Electric, Gas, Tank Or Tankless, Renewable Energy — Water Heater Repair For Your Type Of System | Bedford, TX

Electric, Gas, Tank Or Tankless, Renewable Energy — Water Heater Repair For Your Type Of System | Bedford, TX

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At Tioga Plumbing & Electric of Bedford, TX, we do water heater repair, but not just your typical 40-gallon tank in the basement warmed by electrical or gas connections. There are lots of ways to get hot water these days, and our team has versatile skills to handle the equipment, connections, pumps, and controls for many of them. In particular, we’ve been working with Rinnai tankless water heaters for quite some time. Whatever supplies your hot water in your home, we’re the company to call when you have problems, or just need repair, maintenance, and upgrade services. Let’s talk about the many types of water heater repair we can do for you.

Standard Tank Water Heaters

Our typical water heater repair job is on a 40-gallon tank that supplies a home’s hot water. Most of the water heater repairs are on these units. They supply the hot water for many of the area families, and are the original equipment in most homes. They can require flushing of sediment, renewal of the anode rod, and adjustment of the thermostat. The heating system, electric or gas, can need repair. Overflow valves can malfunction, resulting in water discharge or pressure buildup.

A regular water heater inspection can catch these water heater repair items early, and also can help avoid the homeowner’s nightmare of a water heater leak which floods the surrounding area and leaves the family without hot water until a replacement unit is installed. Typical symptoms of water heater problems include water that’s not clear, that smells, or that is no longer as plentiful as it once was, even never reaching the right temperature.

Adding Standard Tank-Based Water Heater Capacity

Did you know that one solution for an insufficient hot water supply is simply the installation of a supplementary water heater? Most homes do pretty well with a standard model, but in a busy, large family with lots of loads of wash to run, dishes to wash, and showers or baths to take, there can be problems with running out of hot water at inconvenient times. It’s important to check for any water heater repair problems that could provide a quick solution including simple temperature adjustment on the unit, but we can also install another unit and provide additional capacity.

Tankless and Furnace-Connected Water Heater Systems

We’re one of the leading providers of new Rinnai tankless systems, and provide certified water heater repair for these popular units. Tankless water heaters provide on-demand hot water for as long as you need it, eliminating the tank capacity problem with standard tank-based systems. These units also address many of the water heater repair problems that come with traditional units, including accumulation of sediment and bacteria growth. Tankless systems can also provide energy savings since they work only as hard as you need them to, but they do need to warm up every time you call for hot water which can make frequent demands for small amounts of hot water less efficient. Having the hot water you need for nice, hot showers, clean clothes and dishes, and good hygiene at your sinks can make a tankless system an attractive option.

Localized Under-Sink Water Heaters Allow Improved Hygiene and Safety

Another solution for the need for hot water on-demand is localized hot water heaters. Our team can install them under your kitchen or bathroom sink for faucet use and in other locations as needed. They are basically simpler versions of the tankless system, and allow you to not only have access to quick hot water without drawing all the way from your main system, but let you pick the temperature you want. You can then set the tank temperature at the lower end of the range for energy savings, and keep your kids from having to deal with extra-hot water from their tub and sink faucets. You’ll have plenty of water at the right temperature for best hygiene results in your adult sink and kitchen faucet. It’s a desirable convenience for many homeowners.

Renewable Energy Hot Water Sources

Renewable hot water systems can provide big cost savings, especially if you have a large family. Consisting of an energy collection and storage system, they work much like a standard tank-based water heater, keeping hot water available for your use in a storage tank. Much of the equipment is specialized for the purpose, and it’s important to understand the flow, capacity, and pressure components of the system to provide effective maintenance and repairs. In many cases your system provider will follow up with maintenance and repair, but our team has extensive experience with residential and commercial technologies including those used in renewable energy-based systems. Since we’re your top choice for residential plumbing, it makes sense to turn to us.

If you’ve decided to invest in renewable energy sources of hot water such as solar hot water panels, our team can often provide the repair and maintenance assistance you need, even if your original provider is no longer available. Our plumbers can help with piping, pumps, valves, and other components of your system as well as storage tanks and any interconnections with standard tank and tankless water heating systems. If you decide to retire or replace your renewable system, we can provide the plumbing expertise to keep your home’s access to hot water consistent while your renewable system is being worked on.

Your Expert Water Heater Repair Team, On-Call and Ready to Respond

Tioga Plumbing & Electric of Bedford, TX is a team of experienced professionals that respond to your emergencies and help design and install systems, all to enhance your quality of life. We want you to get the most out of your budget, and we’ll provide advice from our experience that could give you new ideas for your home. Give us a call when you need us quickly, and let’s talk about your plans for the future of your home and family, too.