Electrical Service Options To Keep Your Home Safe | Hurst, TX

Electrical Service Options To Keep Your Home Safe | Hurst, TX

Professional electrical services are an aspect of home maintenance that most homeowners in Hurst, TX, can’t do without. Faulty electrical systems are dangerous and may even lead to house fires. Even something that seems minor, like a loose outlet or an out-of-place wire, can lead to serious problems. It’s very important to make sure the electrical wiring in your home is in good working order.

Problems with Outlets

Watch for signs of potential problems and arrange electrical services before an issue becomes dangerous. An outlet that suddenly stops working may have a loose wire. Loose wiring can also lead to outlets that only work sometimes. It could be faulty wiring or a matter of simple wear and tear. A loose outlet may also be caused by damaged contact points. It’s usually a good idea to replace the outlet instead of attempting to repair wires. A loose outlet could also trigger sparks and burning, which is extremely dangerous. Make sure you identify the source or call a professional immediately if you smell smoke or burning plastic, wood, or drywall. Sometimes loose outlets become discolored due to heat.

Lights and Switches

Flickering or inconsistent lighting means something isn’t right. Wires may not be in full contact with each other, so electricity isn’t transferred evenly. Incorrect wiring may create a buzzing noise. Arrange for electrical services as soon as possible if you notice unusual sounds. A properly functioning electrical system doesn’t make noticeable noises.

A light switch works by connecting two terminals. This lets electricity flow into the light. Flipping the switch off breaks the connection. Electricity also creates heat as it moves through wires. Insulated wires are a safety precaution. Wires with damaged or missing insulation will still work and carry electricity, but it isn’t safe. When electricity flows through the wires, heat is generated. As a safety precaution, wires are insulated. However, there could be loose connections. Fixing wires, outlets and light switches are common electrical services.

Old light switches may wear out and stop working correctly. The connection between terminals may not be fully open or closed. Electricity may jump gaps if the normal flow is interrupted. This jumping behavior is called arcing, and it may create hissing and crackling noises. Exposed wires and arcing can start fires because heat is transferred to surrounding air or materials instead of being contained within the wires. Sometimes arcing produces extremely hot temperatures that can ignite dust particles. It can also melt the insulation and create more exposed areas. Faulty wiring inside walls is especially risky because exposed wires may be in close contact with dry wood, wallpaper, drywall, and other building materials.

Winter Maintenance

It seems like most home maintenance issues in Hurst, TX, occur in winter. Cold temperatures are hard on electrical wiring, plumbing, and even the physical infrastructure of your home. Electrical services may be needed more often in the cold winter months. Problems can also seem more disruptive or overwhelming because it’s harder to go without heat, light, and other modern conveniences in the cold winter months. You can take steps to minimize risk to your electrical system.

It’s a good time of year to have outdoor outlets checked and replaced, if necessary. Check electrical cords and watch out for fraying and other damage. Examine holiday lights before hanging them and don’t use strings of lights with visible damage. Many households use more electricity during winter, especially over the holidays. Increased use could overload outlets, which may trip circuit breakers and even interfere with the electricity in some parts of your home. Flipping the breaker is fairly simple, but you may need professional electrical services if you have to reset breakers frequently.

Tripped Breakers

Tripped circuit breakers may occur at any time of year, and many homeowners in Hurst, TX, reset the breaker without thinking too much about it. However, you may need professional electrical services if a reset isn’t working. Overloaded circuits are a fairly benign cause that can be fixed by reducing the number of appliances on the same circuit. You can make sure the solution works by unplugging excess appliances and letting the circuit cool down before resetting it again. Short circuits are another common issue. A short circuit may happen when hot wires contact neutral wires. This is actually a serious problem that can start a fire. If you suspect a short, turn the breaker off and wait for electrical services from a qualified electrician.

Electrical Panels

An electrical panel is a vital component of a home’s electrical system. Panels can wear out over time, and sometimes older panels aren’t capable of handling the electrical load in a modern home. Watch for signs of aging that may indicate a worn-out panel. Flashing lights may be related to the electrical panel, although there are other causes to rule out first. A panel that feels loose and doesn’t seem to stay in place could mean that the exterior housing is loose and internal components are moving around inside. Water damage may cause loose panels, and you should always have a water-damaged panel replaced immediately.

Rumbling, grinding, buzzing or noises may come from aging panels or problems with wiring. Unusual vibrations could indicate a problem with insulating materials around the panel. Malfunctioning electrical panels can also cause power surges that damage components within the panel itself and pose a risk to other electronics in your home. Corrosion inside the panel may produce strange odors.

The licensed electricians at Tioga Plumbing & Electric can provide any electrical services you may need. Experienced technicians can find the cause of a problem and determine the best solution. You can also consult Tioga if you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s electrical system or simply want an inspection to make sure everything is in good shape.

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