Five Ways A Plumber Can Help You Avoid Plumbing Disasters | Keller, TX

Five Ways A Plumber Can Help You Avoid Plumbing Disasters | Keller, TX

Your home’s plumbing infrastructure can remain operationally efficient for approximately 50 to 75 years. A preventative maintenance program ensures it remains in working condition for as long as possible. Although preventing plumbing disasters may not always be possible, a routine maintenance plan can reduce the possibility of catastrophic issues occurring in the future.

Your local plumber can help you maintain your residential plumbing system. Below are some ways a plumbing technician assists homeowners in Keller, TX, to avoid plumbing emergencies.

Regular Water Heater Inspections

If properly maintained, residential water heaters can last between 8 to 12 years. Since they’re used daily, you should have your local plumbing provider inspect them at least once every month to look for potential problems.

During these inspections, you can also request the plumber to lower the temperature to 115 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the probability of the system overheating. Additionally, it would help if you keep your eyes on signs that could indicate a potential problem with your residential water heating system.

For instance, you should request a professional to check the system’s pressure and temperature if you can’t hear a gurgling noise when the apparatus is functional. In such scenarios, the issue could mean no water entering the drain tube. You should request a plumbing service professional’s assistance to ensure your household’s safety.

Sink Drain Maintenance

The sink drains in your home’s kitchen and bathroom are susceptible to blockage, resulting in slow drainage, which may cause wide-ranging issues within your household. Over time, hair strands, food particles, and debris can accumulate inside your residential plumbing infrastructure.

Luckily, having a regular drain cleaning service program with your local plumber can prevent drain clogging. Your plumbing service provider may also provide tips on keeping the drains clean all year.

You should stop pouring fatty fluids and cooking oil down the drain and consider installing sink traps in your bathroom. Sink traps can keep soap particles and hair from entering the drainage system.

Checking Your Home’s Main Water Shut-off Valve

As a homeowner, knowing the exact location of the main water shut-off valve can prevent a plumbing disaster on your property. The main water shut-off valve is often located next to the water meter and can allow you to turn off the water supply to your home when faced with a plumbing emergency.

Because of its important role, you should have your preferred plumber routinely inspect it to ensure there are no leaks and it’s in proper working order. During winter, the low temperatures can harden the valve’s handle, so you should have it inspected by a professional every two weeks to ensure it can turn properly.

Regular Maintenance

To ensure your home’s plumbing system remains in good condition, every property owner should request a professional plumber to inspect their property at least once annually. Their training and experience can help them identify underlying issues that may not be obvious to an untrained person.

During inspections, they will evaluate every aspect of your home’s plumbing infrastructure and recommend or execute the appropriate fixes and repairs. With a routine plumbing inspection service plan in place, it will become easier to avoid plumbing disasters in the future.

Hose and Fixture Upgrades

If your Keller, TX, home has rubber hoses, you should consider asking your plumbing service contractor to replace them with metallic ones. You should also request the replacement of individual plumbing components such as valves, pipes, and waterline raisers.

Modern homes often have complex plumbing systems due to additional appliances such as wet bars and automatic fire sprinklers, which may be unavailable in older houses. The best way to ensure all these components are working is to occasionally have your local plumber inspect the walls, floors, and ceilings.

If your house comprises wooden ceilings, they may start to crack due to trapped moisture or water leaks. Even though poor construction techniques may also cause the problem, it would be in your best interests to consider replacing the rubber hoses in your home with those made of stainless steel or copper. Metallic plumbing components can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and remain functionally efficient for up to 15 years without needing replacement.

Repairing Overflowing Toilets

Toilets may overflow in your residence if there are clogs within the drainage system. The overflow may also occur if you regularly flush copious amounts of toilet paper and waste at once. An overflow is bound to occur when such clogs occur, and you keep flushing.

Luckily, a professional plumber near you may be in a position to help. If you can’t clear the clog with a household plunger, a trained technician can provide the tools and techniques required to remedy the situation.

Toilet overflows can flood your residence, and the damage may be more severe when they occur in toilets on upper floors. The water can trickle down through the floor and into the ceiling of lower-level structures, which can cause mold growth.

Fixing Leaky Pipes

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 10 percent of all homes in the United States have plumbing leaks that waste 90 or more gallons of water daily. Leaky pipes are a common occurrence in many homes. They may be easy to remedy with the help of a trained plumbing professional, but finding and accessing them may be difficult.

Even the tiniest of leaks can cause significant water damage. The water can destroy the walls, floors, and ceilings as well as result in toxic mold outbreaks. Even though you can’t predict where or when a leak may happen, you should seek the opinion of a trained plumber if you suspect there’s one in your house.

You can look out for various signs, including an inexplicable rise in your monthly water bill and visible mold growth in your home’s bathrooms.

Need Help Preventing Plumbing Emergencies? Contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric

If you’re having plumbing problems in your Keller, TX, home, don’t hesitate to contact the professional plumbers at Tioga Plumbing & Electric. We offer routine maintenance solutions to ensure your residential plumbing system is in tip-top shape all year round.

Our professionals can also assist with leak detection, backflow repair, pipe replacement, inspections, and plumbing appliance installation and replacement. Contact us today to request an appointment or learn how we can help prevent plumbing disasters on your property.

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