Drain Cleaning Service – Get To The Cause: How To Avoid Hair Clogs And Other Common Drain Problems | Bedford, TX

Drain Cleaning Service – Get To The Cause: How To Avoid Hair Clogs And Other Common Drain Problems | Bedford, TX

Like tiger-sized hairballs, accumulated hair can block your drain at the strainer or deeper down. It’s often the most obvious part of the problem, but drain clogs have many origins besides the material that finally stops the water from flowing. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, our Bedford, TX drain cleaning service gets to the root causes, helping hair and other materials to flow more easily down the drain through regular drain pipe maintenance. Even in your sewer line, you’ll find that backups that were almost a disaster were a long time in the making. The root cause was more than the material that our drain cleaning service cleared so flow could be restored. Here are some answers to the mystery of why stuff doesn’t just slide down and out your drain pipes.


Some pipe materials, especially metals, eventually corrode and become rough on the inside. This can be worsened by hard water and other corrosive materials regularly being flushed through the pipes. The rough surface allows materials such as grease to cling and start a clog of diverse substances from food particles and soil to hair and other fibers. Eventually, the flow slows down and the clog growth accelerates. What you usually see is a fairly quick progression from slow draining sinks and toilets to completely stopped ones, but the process has likely been going on for a lot longer than you were aware of it.


Grease, soaps, foods, and chemicals can hold on to even smooth pipe surfaces and start a clog. That’s why our drain cleaning service will warn you about pouring grease down the drain, sending pasta and rice down alone, especially through the disposal, and other ways that you can foul the pipes by sending sticky and self-expanding materials that clog naturally. Materials that stick are especially troublesome in piping that slows the water, such as P-traps and bends. Those are also spots where rice and pasta can accumulate, absorb more water, and form a big clog on their own. Drain cleaning service gets you down to bare piping again, flushing or blasting the adhesions that were leading to trouble before long.

Pipe Damage

Constrictions and irregularities in your pipes from impact or vibration damage can disrupt the smooth flow of wastewater and cause material to cling and accumulate. Our drain cleaning service will clean out damaged pipe as well, but our plumbing team will be glad to replace damaged sections of pipe to improve flow and durability of your plumbing.

Rounding the Corner

The P-trap under the sink and bends in the pipes slow wastewater and add turbulence that can lead to accumulation of material over time. This is one of the reasons that regular drain cleaning service is essential, since your plumbing isn’t a perfectly smooth straight shot down to the sewer. Stuff will accumulate, and it will need clearing out from time to time. It’s a fact of life. By cleaning your pipes together, though, we help the overall flow and give your wastewater a running start through P-traps and elbow joints, letting your system take care of itself more.

Improper Drain Angles

Unlike your water supply, your wastewater system is not generally under pressure. There are a few exceptions such as specialized basement toilets that flush up, but usually, gravity keeps your sinks draining and your toilets flushing. Sometimes, though, the pipes aren’t positioned to take advantage of gravity’s pull. You shouldn’t encounter this problem since it’s generally the result of nonstandard plumbing, but if your waste lines aren’t installed properly they could allow water and material to slow down, deposit clogs, and cause backups. In this case, our drain cleaning service might suggest a modification in your plumbing to prevent future problems in this section of pipe.

Sewer Blockage

It would seem like a big sewer pipe would never get clogged, there’s always room for stuff to flow through. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A legendary example of how far things can go is London’s famous 130-ton “fatberg,” a solid mass of grease, sanitary products, and other materials flushed into the sewers over time. The same can happen on a smaller scale in your wastewater pipes, including the sewer line leading to the city pipes. It’s actually quite a relief to discover one if there are sewer problems since a serious blasting or hydro-jetting with high-pressure water can usually take care of it, and if your pipe is otherwise in good shape, just keep up with your drain cleaning service and you should be all right. If the pipe does get damaged or decays, there are options these days that may be of benefit as well. We handle many sewer lines here in the Bedford, TX area and our team will take good care of you no matter what the problem may be.

Strainers, Tubs, and Showers

We’ll keep the simplest for last. Sinks and showers, when fitted with a strainer to catch hair and other bulky materials, shampoo caps, and sometimes jewelry, take a lot longer to clog. Drain cleaning service is still as important here as it is for the rest of your home, soap, and grease still accumulate, but cleaning the strainer occasionally will save you from serious hair clogs further down the line.

Keep Your Drains Flowing to Avoid Messy Cleanups

For residents of Bedford, TX and the surrounding area, Tioga Plumbing & Electric are the best choice for professional care of your home including drain cleaning service. Our team of expert plumbers and technicians put their knowledge and skills to work for you, not only carefully cleaning out your drains but helping you to plan any further plumbing work that you may need in the year to come. We’re the ones to call for hot water heaters, garbage disposals, leaks, sewers, and so much more. Get to know us and let us help you keep your home’s plumbing in top shape. Call us today.

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