Ceiling Fan Types From Your Electrician: What’s Perfect For Your Home | Irving, TX

Ceiling Fan Types From Your Electrician: What’s Perfect For Your Home | Irving, TX

Ceiling fans have remained popular among many households in the United States because of their affordability. It’s not uncommon to see ceiling fans whirring away in millions of porches, bedrooms, and family rooms. Approximately 80 million homes in the United States have at least one ceiling fan.

When it comes to cooling your home in Irving, TX, ceiling fans are the ideal energy-efficient cooling since they circulate indoor air to create a draft throughout the room. With ceiling fans, you are assured of comfort all year round, whether during summer or winter.

In the summer season, you operate the fan in a counterclockwise direction to achieve the cooling effect, while in winter, you set off the ceiling to move clockwise and ensure it’s on a low speed so that the warm air can move from the ceiling to the living levels of the space.

Deciding on the type of ceiling fan for your home in Irving, TX, can be among the most difficult things since there are many options available in every color and style. Also, the fans are designed for specific functionalities, whether residential, indoor, or outdoor.

Don’t sweat it; in this article, your reliable electricians from Tioga Plumbing & Electric will inform you more about the types of ceiling fans available and how to determine the one that’s suitable for your house.

Standard Ceiling Fans

Standard ceiling fans are trendy and readily available. Chances are that most of the ceiling fans you’ve encountered in someone’s house or seen in an electronic shop were a standard option. They come with prominent features such as a built-in light, installation on a download, and a five-blade design.

Standard ceiling fans are usually in demand because of their versatility. You’ll always find one that fits your budget regardless of what material, color, or finish you want the fan to come in.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

If you want to go green, then you can go for this type of fan. These fans qualify for the “Energy Star” status because they comply with the strict rules outlined by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star ceiling fans have also passed stringent testing by accredited labs and have earned their stripes by passing the third-party certification. When you invest in these fans, you’ll not only lower the amount of electricity consumed with a traditional fan, but you’ll also earn the approval of Greenpeace.

Energy Star certified ceiling fans are 40 percent energy-efficient and provide superior functionality due to the advanced blade and motor designs. To lower your greenhouse gas emissions and cut utility bills, you can have an electrician in Irving, TX, install this type of fan.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Also known as a hugger or flush-mounted ceiling fan, a low-profile ceiling fan is attached directly to the mounting brackets. These fans are perfect for individuals with a room height of fewer than eight feet as they still allow the blades to be at the recommended seven feet above the floor.

However, these fans may not allow the same amount of airflow as other options because they are close to the ceiling, thus reducing their cooling abilities. On the flip side, these fans will reduce pressure on your HVAC system.

Since they are available in various materials, colors, and finishes, you can have an electrician help you select and install the type that suits your particular preferences. Despite their downside, they remain popular among some homeowners because of their elegant appearance, compact form, and suitability for small spaces.

In this digital era, most homeowners opt for these types of fans because they provide excellent usability. Remote-controlled ceiling fans save you the hassle of adjusting the fan’s settings, especially if you are not tall enough.

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

These fans offer a remote-controlled option, allowing you to change anything from blade direction, lighting, and fan speed by simply pressing the button. An electrician will recommend this fan if your home in Irving, TX, has a high ceiling height or if you want to install it in your bedroom. Most designs of remote-controlled ceiling fans are adjustable, allowing a wall control to be added, making it simple to control and change settings.

Homeowners enjoy the unparalleled convenience that comes with these types of fans as they offer the option to set the timer, activate and deactivate the fan, and dim the lights.

With fast-paced smartphone technology, some brands have introduced fans that can be integrated into smartphones, making it convenient to control the fan’s settings. Remote-controlled ceiling fans also offer plenty of choices when it comes to design, style, and finishing. To enjoy these benefits, you can reach out to a professional electrician in Irving, TX, to help you with installation.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can make a significant difference to your outdoor space, whether a patio, porch, or deck. This could be the vital element that could make your outdoor ceiling fan complete. Many ceiling fans come with various options of lights, thus you can light up your outdoor space and cool it simultaneously.

When decorating your outdoors, you won’t have to compromise on style since there are many available options for outdoor ceiling fans, from traditional, modern, rustic to contemporary designs and exotic styles. For instance, if you prefer a fan with lights, you can choose a globe, branched, or schoolhouse light kit. An electrician will recommend an outdoor fan with an integrated LED light to save you money and the environment.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

Dual motor ceiling fans offer both style and substance. They feature two adjustable fan heads balanced by sturdy horizontal bars that extend from the compact motor housing.

Dual motor ceiling fans are of the utmost elegance and make a bold design statement in your home in Irving, TX. Since double motors power them, they provide a superior level of functionality compared to traditional ones. Their adjustable blades can be easily turned vertically or at an angle, depending on the model, thus homeowners can achieve a customized look.

Also, the double motors make it possible for airflow to be directed in various ways across the room, thus its effects can be felt across a much larger space than traditional options. If all you’ve ever wanted is a stylish, modern fan with superb functionality, then a licensed electrician in Irving, TX, can help you make an installation.

Ceiling Fan Installation By a Certified Electrician in Irving, TX

Ceiling fans not only ensure comfort in your room all year round but can add style and glam to your home. After selecting a ceiling fan, you can contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric for installation. Our trained electricians will assess your room to determine the best ceiling fan size for your needs before handling the entire project, from installing the ceiling fan mounting box to connecting the electrical wiring needed to power the fan.

You can also depend on us for service upgrades, electrical remodeling, and additions, appliance hook up, and replacing fuses and breakers. Our Irving, TX, electricians are available any time to help.

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