Drain Cleaning Service Hacks From The Pros: What To Expect, How To Prepare, And Benefits | Bedford, TX

Drain Cleaning Service Hacks From The Pros: What To Expect, How To Prepare, And Benefits | Bedford, TX

You may have noticed some signs of potential clogs in your kitchen sink or bathroom but disregarded them. Having to plunge your toilet frequently or the water in your kitchen sink means you may soon experience drain clogs. A clogged drain can completely shut down the plumbing system leading to significant plumbing issues.

It would be best to schedule annual drain cleaning services to reduce any clogging issues and unnecessary repairs. This way, your plumbing system will serve you much longer.

Here is what to expect and how you should adequately prepare for drain cleaning.

What to Expect During Drain Cleaning Services

Make The call

The first thing is to book an appointment with a professional drain cleaning service provider. When you make the call, the professional will ask you a few questions to help you. You can also ask about the procedure, cost, and any other relevant questions.

The Service Call

The plumber will schedule a visit to your home to inspect your plumbing system to know current or past plumbing issues you have had.

Your Bedford, TX, plumber will explain how their drain cleaning services work. The expert will begin with a camera inspection to identify problem areas and the location of clogs using a fiber-optic camera that is snaked into the plumbing system.

Preparing For The Actual Work

Unclogging drains can be messy. Plumbers make necessary preparations to keep your house as clean as possible, including wearing work apparel and shoe coverings. They may also get the appropriate equipment to ensure the work gets done smoothly. An experienced plumber will incorporate different drain cleaning techniques depending on the clog.

Cleaning Your Drains

The most common drain cleaning method is hydro jetting. In Bedford, TX, Plumbers use a specialty hose snaked down into the drain and then run hot water through the pipes to remove blockages and break debris.

They may also use a drain snake or motorized drain auger to dislodge obstructions and grab any clogs in the pipes. The drain snake is effective for dealing with blockages of different sizes.

It is important to note that companies that provide drain cleaning do not comprise chemicals. This is because chemicals cause damage to your plumbing system, making the situation worse than before.


A drain cleaning provider that prides themselves in their work will test your faucets and fixtures to ensure no more clogs before leaving. If they had noticed other plumbing issues during the service call, they would also fix them.

How to Prepare for Drain Cleaning Services

Getting your drains cleaned is a straightforward process and can be made easier with a bit of preparation. Before calling your plumber, here are some things you can do:

  • Make the problem area accessible by removing clutter and any items near your faucets and fixtures. This saves your drain cleaning provider the time they would have spent clearing the path.
  • Check your fixtures to identify those with problems like those draining slowly or having low water pressure. This way, when the plumber arrives, you can show them the specific problem areas instead of letting them check.

It is important to note that drain cleaning will not fix all your plumbing issues. Some issues may be from damaged pipes or with your sewer system. Therefore, your drain cleaning provider should clarify how to fix the problems identified during the inspection.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning Services

Improves Your Family’s Health

Clogged drains and sinks are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Exposure to these organisms leads to infections, illnesses, and other problems, such as breathing issues. In addition, the more the clogs remain unaddressed, the more the bacteria grows.

Regular drain cleaning prevents your family from infections by leaving your drains clog-free, making them unfavorable for bacteria growth.

Removes Foul Odors

The scum, grime, and organic matter that goes down the drain cause clogs. These clogs produce a nasty odor that creeps up the drain to your home. Drain cleaning services remove these clogs and allow you to enjoy fresh air within your home.

Reduces the chances of clogging

If you have to plunge your toilet frequently or your sinks are draining slowly, you may experience a clog soon. When you call a drain cleaning provider immediately, this issue gets solved, and chances of a soon-to-be clog reduce. Regular drain cleaning also minimizes sewage backup.

Protects your walls and floors from damage

Overflowing water from clogged sinks and toilets runs onto your walls and floors. This water seeps into the tiles and erodes the plaster holding them in place. Retained moisture also causes the growth of mold on these surfaces, making them lose their appeal.

You can prevent your walls and damage from such damage by calling a drain cleaning provider. Timely drain cleaning will save you the cost of repairing portions of your flooring and walls in the event of damage.

It saves you money in the long run

Most people shy away from drain cleaning services because it is expensive. However, plumbing costs caused by bad drains can be more expensive. Drain cleaning costs are minimal when you think of all the repairs you might need because of not addressing drain problems in time.

Clogs cause leaks, and you may need to dig up the pipes to replace them. You will schedule drain cleaning services immediately when you think of the inconvenience and the vast costs you may incur.

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