Does A Drain Cleaning Service Take A Lot Longer If It’s Been A Long Time Since The Last One? | Bedford, TX

Does A Drain Cleaning Service Take A Lot Longer If It’s Been A Long Time Since The Last One? | Bedford, TX

A drain cleaning service is an important part of your Bedford, TX home maintenance, especially if you have an active family and your plumbing’s always in use. It’s a way to make up for occasional items flushed that shouldn’t have been, accumulation of materials like grease and oil that tend to help clogs form, and materials like food and cat litter that can expand and block or partially block pipes, leading to problems multiplying throughout your drain pipes. Drain cleaning service is also how the deeper clogs and blockages get cleared, so when you do have a sink or toilet backup, it’s usually not a big deal. If it’s been years since your last drain cleaning service, or perhaps you’ve never had one, what can you expect? Does it take more time to deep clean your drain pipes than it does to provide an annual refresher? Are there any concerns that could arise that you’re already worrying about? Here are some tips on getting started or restarted with this valuable plumbing maintenance service, keeping your pipes clean, and reducing your overall plumbing costs and concerns.

What Drain Cleaning Does That Individual Clog Removal Doesn’t

Routine clog removal typically breaks through material that has accumulated or removes an object that was blocking the pipe such as a plastic toy. Once that is accomplished, the water will resume flowing down the drain and the clog is cleared. There may still be material clinging to the sides of the pipe or other clogs forming in the secondary and mainline pipes that could encourage additional clogs to form in the future, which is why repeat clog removal visits are not uncommon. Drain cleaning is a deeper cleaning that works to clear the pipes and remove attached material that provides convenient places for new material to gather and clogs to re-form over time. In some cases, clog removal for a toilet that isn’t flushing or a sink that’s gurgling and not draining doesn’t need to actually remove any drain pipe clog at all, as the source of the problem can be elsewhere. For the toilet, it may be a toilet jet obstructed by mineral deposits, and for the sink, it might be an obstructed plumbing vent on the roof. Once these issues are addressed and the water flowing down the drain, that single job is accomplished.

Techniques Used in Whole House Drain Cleaning Service

Our service includes a combination of methods to break up and remove clogs and extract large items if necessary, including snakes, augers, and other similar tools of varying sizes. Our objective is to break free any material that’s adhering to pipe walls, and flush it out with running water or, best of all, with high-pressure hydro jet power. We inspect the condition of the pipes as part of the service because corroded pipes tend to cause more material to cling to them after they’re cleaned, and because the hydro jet tool is so powerful, pipes need to be in good shape to be subjected to the high-pressure spray.

About How Long a Typical Drain Cleaning Service Takes

The time required for servicing drains depends on how many drains are being serviced, but it’s typically less than three hours. Our team takes extra care to leave your home nice and clean, as well as your pipes. Note that the use of drain cleaning chemicals can complicate the drain cleaning process, especially when we use powerful water sprays.

Is a Long-Neglected Drain System Much Harder to Clean?

With the tools we have, especially hydro jetting, we can break apart clogs and remove stuck items using mechanical methods and power-spray what’s left to clear the pipes and material such as fats that may be lining the pipes. It doesn’t take much longer in most cases to clear pipes with lots of material, although if the pipe’s flow is severely limited, we’ll have to break through whatever is causing that first before other material can easily be removed.

Does Drain Cleaning Prevent or Reduce Future Clogs?

After a drain cleaning service, the insides of your pipes are basically smooth and unlikely to gather material to start forming new clogs. It’s always possible that large objects and products like sanitary napkins and cleaning wipes will gather in drains, especially traps and joints, but that can be avoided by not flushing problematic items or foods. Even if there are clogs from items flushed or sent down the drain, removing them from nearby locations where they get stuck is usually all that’s required, not deep clog clearing into the main line because all of that has been cleaned. Drain cleaning can save a lot of time and trouble with emergency plumbing calls.

Can Drain Cleaning Service Providers Clean Sewer Lines Too?

Definitely. Sewer line cleaning uses much of the same cleaning techniques, especially hydro jetting and video inspection. Often, the only problem with a sewer line is an accumulation of material that hasn’t degraded or flowed down the city sewer line and has remained and formed an ever-growing clog. Once the clog is cleared, backups into the home and other drain problems related to a slow sewer line are usually taken care of.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Bedford, TX

Tioga Plumbing & Electric, providers of expert residential and commercial plumbing services in Bedford, TX, offer expert drain cleaning services that help to bring your drains back to clean and easy flowing. Though you can’t see them except using our video camera, you have a nice set of clean drain pipes in your home. From that point, any further clogs are usually easy to extract or clear, and you may be surprised how much better your sinks drain and toilets flush once the pipes they lead to are clear. For all your plumbing services including drain cleaning and more, trust our team of experienced professional plumbers. Call our customer service team and schedule service today.

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