Electrical Service Upgrade | Electrician Southlake, TX

Electrical Service Upgrade | Electrician South Lake

Your home’s electrical service, commonly called the electrical panel or breaker box, provides the entry point for electricity to enter the home. From the electrical panel, electricity is distributed to the numerous circuits in your home. If the electrical service is outdated and unsafe, it will require replacement. An additional reason for an electrical service upgrade is when it is insufficient for the home’s needs. In either case, an upgrade will require the services of a licensed electrician in South Lake.electrician south lake

In addition to its task of power distribution throughout the home, the electrical service also provides protection against the dangerously high levels of electricity that are being delivered to the home. Each circuit is protected by a circuit breaker, or fuse if your home is an older one. Whenever there is a problem with the electrical current, or the current reaches an unsafe level, the breakers are designed to trip to the off position, which cuts off any electrical current to that circuit. This helps to prevent overheating, melting, fire and potential shock.

Signs if Insufficient Electrical Service

An insufficient electrical service means the service panel is unable to provide the electricity that your home needs. This can occur with a room addition, the installation of central heating and air conditioning, the addition of a hot tub or other electrical equipment or appliances requiring more electricity. Tripped circuit breakers are a common indication of insufficient electrical service. When remodeling or providing upgrades to your home, you should consult an electrician in South Lake about upgrading your electrical service. This doesn’t necessarily require a full service upgrade that will bring more electricity into the home. Your electrical service may only require the addition of a new circuit to the existing electrical panel.

Signs of an Unsafe Electrical Service

If your home is an older one you should have the electrical panel inspected by an electrician in South Lake to ensure both its safety and sufficient electrical supply. The most common outdated electrical service is the fuse box, and if present in your older home upgrading the electrical service is recommended. Some of the signs of an unsafe service panel may include:

  • Signs of electrical fire in the breaker box, worn aging and overloaded wires in the electrical panel can burn. If you detect the odor of a burned wire in the panel, or notice charring and discolored marks around the circuit breakers, it is likely that an electrical fire has occurred in the service panel. Contact a Tioga electrician in South Lake promptly.
  • Constantly tripping circuit breakers are a common sign for both worn and undersized electrical panels. Frequently tripping breakers are a sign of the need to have an electrician in South Lake inspect the electrical service, determine the problem and provide the best solution.
  • When resetting a tripped breaker results in repeat tripping of the breaker there is a problem with the service panel. An electrician in South Lake can identify the problem is and provide the best solution for repair.

An undersized service can result in an overload, which can be as dangerous as a defective service. Keep in mind that an unsafe or undersized service poses a threat to your home and your family. If you are uncertain, don’t take any chances. Contact a Tioga electrician in South Lake for a professional inspection of the home’s electrical service panel.

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