Flickering Lights | Electrician Southlake

Flickering lights can be due to something
as benign as a loose bulb, or may indicate a dangerous condition in your home’s
electrical wiring. Identifying the cause of flickering lights is essential to
ensure the condition is not due to issues that could result in a house fire. In
the following, common causes, simple solutions, and when to call an electrician
are discussed. Contact a Tioga Plumbing & Electric electrician in Southlake for an accurate diagnosis and repair of your electrical problems.


A Single Bulb

When the flickering occurs, watch it closely to determine if it is due
to a single light bulb, or all the bulbs. If it is limited to one or two bulbs,
ensure it is securely screwed in. If the bulb is tight and not loose, replacing
the bulb should correct the problem. If the lights continue to flicker contact
a Tioga electrician in Southlake.

All Lights Flicker

If all of the lights in a light fixture, a room, a section of the
home, or throughout the home flicker frequently, you may have a dangerous
electrical issue. Contact a Tioga electrician in
 for a prompt diagnosis and repair.

Dimming of All Lights

If you are experiencing dimming lights that do not go off completely,
take notice of it occurs when appliances kick on such as an air conditioner. If
this is the case, it is a normal condition. However, consider surge protection
for sensitive electronic equipment to prevent a reduced lifespan.

Electricity and House Fires

Flickering lights are not an issue to
ignore, as damaged or loose wiring, a faulty circuit, or a faulty light fixture
can result in a house fire. The following are warning signs of electrical
 that should be checked by an electrician
in Southlake:

• Frequently blown fuses or tripped circuit
breakers indicate the need for electrical repair by an electrician in Southlake. Do not install a larger
fuse or circuit breaker. Blown fuses and tripped breakers can be due to an
overloaded circuit, by installing a larger fuse or circuit breaker you will be
overloading the circuit even further, and a house fire is likely to occur.

• Warm wall outlets, or sparking from an outlet, with or without soot
marks are signs of a serious electrical problem, and danger. Do not use the
outlet or switch, and contact an electrician for prompt service.

• A burning odor emanating from an appliance, outlet, switch, room, or
an area of the home may indicate overheating, or an electrical malfunction.
This may result in a fire, unplug the affected appliance or turn off the
circuit breaker, and contact an electrician.

Test smoke detectors each month, and change the batteries every 6
months. Smoke detectors are low cost, and save lives. Replace any smoke
detectors over 5 years old to ensure your family’s safety. Locate smoke
detectors near all sleeping areas, the kitchen, and the living room.

Lightning can be devastating to the home’s electrical wiring, If your
home is struck by lightning, or lightning enters via the power line or other
means, schedule an electrician to provide an electrical
inspection. Lightning can damage wiring, switches, outlets,
light fixtures, appliances, and other electrical components severely. An
inspection will identify any affected components and repair or replacement

Out Dated Electrical System

Older homes and historic homes are more likely to have outdated
wiring. Wiring and its insulation can fray and crack from age, heat, corrosion,
or bending. They can also be damaged during construction and remodeling.
Damaged wires can cause a fire, and require prompt service from a licensed
electrician. A Tioga Contractor electrician in
Southlake can provide the electrical
you need to ensure the safety of your family, and home.

Remember, heat and scorch marks on outlets and switches are a strong
indication of unsafe wiring, or electrical components.

If you are frequently resetting circuit breakers, it is highly likely
the circuits are overloaded and/or the wiring inadequate. A qualified, licensed electrician in Southlake can inspect and test your
electrical system, and make recommended improvements to bring your home’s
wiring up to code.

Dimming lights when you use small appliances may indicate the circuits
are inadequate for your needs. Overloaded circuits can result in damage to the
wiring and a fire. Contact a Tioga electrician in
Southlakefor a resolution of the issue.

Crackling, sizzling, buzzing noises, or smoke, in outlets, switches,
or appliances, indicate a dangerous electrical problem. Turn off electricity to
the affected area in the home’s electrical service panel, or the electrical
main, and call a licensed electrician immediately.

A Tioga Contractor electrician in
 is available to provide the professional electrical repair that your home needs. If you are
experiencing flickering lights, blown fuses and
tripped circuit breakers, or other electrical problems, call our licensed electricians today. Our reliable and
experienced electricians serve Southlake, Fort Worth, Keller, and the
surrounding areas. Tioga Plumbing & Electric provide commercial and residential electrical repair that you can rely on.