Considerations When Remodeling A Commercial Bathroom: A Professional Plumber Explains | Keller, TX

Considerations When Remodeling A Commercial Bathroom: A Professional Plumber Explains | Keller, TX

A washroom is undoubtedly an integral part of any publicly used space that has to be maintained throughout for improved functionality and quality. There are certain principles that plumbing professionals follow during bathroom remodeling, and the factors to be considered therein evolve around those fundamentals.

In this blog post, you’ll get to learn a few things that should be considered when upgrading your commercial bathroom, including:

The Number of People Using the Bathroom

A commercial bathroom is meant for use by the masses. That’s why the number of persons using the facility is the first factor to consider when remodeling the bathroom. It must have the provisions and the space that offers effortless use by people.

Expert plumbers in Keller, TX will always consider the probable number of individuals to use the restroom before drafting a feasible plan. This way, they can balance the bathroom’s functionality and the company’s aesthetics.

New Technologies

If you run a hotel in an older building, your bathrooms may not be up to the latest standards, or they might just be beyond repair. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure your space is up-to-date so that anyone using the building feels safe and comfortable.

The latest bathroom technologies provide maximum efficiency and extra comfort. It would be wise if you considered new bathroom systems such as water-saving plumbing fixtures as well as floor and solar water heaters.

You can also have your plumber install more energy-efficient hot water systems in your commercial bathroom. These installations may be expensive to shop as of now, but in the long run, they’ll save you a lot of money on your energy bill while at the same time ensuring you stay sustainable.

The Season

Like any other project, the timing for your commercial bathroom remodel is crucial. Typically, a lot of remodeling work takes place in summer and spring. Although you might want to have the restroom renovated during these busy periods of the year, it may not be that bad to have the plumber take on the project during winter.

A bathroom reno during the colder seasons comes with its advantages. Firstly, you’ll save costs since the demand for the services is low in the winter; hence, most plumbing companies are willing to offer seasonal discounts.

Secondly, scheduling a remodel in winter allows you to easily fit the project into your schedule since there’s less demand and most clients are on vacation. Plus, as most work happens indoors, plumbers have no problem with the frosty weather outside.

In addition, since materials aren’t in high demand during winter, you’re more likely to get better products. It’s possible to find items that would otherwise be out of stock more quickly than in the peak seasons.

Nevertheless, if you stay in a cold place in Keller, TX and experience plumbing problems, it would be wise to have the job commence in spring or summer.


You’ll have to live with your bathroom remodel for at least 10 years or more. Thus, it must be durable. This is a crucial factor that any professional plumber would consider during the renovation.

Commercial bathrooms aren’t renovated just for the sake of it; durability is the primary factor to be taken into account. The plumbing installations should withstand use by masses and related rigors.

Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory laws change more frequently, meaning you should always stay informed to ensure your bathroom is always compliant. Standard regulatory requirements to be met include the OSHA and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

According to these regulations, a restroom should comply with regulatory and legal issues of accessibility, accommodation, and maintenance purposes.

Your Budget

The cost of the remodel is a critical factor to be ignored. Naturally, when it comes to commercial renovation of bathrooms, you’ll spend a little more than renovating a domestic toilet.

Reputable plumbers taking up commercial bathroom remodels in Keller, TX will be more interested in your budget. Not because they want to reap big, certainly not! They’ll first factor in the project’s initial cost and the water usage budget to determine the type of appliance to be installed.

Even though it may be wise to update all the restroom features with the newest, energy-efficient equipment, the project should be within a reasonable budget. Again, when planning the remodel, it would help if you budget extra to cater to unseen situations that may come up during the work.

Local Codes

This is one vital factor to be considered during a bathroom renovation. Any washroom restructuring, whether partial or complete overhaul, should adhere to the local building codes.

A licensed and insured plumber has your best interests at heart; the expert will conduct the job with due diligence and ensure there’s no room left for even the slightest violation of the code.

The Language of the Interior Design

Undoubtedly, every interior design of any space speaks volumes. Similarly, every renovation communicates a particular language. And this goes double for a commercial bathroom remodel.

For instance, the upgrade must be part of the company’s aesthetics if you renovate an office restroom. In other words, your plumber should observe this principle while doing the renovation.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric: Seasoned Bathroom Renovators to Hire

Commercial bathroom renovation is never easy. For the best outcome, plumbers must follow the above factors. If you’re renovating that bathroom now or considering doing so in the future, contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric.

As the most reputable plumbing company, you can count on our ability to transform your commercial restroom into something your employees or guests will marvel at. We also offer plumbing services for homeowners and government entities. Call us at Tioga Plumbing & Electric for a consultation.

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