use appliances, power your devices and keep your home security system functioning.

Many homeowners today are making home improvement projects, DIY projects. Although DIY is great for some jobs, electrical jobs should only be handled by a licensed electrician. Electricity is dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. A DIY repair can result in electrocution and can spark an electrical fire in your home.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues in your Irving, TX home, you should call a licensed electrician immediately.

#1 You Are Tripping Circuits Frequently

The breaker box in your home is your electrical system’s brain. It is responsible for sending power to various outlets and lights in your home. The breaker box is designed to trip when a circuit is overloaded to prevent an electrical fire.

If you are tripping circuits frequently, try to unplug something from the circuit that continues tripping. If this doesn’t work or multiple circuits are tripping, you should call a licensed electrical professional.

There could be an issue with the breaker box, which needs to be repaired. Also, your existing electrical system may not be able to handle your home’s electrical needs and should be upgraded.

You will need an electrical professional to inspect the breaker box to determine why your circuits are tripping immediately. Waiting too long can result in an electrical fire.

#2 Rust On the Breaker Box

If there is any rust on the breaker box in your home, or if there is moisture in the area, you should call a licensed electrician immediately. Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix, and rust and moisture are signs of a leak somewhere around the breaker box. Ignoring the problem can wreak havoc on your entire electrical system.

An electrical service will inspect the area to find the source of the leak. Next, they will inspect your breaker box for damage and make the necessary repairs.

#3 Your Lights Flicker When Using Appliances

If your lights flicker when you turn on an appliance, particularly motor-driven appliances, it is an issue that is easy to ignore, but you shouldn’t. Flickering lights are a sign that your electrical system is overloaded. Allowing the issue to persist can result in disaster; therefore, it is best to call a licensed electrician as soon as the problem begins. They may need to upgrade your electrical system so that it can handle your home’s electrical needs.

#4 Warm Outlets and Switch Plates

The outlets and switch plates in your Irving, TX home should never be warm to the touch. If you notice that an outlet or switch plate is hot, you should call a licensed electrician immediately. The heat is due to a short in the wiring that can quickly spark an electrical fire. If the outlet or switch plate is black or singed, the issue is dire, and you shouldn’t wait to make the call.

An electrical professional will remove the outlet or switch plate in question to examine the wiring and make the necessary repairs.

#5 Sparks Coming From An Outlet

It is not uncommon to see a blue spark coming from the outlet when you unplug an appliance, particularly when you forget to turn it off before you unplug it. However, if you see a yellow or white spark, it is a sign of trouble. There is likely a short in the outlet that can spark an electrical fire. If a burning smell is accompanied by a spark, your home is at serious risk for an electrical fire. It is best to stop using the outlet and call an electrician immediately.

The electrician will inspect the wiring to find the short and replace the wiring. This is an issue that should not be ignored.

#6 You Use Power Strips and Extension Cords All Over the House

You should call a licensed electrician if you need power strips and extension cords to power many appliances and devices. Your electrical system is designed to function properly with the number of outlets in your home. If you are using power strips and extension cords, you need more power than your electrical system can offer, resulting in an overload. In addition, extension cords can create a tripping hazard. Many people try to hide the extension cords under rugs to prevent people from tripping; however, this is a horrible idea. This can create a significant fire hazard.

An electrical service can add outlets in your home to avoid the need for extension cords and upgrade your breaker box if necessary.

#7 Your Home Has “Original Features”

Old houses with original features are attractive to people who aren’t into the modern look. While certain original features, such as crown molding, are great, some original features can be dangerous. Old-fashioned sockets and light fittings may look nice, but they are very dangerous. Old fittings and outlets weren’t designed to handle the electrical needs in modern homes and can spark an electrical fire. In addition, your electrical system may not be fully grounded.

It is best to hire an electrical professional to inspect your dated outlets and fittings and your entire electrical system. They can make the necessary upgrades to help your home safely meet your home’s electrical needs.

#8 Your Home Is Over 25 Years Old

If your home is over 25 years old and the electrical system has never been upgraded, you should call a licensed electrician. You need someone to inspect your system for electrical flaws, decaying wiring, or any damage due to age. Each of these issues can spark an electrical fire that can quickly engulf your home, destroying everything you own while putting your family at significant risk.

An electrical professional can inspect the system and make the necessary upgrades, ensuring the safety of your home and family.

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