9 Reasons To Schedule A <strong>Drain Cleaning Service</strong> | <strong>Irving, TX</strong>

9 Reasons To Schedule A Drain Cleaning Service | Irving, TX

Most people clean their homes in Irving, TX on a regular basis. This includes wiping down common surfaces, and deep cleaning difficult-to-reach areas, such as baseboards, ceiling fans, and windows. But how often do you consider cleaning your drains or booking a drain cleaning service? Most people don’t think about cleaning any drains regularly, other than the garbage disposal that’s within easy reach.

However, clogged drains can lead to major issues for your home. Continue reading to find out about the nine most important reasons that you should consider drain cleaning.

Reason #1: You Avoid Health Impacts

Your drain can block water flow, but that’s not the only issue. It may seem trivial to put up with a slow-draining sink but clogs can trap bacteria, and make your sink a breeding place for viruses and germs. These bacteria and germs can become airborne if your sink backs up and you don’t book a drain cleaning service.

Allergies can be aggravated by these germs and bacteria, which can lead to illness in your family. Although you might not become seriously ill, you could experience a persistent sore throat, runny nose or other mildly infuriating symptoms. You can also get skin irritation from soaking your hands in bacteria-laden water to wash your dishes.

Reason #2: It Resolves Backflow Issues

Backflow is when water returns to your toilet, sink, or bathtub. This is a dangerous problem that can cause damage to your bathroom or kitchen. The water that isn’t draining properly can also return with impurities and other debris that could cause serious damage to your home that could have been prevented through a drain cleaning service.

If you suspect you have a backflow issue, shut off your water supply immediately. Tell your family to keep the water off and call a plumber to investigate and resolve the issue.

Reason #3: You Remove Bad Odors

Your drain can trap a variety of small particles, which will make clogs grow larger over time. Your drain can smell unpleasant if mold or mildew grows in it. The smell may initially only be noticeable if you place your head near the sink. However, it can become more severe and spread further. Your entire house may smell bad if there are multiple drain clogs affecting your Irving, TX home’s plumbing. A drain cleaning service can target any and all home drains to resolve unpleasant odor issues.

Reason #4: You Prevent Water Damage

Clogged drains can cause damage to your home’s structures, which is perhaps the most serious problem. Clogged drains can also add wear on the pipes, making them less efficient and more prone to leaking and breaking. Clogs can cause water to back up in your main pipes, which could lead to visible water damage and leaks in your home. Your home has pipes in its walls, ceiling, and under the floors. Any of these pipes can become blocked and cause leaks that are not visible. A drain cleaning service will help prevent water damage in the areas you can’t see, as well as the areas you can!

Be aware of dark spots on your ceilings and walls. Mold spots on your ceilings are a sign that there may be leaky pipes nearby. You can prevent future clogs by scheduling regular drain cleaning.

Reason #5: It Reduces Basement Flood Risk

If your house has a more complicated plumbing problem, or a burst pipe, the basement may also flood. If the floors are uneven or have small bumps, you will see signs of flooding in the corners and around furniture. A drain cleaning service reduces the likelihood of this happening. You should fix the problem immediately if you’re already seeing signs of basement flooding, as stagnant water can lead to mold and mildew problems. You might also find it a breeding ground for pests.

Reason #6: It Speeds Up Drainage

Slow drainage is an indication of clogged drains. This is when debris and other impurities build up in your pipes, causing minor blockages. If your faucet runs water through a drain with a minor clog, it tends not to move as fast and can lead water standing inside your sink, bath tub or shower tray for longer than necessary.

A drain cleaning service is one of the most common ways to solve this problem. The service can remove any debris that has accumulated within the pipes. To dissolve any impurities or debris, you can also pour special solutions through the drain.

Reason #7: It Fixes Low Water Pressure in Kitchens and Bathrooms

There are many factors that can cause low water pressure, including a blockage in the drain. Low water pressure can also occur if a pipe breaks. Not treating low water pressure could lead to more serious plumbing issues in the future. You don’t have to spend more money to repair a major issue when simple problems can be fixed quickly and inexpensively, through regular maintenance or a drain cleaning service.

Reason #8: It Eliminates Strange Plumbing Sounds

Houses with faulty plumbing systems can make strange or unusual sounds. You might hear strange sounds, such as gurgling, when your water runs if your pipes are clogged. While some noises are normal, others can be caused by air moving upwards due to a blockage, or the change in route of running water.

Reason #9: The Positive Effect on Water Bills

Your monthly water consumption should be proportional to your water bill. Larger families will use more water to cook, wash and shower. However, if your monthly water bill suddenly becomes excessively high, it could be a sign that there is a problem with your drain.

Call a plumber immediately to isolate and address the problem through a drain cleaning service or plumbing inspection. This can prevent you from having major water bills and other serious problems. Tioga Plumbing & Electric can assist with drainage issues, and other plumbing problems, in Irving, TX. Call us now to book an appointment!

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