Why DIY Electrical Services Are Not a Good Idea | Hurst, TX

Why DIY Electrical Services Are Not a Good Idea | Hurst, TX

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Just a small spark of electricity can measure up to 3,000 volts. That much voltage is enough to kill a human. This just goes to show that electricity is not a force to play with. It is powerful, dangerous, and should be handled with the utmost care and caution. Hiring a professional to handle all of your property’s electrical services is highly recommended.

Trained electricians from Tioga Plumbing & Electric provide electrical services for homes and businesses in the Hurst, TX area. In order to protect yourself and save money opt for hiring a professional overdoing it yourself.

One of the reasons DIY electrical projects aren’t wise is due to the complexity of electrical systems. Electricians train under experienced electricians in order to provide services that will keep your home or business functioning properly and without malfunctions. When you decide to perform electrical maintenance yourself, you put yourself in harm’s way. There are many dangers involved with electrical projects, including the flowing list of possible dangers.


Starting a fire is a legitimate concern of fire safety regulators and other professionals alike. One of the reasons electrical Maintenance repair should be left to the professionals is the likelihood of a fire starting. If electrical equipment is not properly installed it can cause circuits to overload, connections to malfunction, and the use of cheap or incorrect material, which could be catastrophic. Attempting to do any electrical work yourself can be incredibly dangerous, it can also, very likely, have dire consequences. Contact a professional instead to provide electrical services.

Code Violations

Code violations are among many of the many issues that occur due to faulty electrical jobs. Business is liable for code violations and must take this seriously for the safety of people in your place of business. Homeowners and landlords should also be aware of this sort of regulation due to possible safety hazards that may present themselves. Faulty electrical systems can lead to expensive lawsuits and the possibility of someone getting hurt. Instead of risking this simply contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Hurst, TX, for electrical services and maintenance to ensure our home or facility is up to code.


Another very possible issue with DIY electrical projects is the high possibility of electrocution. Electrocution is a serious and possibly life-threatening mishap that can occur. Electrocution can happen in many ways, such as using the wrong material, connecting the wrong wires, or neglecting to turn off an electrical current before the project begins. Don’t risk this happening to you, instead hire a professional to provide services and stay a safe distance from open wires and faulty electrical equipment.


Faulty or amateur electrical system jobs can also lead to more money being dished out. If you were able to ensure your safety but install the wiring properly, all of that work would have been done in vain. Faulty or incorrect wiring can lead to sparks, fire, and or power outages in the future. This can all end up costing you more in damages and repair bills. Instead of waiting time and racking up repair bills, you should hire a local company, such as a Tioga contractor to perform proper electrical services and routine maintenance for your home or business. Amateur electrical jobs could also be a violation of local law and lead to a lawsuit.

Significant electrical work may require some sort of permit depending on the community your property is. Local electrical service companies such as Tioga Plumbing & Electric will have a good understanding of the local laws and be able to assist you with obtaining any permits needed for your property’s electrical services and system needs.

Preventive Maintenance

Instead of putting yourself, family, co-workers, and employees in danger opt to use a professional to perform scheduled maintenance on your property. Not only will you be doing the safest thing for yourself and others, but you’d also get to enjoy a variety of benefits. Routine electrical maintenance is often brushed off but is necessary due to the power and surge of electricity. Electrical systems can often become compromised and may need electrical services.

Hiring a professional from the beginning can help you save money on bills. Incorrect electrical wiring isn’t just a safety hazard, it’s also a money and energy waster. Electrical current will continue to surge at the same electricity whether your systems are wired property or not. Incorrect wiring may just result in energy being aided and not going to the appliance you need it to go to. This will have you paying for the amount of energy that was surging but nothing to show for it.

Faulty electrical jobs can also result in power outages and defections. Poorly installed electrical systems can cause the electricity to be disproportionately, unevenly frying out various systems in the property. This can lead to a load of issues, including outages, sparks, and fires possibly.

Proper electrical system maintenance and care can increase the longevity of your home or facility’s system. According to a study, electrical systems can last up to 17 years with barely any maintenance. With proper maintenance and home care, your electrical systems can last up to a resounding 35 years. This will make a huge difference in the value of your home as an asset. Hiring consistent electrical services companies will help you save money by extending the life of your electrical system.

Regularly scheduled electrical maintenance will also ensure you are staying up to date with local regulatory requirements. As a business, he is especially important for liability reasons. More importantly, the regulation and code requirements that were created by each community exist to ensure the safety of the people. Ensure you follow the local regulations set by your city and state and ensure you have done everything in your power to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Hiring a professional company such as Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Hurst TX could also save your life and the lives of others. A faulty or poorly installed electrical system, as we know, can start fires and poses a threat for electrocution.

Experts have concluded that properly administered electrical maintenance plans can greatly reduce the chances of accidents, reduce exposure to possible electrocution, reduce the number of emergency calls, reduce regulation violations, and most importantly save lives. Make the responsible choice by contacting Tioga Plumbing & Electric for electrical services today.