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Taking the steps to prevent home electrical fires is a proven means of helping to keep your family and home safer. Whenever you suspect an electrical issue, contact Tioga Construction for the services of a professional electrician in Fort Worth, Texas. In the following we cover electrical safety. Share it with your family, instruct your children and take the preventative steps that can save the lives of you and your family.

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Home Wiring Inspection

Older homes are especially vulnerable to electrical fires. Older homes may incorporate aluminum wiring, a well-established safety hazard. Modern homes are wired with copper wiring. However, this is not a guarantee of safety. For example, homes that are wired with less than 14 gauge wiring may be a candidate for re-wiring by a licensed electrician in Fort Worth, Texas to ensure a safe electrical system.

Appliance Cords

Monitor appliance cords for fraying, cracked insulation or other signs of wear. Worn cords can overheat, short out and cause a fire. You don’t have to throw the appliance away in most cases. Cords can often be replaced by an .

Extension cords – Always use power strips equipped with overload protection. It is a safety feature that automatically interrupts the power supply in the event of an overload. Don’t string extension cords together or overload them. Extension cords should be considered for temporary use only, not a means of a long term power supply. Don’t run extension cords under rugs or carpet. An overloaded cord becomes hot and can cause a fire. To prevent damage to the cord’s insulation, don’t place heavy objects or furniture on cords, and don’t close doors on them.

Purchase only extension cords with ground fault interruption, and ensure the extension cord is rated to safely handle the wattage of the appliances that will be plugged into it to prevent overload.

This is especially important during the holiday season when our homes are decked out for the holidays. Keep your holidays safe, if you require additional outlets for electrical service for lights and displays schedule electrical installation with a Tioga licensed electrician in Fort Worth, Texas.

Space Heaters and Fire

Maintain a safe distance between electrical space heaters and other heat producing electrical appliances and flammable materials.

Be alert to shorts or electrical faults and call a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas for electrical repair. Flickering lamps or light fixtures, frequent shut off of a circuit breaker and buzzing sounds from outlets or other electrical devices are examples of potential signs of an electrical short. Unplug any electrical device that feels unusually hot, including its cord.

Teach Electrical Safety to Children

Provide instruction to your children about electrical safety. This should include turning the power switch off before plugging in, or unplugging small appliances, electronics and toys. Use safety and plugs for outlets, extension cords and switches that are accessible to small children. Teach them to keep electrical devices well away from water to prevent shock or electrocution.

Use Smoke Alarms

Traditionally homes utilize one smoke detector per floor. However, the National Fire Protection Association suggests one in every bedroom and outside of each sleeping space. The intention is to evenly distribute smoke detectors throughout the home so fire or smoke in any location will be detected early, allowing occupants more time to escape.

An upgrade in the protection of your family is available with dual-sensor smoke alarms able to detect both smoldering fires and open flame. Linked integrated alarms provide additional protection, if one alarm is set off, they will all alarm. A Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas can provide professional smoke alarm installation, providing the protection you need. Remember to test smoke alarms monthly, and replace batteries annually or if the alarm chirps, indicating a low battery.

When you choose Tioga Construction to service your home or business, you never have to worry about receiving an unqualified electrician in Fort Worth, Texas. Our electricians are state licensed and professionally certified, so you can be confident that your Tioga electrician has the education, experience and expertise to handle any electrical issue. Our electricians are background checked, and are drug/alcohol free. Because we respect and value our military and our seniors, we provide military and senior discounts.

Surge Protection

As the number of electrical devices has continued to increase in number in modern homes, the need for safe electrical circuitry has expanded. Basically, a surge protector protects electronic devices from excessive voltage. Surge protectors are engineered to route excess voltage through a ground wire away from your valuable electronics.

As it is a common misconception, it should be stated that surge protection devices cannot shield electronic equipment from lightning. The ideal solution to protect valuable electronic equipment from lightning is to unplug them during storms.

There is a broad range of surge protection devices available from the professionally installed whole house surge protector, all the way down to the overload protection power strips frequently used on individual sensitive electronics. When you desire greater protection from power surges for your home contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas.

When You Need Us Most

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Emergencies don’t follow a schedule and seldom occur at a convenient time. Tioga professionals understand this and provide emergency services for electrical and plumbing issues for your convenience. Day or not, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service each and every time.

Whether you need a plumber in Fort Worth, or an electrician in Fort Worth, Texas, you can count upon Tioga professional’s honesty, integrity and expertise to provide the quality service you require. We hope you found this information regarding electrical safety informative. We serve Bedford, Euless, Fort Worth, Keller, Southlake and the surrounding areas with quality electrical services, plumbing service and sub-contracting services.