Everything about Slab Leak Detection and Repair | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Everything about Slab Leak Detection and Repair | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Nearly all the commercial building and houses are built on concrete slabs these days.  Nevertheless, these slabs maintain and support the strong foundation of a structure. Following that, with the use of  advanced technology and the new methodology of installation, it is now much easier to diagnose the variety of problems that are attached with concrete slabs.

A slab leak is, however, one of the most commonly faced problems. Previously, the detection of slab leak issue and its repair was a difficult job. This was not only time-consuming, but was also considered to be the most costly damage. However, this problem can now easily be diagnosed with the help of a plumber in Fort Worth, TX and without even disrupting our homes.

In addition, the soil in North Texas is usually high in clay content. This clay expands as it absorbs water and ultimately creates a pressure on the slab above. On the contrary, in the case the soil shrinks in summers, it causes inadequate support for house’s foundation.

In general, the movement of the slab also creates movement in the pipes. This weakens the longevity of pipes. With the increased pressure on the pipes, a weaken pipe is likely to start leaking from the weakest spot. Since a slab leak is basically the leaking of water through the tiny cracks in the slab, therefore, water can easily make its path towards up, down or even sideways which ultimately creates hot or wet spots along with dampened surrounding.

Is it necessary to call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for slab leak issue?

While many people ignore the issue altogether, ignorance may not be a bliss in this case! Moreover, some people take a lot of time and consideration before finally hiring a plumber in Fort Worth, TX. This is, however, important to understand that leaving a slab leak unattended for a long period of time does no good to us. In fact, it weakens the foundation of our house, badly affect the value of our building and most importantly put our loved one’s health at risk due to the growth of molds and inhabitations of different bugs in moisten area.

However, the majority of people only realize this damage once it’s too late and things are no more controllable. To avoid this inconvenience caused, it is always advised to get a leaking slab repaired at the earliest and by hiring a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

How can we detect a slab leak?

First of all, a slab leak is easily detectable by a lay person as there are so many warning signs that point toward the issue. But not taking up the professional services of a plumber in Fort Worth, TX is not an option; in this case, therefore, it is better to avoid the idea of fixing the issue as a DIY project.

However, following are some of the most common signs of slab leak;

  • Hot spots on the flooring indication a leaking hot water line
  • Dampen soil or even carpeting inside the house
  • A moldy smell along with the growth of mold surrounding the slab
  • The sound of running water while all the taps and valves are turned off
  • A significant increase in the water bill
  • Visible cracks on the floor or walls, however, to be further sure about this indication, you may also check the water meter. If it’s running without any sort of water usage in the house then it indicates a leaked slab.

All of these discussed factors are easily detectable if you inspect the different parameters of your house. Once done, the next and the immediate step should be the hiring of a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

How do we fix a slab leak?

To fix a slab leak we must first detect the exact spot of a leak. However, with the advancement in the technology and increasing trend of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, leak detection is no more a tedious job! And for that, the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX use a specialized listening device these days. This device helps in locating the leak of the water line.

Usually, in this method, the water supply to the house is usually cut off. The plumber then pumps the air through the water line, this way the water in the pipeline is forced to exit from some of the valves. Once all the water is removed from the pipe, the air starts escaping from the cracks of the supply line. And finally, just like the stethoscope used by a doctor, the plumber in Fort Worth, TX uses the listening device to listen the sound of gushing air, eventually detecting the exact area of the leak.

However, in the case of if the plumber is not able to detect the leak using the specialized listening device that it may require an extensive task of excavating the location or digging up the larger portion of the slab to fix the issue.

Does an insurance company provide coverage for a slab leak?

Quite often, the repair of a slab leak is covered by the insurance company. However, all of this coverage is subject to the cost of deductibles, or any other similar cost attached to it. Nevertheless, if you do choose to get the slab leak repaired with your insurance coverage, you will need to pay the deductible plus the cost of fixing the broken pipes.

The plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest that you should always check the policy beforehand and ask the insurance agent for the complete clarification of the coverage plan. While the actual fix may be just a few hundred dollars, the majority of the cost constitute of detection and the excavation work.

What if something goes wrong during the repair?

Slab leak detection and its repair is no more a tough job as discussed earlier. However, this task may only become an inconvenience if we fail to choose the right plumbing service. Therefore, in order to save yourself from making a small plumbing issue into a headache, always hire the professional services of Tioga Plumbing & Electric.


Their team of experts is well-versed in handling such plumbing issues. While this is the best and most affordable service in town, you will also have the convenience to reach them at any time through 24/7 emergency service.