Dealing With Common Restaurant Plumbing Issues With A <strong>Plumber Near Me</strong> | <strong>Keller, TX</strong>

Dealing With Common Restaurant Plumbing Issues With A Plumber Near Me | Keller, TX

Are you a hotel or restaurant owner in Keller, TX? Keeping your restaurant operating smoothly relies heavily on your customers, inventory, and staff. However, what you don’t know is the considerable impact the plumbing system has on the running of your restaurant. Did you know a plumbing issue could make you close the restaurant? Yes, problems such as clogs and sewer backflows could make the local health inspectors demand that you close your restaurant until they are resolved. Hence, you should always give the restaurant plumbing due maintenance. Enlist a plumber near me in Keller, TX for regular maintenance of the plumbing system to ensure that you don’t suffer such inconveniences. Below are some of the plumbing issues that your restaurant might experience.

Kitchen Sink Drain

A clean sink is essential for cleaning your restaurant kitchen’s silverware, dishes, and cutlery. When the waitstaff and bussers toss the leftover food and other remains into the sink drain, it could accumulate and result in a clog. Additionally, some kitchen materials could reach the plumbing pipes and impact the biological environment in the sewer system. You can avoid this problem by educating the waitstaff about the importance of wiping the remaining food from the dishes before tossing them into the sink. You can also have a plumber near me install a drain strainer or lock to ensure that large food particles never enter the drain.

Clogged Dishwashers

The main place where most of the plumbing issues in your restaurant will likely arise is the dishwashing station. In most instances, the bussers and waitstaff don’t clean the dishes of leftover foods, straws, and napkins before they throw them into the dishwasher. The dishwasher will spray the food off the dishes and off into the sink. When all the foodstuffs and other materials slip down the drains, they make it back up. Unless a plumber near me cleans the drains, you will be staring at a colossal blockage issue. Let the servers know the impacts of their actions and learn to be disposing of the leftovers in the garbage disposal system. You also can have a technician install a wire mesh on the sink to prevent this from happening. However, ensure that the wire mesh is emptied regularly to ensure that the food particles don’t begin rotting in your restaurant kitchen.

Overflowed Grease Traps

The other most prevalent restaurant plumbing issue is overflowing grease traps. They collect fats, oils, and grease to prevent them from entering the drainage system and causing a blockage in the drainage or sewer system. However, it is critical that you maintain a clean grease trap and regularly clean it. The overflowing grease trap may cause flooding of your restaurant kitchen with old fat, grease, and other debris. The grease might also pipe into the septic or sewer system, affecting the useful bacteria there.

A plumber near me recommends that you empty the grease trap whenever they reach a quarter of its capacity. This ensures that the hotel equipment will not get clogged or filled with grease. It also prevents the grease from decomposing, throwing the pungent smell. Doing this will ensure that your drains flow smoothly. Ensure that you also retain a plumber near me to maintain the plumbing system regularly to prevent any major problems.

Bar Drain

The drainage system in the bar area is the second-best location for insects after the drainage system in your kitchen. Little critters love to feed on the trash and breed larvae, and the alcohols, mixes, and garnishes all draw these creatures. Your initial defense against this is to keep these drains clear of obstructions. To prevent accumulation, ensure that a plumber near me in Keller, TX routinely cleans your drains. Additionally, educate the bar attendees on proper waste disposal. They can throw the lime peels and napkins in the trash can and later dispose of them safely.

Floor Drain

When a local health inspector visits your restaurant, a clean, clear floor is essential for your staff’s safety. Sometimes, your restaurant cleaning crew sprays the floor and squeezes water into your drains. Although this is perfectly fine, this might be throwing things such as straws, plastic, silverware, napkins, and other debris forms into the drain. This will result in clogging if the restaurant floor drains. You should have a plumber near me install a drained lock or a filter to prevent the entry of these materials into the drains.

Bathroom Sink and Toilet

The restrooms at restaurants are frequently used. However, not all customers follow the right etiquette when using them. One option is always to have accessible or nearby trash cans so tissues, feminine sanitary products, and other disposable things can be disposed of. This will stop individuals from choosing the allegedly more practical but poorer disposal method, such as flushing things down the toilet. Because they are not made to break down like toilet paper, paper hand towels pose a serious problem if thrown into the sewer line. The sewer line may back up as a result, which can be quite hazardous for the pipes in the restaurant. You’ll have to contact a plumber near me to clean the drains and remove the clog causing the backup. Install electric hand dryers or heaters or signage to direct the clients.

Gas Line Problems

A properly maintained restaurant gas line is necessary for properly working the kitchen and safety. Gas is essential as it is the fuel used in most restaurants for cooling. Faulty gas lines pose a serious risk to your customers and workers. And could even cause serious damage and injuries. Have you noticed an egg smell in your restaurant? Close every gas supply and contact a plumber near me for an inspection and repair.

We Can Help with Those Restaurant Plumbing Issues

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