Common Plumbing Mistakes A Plumber Can Help You With | Hurst, TX

Common Plumbing Mistakes A Plumber Can Help You With | Hurst, TX

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The average household’s leaks account for almost 10,000 gallons of water wasted annually in the United States. 10 percent of homes in the country experience leaks that account for nearly 90 gallons of water that are wasted daily. Common water leaks are caused by dripping faucets, toilet flappers, and leaking valves.

Such leaks are easy to fix; you only need a few tools and hardware to do the job. Consulting a professional plumber will help you avoid plumbing mistakes as well as save money and time. Fixing common household leaks might reduce the amount of water lost and cut unreasonable water bills. Below are some common plumbing mistakes.

Improper Use Of Chemicals

No one wants to come home to a clogged drain. If the drainage system is not working correctly, water may back up, resulting in flooding and eventually damaging your pipes. When you’re dealing with clogs, chemical cleaning products may seem like the perfect solution. These products are readily available; cleaning your drains isn’t the only thing they can do. Some homeowners in Hurst, TX, prefer excessive liquid drain cleaners paying a plumber, which causes more harm.

Do you know the risks posed by these chemical products?. They may damage your pipes; they work by dissolving blockages in the tubes. In some instances, the excessive heat emitted melts the plastic plumbing in PVC pipes. The risk of damage is, however, higher if the PVC pipes are older or corroded. Additional problems that may result include environmental degradation because some of these chemicals are toxic. Skilled plumbers unclog kitchen sinks and bathrooms using drain augers or barbed drainage cleaning tools. They also remove the P-trap and then pour out the materials.

For effective clog removal and cleaning, you should seek the services of a plumbing professional that is efficient and eco-friendly.

Irregular Plumbing Maintenance

Having a routine plumbing maintenance checklist may help you spot developing problems and correct them before becoming a huge problem. Predictably, the fixtures and places, which require periodic inspection and maintenance include kitchenware and bathroom equipment. Calling a professional plumber to inspect and renovate your drainage system may cost you money; if the problem is not corrected in its early stages, the situation gets further in the pipes. Cleaning the pipes becomes quite tricky. Take care of your pipes and drains by calling plumbing personnel when necessary and schedule routine maintenance with them too. You will cut on repair and repiping expenses.

Using Inappropriate Plumbing Tools

Some homeowners in Hurst, TX, attempt plumbing repairs without the right tools, spare parts, or system know-how. It’s risky since you may worsen the problem or encounter electric shocks or cuts in the process. A good example, when you attempt to remove galvanized nipples with a pipe wrench or typical pliers, you may damage the water pipe and leave threads on the walls. You should ensure that you have the right tools for the job. If you attempt to fix the issues on your own, you should use the right plumbing tools. Besides, always ensure you’re fully aware of the problem and carefully research the right ways to fix it without putting yourself in jeopardy. It’s imperative to consult with a plumbing technician because they are more conversant with the fixtures; the plumber should find the problem and solution.

Use Of Excessive Force On Valves

When toilet and sink valves are not used for a long time, turning them becomes a big issue. Whenever the valves are not opening smoothly, you should avoid using excessive force to open them. In the process, you may break the knob or even damage the valve system. Such problems arise when the packing seal welded on the stem is excessively dry or worn out, which makes turning the valves a hassle. You may consider using a wrench instead to loosen and open the nuts holding the valve stem; this will ease the tight bond ultimately, and the knob will start turning usually. Once done, ensure you snug the nut to prevent leakage. If the problem persists, seek the services of a plumber.

Washing Garbage Down The Drain

People flush inappropriate materials despite knowing that it’s a bad idea. The toilet piping looks big enough, but it’s connected to smaller pipes three inches wide. If fabrics bigger than the pipe size are washed down the drain, they form clogs.

Every homeowner should know that their pipes are designed to facilitate plumbing and not any other home application. Materials such as hair, soap particles, and grease do not dissolve or disintegrate when flushed. They accumulate in the pipes to form clogs which end up causing a blockage. Just like the toilet, you should monitor the type of waste you dispose of in the kitchen drain. Kitchen filters are designed to eradicate materials out of the kitchen drain.

It is, however, not a foolproof system to eliminate the problem. In as much as you may keep materials, including grease, oils and fats, out of the kitchen system, some of these materials will still make their way through. It would help if you also considered pouring boiling water in the sinks to degunk the materials that might have accumulated over time. If you don’t give unwanted materials a chance to gather, you could reduce repair expenses in the long run. Homeowners may consider consulting plumbing professionals to fix and remove the clogs.

Failure To Turn Off Water

It seems simple, right?. Unfortunately, some homeowners forget that they are responsible for turning off the faucet valve and the main valve that supplies water to their homes. If one of the pipes bursts when the main valve is on, severe flooding may result before a plumber arrives to rectify the problem. Many possessions will be damaged. Electric appliances may also malfunction; this will cost a fortune to repair and replace. If you’re unsure how the main valve is turned off, you should call a skilled plumber to perform a system check.

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