Electrical Upgrades You May Consider Having An Electrician Do In Your Home | Bedford, TX

Electrical Upgrades You May Consider Having An Electrician Do In Your Home | Bedford, TX

Your home’s electrical wiring system may not serve you forever; the older it gets, it may need more repairs and expose you to safety hazards. Faulty wiring and damaged electrical outlets are the third leading causes of fires and account for about 70,000 fires every year in the United States. Therefore, if your home has old wiring systems, you may have to consider calling an electrician to replace them with the latest codes that meet the safety standards.

If you’re thinking of remodeling or renovating your old home, you should keep in mind electric upgrades. Upgrading your electrical system can save you from paying higher energy bills and reduce cases of electric fires. Electrical upgrades may also improve the look of your home and increase its resale value. Below are some electrical upgrades you may consider for your Bedford, TX, home.

Electric Panel Upgrades

Modern appliances often use up a lot of energy compared to the older models. Although some companies claim that new models are more energy-efficient, they still require more power to operate. New appliances such as dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers have more features than older ones.

Also, older homes may have damaged electrical panels that cannot handle the power demands of the current technology. You can reach out to a certified electrician in Bedford, TX, to install new electrical panels that can safely handle all your power demands. By doing so, you can prevent frequent breaker trips and flickering lights in your home. Panel upgrades may also reduce the risks of fires and save you some money on electricity bills.

Rewiring and Rerouting

When remodeling your home, you may want to expand some rooms and change their arrangements. For instance, you may decide to change your old kitchen to an open one or partition it to accommodate closets as well as a storeroom. When this may look good for your kitchen, the current wiring system may not accommodate the demands for the new changes.

To avoid such inconveniences, you should consult an electrician before the renovation process to rewire the electrical system. Having an upgrade before remodeling your room can save you time and money spent on electrical services later when the renovation process is complete.

Smart Home Features

When it comes to remodeling your home, you may want to incorporate some smart features to make a home more convenient. With the knowledge of electricians, the current technology has invented advanced systems that make it possible to automate and control them remotely.

For some systems, you can comfortably control them using your phone. If you consider reaching out to an electrical service to install such appliances in your home, you may have a chance to enjoy their convenience as you can access them with a touch of a button or your command. Some of the features you may add to your home during remodeling include video surveillance systems, sirens, smart sensors, or blinds.

You may also have a remote-controlled refrigerator that can tell you what groceries you may need to buy. Consider making such upgrades to make your life easy and have a convenient home.

Better Outlets and Receptacles

If your home is old, chances are, you have damaged outlets that may be lacking proper grounding wires. If that’s the case, you may have to worry about frequent electric shocks, surges as well as fires.

Therefore, you should find a professional to install new receptacles in your home. When you consider upgrades, you should factor in the type of appliances you need to power them because each has different energy needs.

For this reason, the receptacle you install should be in the position to handle the power needs of the device. When adding outlets to your room, you should also consider your family size. If you have a large family, you may expect an increase in power needs. Therefore, you should have more sockets in your home. Some of the areas you may want to have more outlets include the kitchen, children’s room, and living room. An electrician can install GFCI outlets in your kitchen that can accommodate high power loads.

Surge Protectors

Power surges usually occur when there is an excessive spike in electric current. You may experience this during severe storms. Power strips may also happen when there are electrical overloads or if you have faulty wiring. Whatever the cause, when they happen, they can harm your household appliances and electronics. That’s why it’s important to have a surge protector in your home to protect your appliances from unexpected power strips.

If your home is experiencing frequent power strips, then the surge protectors need an upgrade too. You should hire a certified electrician to assess your surge protector to ensure it’s always up to date. When you install new protectors, you can be at peace knowing that your devices are safe all the time.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters(GFCIs)

GFCIs can be a requirement in moist areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoors. These devices are important safety systems that modern homes should feature. Therefore, when renovating your home, you should factor in your safety and your family.

Unlike circuit breakers which trip, GFCIs switch off the power if the outlet or appliance comes in contact with water. This can prevent you from electric shocks and fires. Working with a professional electrician will ensure that you get the correct number of GFCIs and install them in the right places.

Set Up Charging Stations

Nowadays, everyone owns at least one device that needs regular charging. Whether it’s a laptop, mobile, or power bank, all always require a charge. Therefore, if you’re thinking of remodeling your home, you should install sockets in a particular room, specifically for charging your devices.

When you have a specific charging station, you can free up some outlets so you can use them for other purposes. Additionally, the devices will be assembled in one place instead of having them spread in all rooms.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric: A Trustworthy Electrician in Bedford, TX

No one can safely upgrade your electrical system than a trained electrician. If you’re looking for electrical upgrades for your home, turn to technicians at Tioga Plumbing & Electric.

Our licensed staff has the right equipment and skills to handle your electrical issues safely. We offer electrical services, including electrical wiring, remodeling, and outlet replacements. We can also install backup generators, surge protectors, and GFCIs in your home. If you ever need electrical services, feel free to call us.

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