Electrician Tips: Signs Your Outdoor Motion Detecting Lights Aren’t Working | Arlington, TX

Electrician Tips: Signs Your Outdoor Motion Detecting Lights Aren’t Working | Arlington, TX

Everyone needs peace of mind, especially when you’re at your home. Once or often, intruders may try to access your compound, posing a big threat to your safety and house. Even though outdoor lights may not guarantee ultimate security, getting a qualified electrician to install motion sensor lights would be a good idea as it will help scare away invaders.

Plus, there’s beauty in having a well-lit compound. However, a movement within the lights’ field of view, for instance, wind-blown leaves, could cause disturbances that may fool the detector, causing the lights to turn on automatically. That’s why most electricians mount motion lights at least 10 feet high and position them in a way that most movement will happen across the sensitivity zone and not towards the detector directly.

Like any other electronic appliance, motion detection lights might fail to function properly. Continue reading to know how to tell when your security lights are impaired and if you should contact an electrician.

Flickering Lights

Ideally, motion detecting lights are to turn on and off when the sensor is activated, but in this case, they are just flashing on and off. The motion sensors are working perfectly, but the LED lights could be defective. Several things might be causing this, and one of them is a malfunctioning bulb or diode.

Secondly, your lights could be flickering because of an improper connection between the bulb or diode and the light fixture itself. At times, something could be obscuring the connection. A faulty electrical light circuit can make the motion detector lights flicker even when the motion detectors haven’t been activated.

As a homeowner in Arlington, TX, you may be worried about what to do when the security lights are flickering. It might seem like an obvious issue, but it could cause the lighting system to stop functioning in the long run. You can change your light bulb to fix the problem, but you can call a competent electrical professional to examine the connection and identify the problem if the problem persists.

Lights Stay On All The Time

Research shows that thieves tend to stay away from a brightly-lit home with security fixtures. That sounds amazing, but what if the security lights aren’t working properly? Various factors can cause the lights to stay on all night and day, including high sensitivity settings.

If your motion sensor lights sensitivity is very high, the lights can turn on even by just a slight trigger of a speck of dust settling on the motion detector. Another factor can be long-duration settings.

Normally, the motion lights stay on for about 20 to 30 seconds, but if the settings are tampered with, it may look like they never switch off. In this case, looking for an electrician to fix the problem is much better than wasting time figuring out what to do.

Lights Don’t Come On

Having motion-detecting lights may be a blessing for most households in Arlington, TX. However, motion detectors might be functioning well, but the sensor lights aren’t turning on. Interruptions in the power supply due to power outages or upsurges might cause the sensor lights to fail to function, and if this becomes constantly persistent, an electrician might have to come onboard.

Motion sensors may accumulate dirt or dust for a long time. Consequently, this may cause the sensors to stop functioning smoothly, which may, in turn, make the lights not come on.

Another common mistake people make is using light bulbs with a higher wattage than the required amount, which can lead to bulbs burning out. Thus, having an electrical professional in the picture can help solve such inconveniences.

Age Of The Lighting System

Improper functioning motion lights may happen when the motion sensors are too old, worn out, or outdated. Technology is moving fast, and this means manufacturers are producing high-tech and advanced lighting products. The lifespan of any electrical fixture is dependent upon the number of hours it is subjected to.

In recent times, LED-based lighting technologies have gained popularity over conventional non-LED security lighting systems due to their long lifespan as well as low power consumption.

You may tell your security lights aren’t functioning right if they are less sensitive to motion. Finding an electrician to install a new lighting fixture might be a solution to your safety needs.

Motion Lights Are Not Sensitive To Movements

Suppose you’ve purchased and installed a new and up-to-date lighting fixture, but you notice they aren’t sensitive even to big objects passing by. In that case, you’ll need an electrician in Arlington, TX, to check the system.

If the lighting equipment is not mounted properly, the light can be on, but the motion sensor may fail to pick signals within its view. Therefore, it’s wise to involve a qualified electrical professional to ensure the lighting fixtures are positioned at a correct angle or fitted tightly to prevent them from being swayed easily by wind or storms.

Sometimes, your lighting system could be misbehaving, probably because it has been vandalized to reduce its effectiveness for a possible future intrusion attempt.

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