Drains, Drain Problems, And Your <strong>Drain Cleaning Service</strong> | <strong>Irving, TX</strong>

Drains, Drain Problems, And Your Drain Cleaning Service | Irving, TX

Most people see water flow down their sink or tub drain and don’t think twice about it. Usually, there’s no reason to worry about your home’s drains so long as they work properly. In actuality, drain systems aren’t as simple as many people might imagine. Drains have various parts that all have to work properly for drains to function. Tioga Plumbing & Electric is a leading plumbing and drain cleaning service provider. If something goes wrong with your drains, you can rely on us for service. With periodic inspections and cleaning of drains, you can keep your plumbing system working optimally.

About Your Home’s Drain System

As mentioned, your drain is made up of numerous parts all working in conjunction with your plumbing system. Some pipes bring fresh water into your home and your drains send the unwanted water out. The following are the features that make up your home’s drain system and sometimes require drain cleaning service:

Drains for Fixtures

Each of your plumbing fixtures such as your kitchen sink and bathtub has a drain. These fixture drains flow into other drain pipes that all lead to your sewer line, which connects to the city sewer system. In many cases, these fixture drains will develop a clog from debris like food particles or hair; just as often, however, clogs form further into the drain system where they’re harder to reach and require a professional drain cleaning service.


Beneath plumbing fixtures like your sinks, there are drain traps. These are the curved sections of pipe you probably see frequently when you check under the sink. These u-shaped pipes are notorious for forming clogs. Some people are comfortable dismantling p-traps to clean out clogs themselves rather than calling a professional drain cleaning service. If the clog is not in the p-trap, however, you can rely on Tioga Plumbing & Electric to find it and clear it.

Branch Lines

Fixture drains lead to other sections of drain pipes known as branch lines. These lines may be in your walls or under floors. They lead to the sewer line. These lines can develop clogs or other problems such as leaks. If they develop a clog, the best way to clear it is with professional drain cleaning service.

Sewer Line

As mentioned, the sewer line connects the home’s entire drain system with the municipal sewer system. If your sewer line develops a clog, it can stop up the whole house’s plumbing system. A localized clog near the kitchen sink, for example, wouldn’t stop you from using another sink in the home. A sewer line clog, on the other hand, could send wastewater flowing back up a floor drain no matter what fixture is used because the main line has a blockage.

Common Signs of Drain Problems

Most of the typical drain issues that homeowners have occur in the drain parts listed above. Most plumbing problems require professional skills. When you contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric for professional drain cleaning service, our certified plumbers will bring all the tools and equipment needed to address the issue, which is often a clog. In addition to clog clearing and drain cleaning service, we also serve Irving with a full lineup of professional plumbing solutions.

Water Backups

Wastewater backups are the worst because they can cause extensive damage to your home’s flooring and walls. If water is backing up from your drain, there’s a blockage. When you call our drain cleaning service, we can pinpoint where the clog is in the line and clear it.

Slow Drains

Slow drains signal that a clog is forming somewhere in the drain system. The clog is usually localized to a fixture if only one particular drain line is flowing slowly. If multiple drains are flowing slowly, the developing clog is likely in the sewer line.

Gurgling Noises

Gurgling noises are another signal that a clog is forming. Gurling indicates that there is debris in the line. The debris causes pockets of air that you can actually hear as ‘gurgling’ noises when you use a fixture. Again, these noises may indicate an issue with a fixture’s drain or a drain pipe deeper into your system. If you are using one fixture but hear gurgling in another, it’s often a sign of a sewer line clog. Never ignore gurgling noises. They are often the first sign of a developing clog that could lead to messy wastewater backups.


Another problem that requires drain cleaning service are odors. Odors that come from your drain indicate the presence of smelly bacteria buildup in the line. Tioga Plumbing & Electric can visit your home to clear out any debris causing these unpleasant odors to occur.

Prevent Clogs with Clean Drains

Having your drains cleaned periodically helps you prevent clogs from forming. If you currently experience numerous clogs, now is a good time to let an experienced drain expert from our team clean your pipes. We rely on a couple different methods to clean drains. Hydro jetting and augering are two of the most common ways to clean drains.

Sometimes the issue with drains is not related to debris but, rather, to hard water mineral buildup. Minerals from hard water can build up in the drain pipes, causing them to become more narrow. The narrowing makes the pipes more vulnerable to developing clogs. Descaling service can remove these minerals so that the issue is resolved.

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No matter what type of plumbing issue you’re dealing with at home, our plumbing service can help. We’re licensed, insured, and all of our plumbers are certified and highly trained. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we have a reputation for outstanding service and fair pricing.

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