Finding The Right Electrician For Your Projects | Euless, TX

Finding The Right Electrician For Your Projects | Euless, TX

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When deciding to sell your home, the first thing you may do is ensure your home is up to date. You may decide to paint the walls, fix your garden, or even update your plumbing, etc. However, your electrical system should be the first thing you consider upgrading. You will need to update and fix your electrical system if you want to sell your home and make a decent profit. Updating your home’s electrical systems is easy with the help of a local and trustworthy electrician. If you want to sell your home in the area, you should contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric for all of your electrical service updates, repairs, and inspections.

What Needs to Be Updated, Repaired, Or Fixed In Your Property’s Electrical System

Outdated Electrical Systems

Old and outdated electrical items pose a huge problem for home sellers and buyers. Outdated systems are dangerous and can end up costing a lot to be repaired and remodeled. Old homes have problematic materials, such as aluminum, in your electrical system. Older systems may also become faulty over time and due to use and degradation. Frayed and loose wires are more inclined to be found in old systems. Outdated wiring systems are often made of dangerous materials such as aluminum wiring. These problems can lead to power surges, house fires, and insurance issues. If your home’s electrical system needs some updating, be sure to have a professional electrician inspect and repair it as need be. If you do not want to do a total remodel at once, you should consult with a trusted electrician on repairing and remodeling little by little. This method of home electrical system remodeling will be easier on your pockets while increasing your safety and increasing the value of your property.

Some home insurance providers will refuse to cover properties with outdated electrical systems. They may also refuse to cover property with aluminum wiring, and or 60-amp electrical service. 60-amp electrical service may be ok if it is installed properly, by a professional electrician. The key to ensuring your electrical system is up to date, is hiring a reoccurring electrician for annual or even bi-annual inspection. The world around is constantly changing and improving, new home buyers expect the same with electrical systems.

Inadequate Electrical Service

As mentioned previously, some home insurance companies will refuse coverage if your property’s electrical service is 60-amps. 60-amp electrical service is what was used in older homes. The new normal for homes is 200-amps.

Understanding the number of amps that are acceptable for your home, starts with understanding what an electrical amp is. An electrical amp is defined as a unit for measuring electricity. An amp can also be referred to as an ampere. Basically, the electrical load is measured by amps. The volume of electricity in old, traditional homes is 60 amps, which is no longer the standard.

200-amps seems to be the new standard for electrical homes in modern homes, however not all homes need 200-amp electrical service. Figuring out the proper electrical load for your home can be done with the help of a professional. Homes that are smaller than 3,000 square feet, may do well with an electrical load of 100-amps. Low electrical service loads may not be a problem at all, as long as the home is properly maintained and up to date. If you are looking to sell an older home with 60-amp electrical service, have an electrician inspect your electrical system for faulty or loose wiring, and replace it with safe materials. If you live in the Euless, TX, area, contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric in order to have your electrical systems up to date.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

Dimming or flickering lights may not seem like a huge problem. However, this small, slight inconvenience may indicate a huge problem within your electrical system. Flickering and dimming lights is a common occurrence in older homes. A light that flickers only when turning it on and only for a few seconds is no cause for alarm. However, it cannot hurt, to have a professional electrician inspect and repair it if possible. Having perfectly working lights in a home you mean to sell will help with the home’s appeal to potential buyers.

If your lights have just started flickering uncharacteristically or at random times, this may indicate an unhealthy surge of power and or overloaded circuits. This can lead to loose and frayed wiring if that is already not the cause. This could also be an early indication of other electrical problems to come. If you plan on selling your home, make sure any flickering light issue is properly dealt with beforehand. If you live in the area, and are having problems with your flickering lights, contact the electrical professionals at Tioga Plumbing & Electric for help.

Knob and Tube Wiring

A common issue found in electrical systems in older homes is knob and tube wiring. If this type of wiring is installed correctly and properly by an experienced electrician, you may not experience any problems stemming from your system at all. However, if your system is going through changes, such as adding more outlets, adding special outlets for major appliances, or any other modern electrical upgrades, having knob and tube wiring in your electrical system can cause your circuits to become overloaded with too much power.

Older homes have different kinds of electrical systems and materials. Updated electrical systems work more efficiently and safely. This is the main reason; you will want to update your electrical system if you plan on selling your home. A realtor and house inspector may advise potential buyers to either have it fixed as soon as they move in or have the seller fix it if an electrical system is not up to code or is old. This will force you as the home seller to either do as the inspector suggests or sell the home for less than it’s worth. Having this happen during a sale can really turn the home buyer off to purchasing the home and cause your house to sit on the market, longer than it should. If you live in or around the Euless, TX, area, contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric, to hire a professional and trustworthy electrician for system updates and repairs.