For Future Convenience, Have Your Upgraded Electrical Service Installed By Our Expert Electricians | Bedford, TX

For Future Convenience, Have Your Upgraded Electrical Service Installed By Our Expert Electricians | Bedford, TX

Expert design and installation of your new or upgraded electrical service provide a foundation for change that’s convenient and efficient. Our Tioga Plumbing & Electric team of electricians serving Bedford, TX, and the DFW metroplex has extensive experience with planning, digital design, and implementation of electrical service configurations. Our projects range from basic residential power panels to larger homes, multifamily systems, and complex commercial electrical power distribution. When our team designs and installs your new electrical service panel and wiring, you’ll benefit in the years to come from careful design and wiring that makes future electrical changes to your home simpler. These changes could include circuit additions, remodeling with electrical changes, and addition of devices with unusual power requirements such as EV charging stations, tankless electric water heaters, or workshop equipment, or even further upgrades of your home’s electrical capacity. Our experience pays off in the quality of your home’s electrical service installation.

Design for Usability

It’s important that your breaker box provide easy and organized access to your electrical service connections for emergency shutoff when needed, clear circuit disconnection when repairs are being done, and also for future circuit breaker and other device installation. It should be designed to be usable by anyone, homeowner or electrical service professional, who needs access, carefully wired and positioned in a logical place. If added features such as a subpanel are needed, it should be easy to make the addition without compromise, thanks to planning by the original designer. Our team of electricians strives to keep high standards, because after all, years later they may very well be the people making the upgrades then, too!

Skilled Wiring and Implementation

Professional tools and techniques for electricians may seem foreign to the do-it-yourselfer because they’re designed for efficient work that they can count on. It’s important to arrange the wires carefully so another electrician can easily understand the wiring, and to perform basic tasks like wire stripping and connecting so that they will last safely for a long time without getting loose or providing a poor connection at the intended voltage and current. As the wires are run throughout your home, electricians will also follow additional wiring standards to avoid interaction between power and various signal-carrying wiring such as cable TV, internet, or phone. Usually, well-done wiring looks good too, but in some cases parallel wires are problematic, and electricians will choose other arrangements.

Calculated Capacity and Breaker Space

When our electricians are discussing your power requirements with you, they’ll also be calculating the right amount of space in your circuit breaker panel for current circuits and future expansion. These days, the availability of outlets in older homes reflects the limited power usage of the time, and fuse boxes of the day were also pretty compact, with little room for expansion. Now, everyone needs plenty of access to power, especially in home offices and teen’s rooms where lots of electronics are in use. Features like home theater may require a significant addition of power capacity, and it can make a big difference in time and cost involved in adding your media room when your breaker box has room for a quick addition of a few circuits versus having to replace the box or add a subpanel because no one thought you’d need so many breakers. Of course, your incoming electrical service has to be factored into these plans, too, so you’ll have the available current to support the circuits in use.

Careful Location Choice

The internet offers plenty of frightening photos of circuit breaker panel locations that are inconvenient, unfortunate, or downright dangerous. Sometimes furniture or appliances are placed or installed so that they block access, other times the power panel is located so that water is likely to leak or be sprayed onto it, and sometimes it’s just in an odd location that would be difficult to locate in an emergency unless you knew already where it was. In some cases, the drawback of a location is simply that it is an attractive nesting place for creatures, or in a moist environment where corrosion is more likely and the risk of fire grows with it. Location choice should also provide for other concerns such as grounding to provide the best protection for your circuits in an efficient manner.

Anticipating Your Future Needs

How do you plan for the future with your electrical circuits and capacity? The spread of electric vehicles is a good example of needs that weren’t on many homeowners’ lists even a decade ago. Now, in some areas, there’s talk of adding a building code requirement to provide for EV charging stations. How do you make a reasonable estimate of what you’ll need in the future, or even what a future homeowner might want? Our electricians can help with informed calculations based on typical growth patterns over the years for your area and type of home.

Providing Appropriate Protective Devices

An important benefit of an upgraded circuit breaker panel is the ability to install modern protective devices including AFCI, GFCI, and combination breakers. AFCI protects against arcing wires, especially in the walls, while GFCI capability is familiar from outlet-based protection, now available for whole circuits, that removes power when it senses current flow that could indicate someone’s about to receive an electric shock. Additional whole-house protection is available in the form of surge protectors and lightning arrestors that protect your electronics throughout the house from a single point.

Your Skilled, Versatile Electrical Service Installation Team in Bedford, TX

At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, our electricians perform their work to exacting standards, whether they’re adding outlets for your family room in Bedford, TX, or wiring industrial equipment to high-power circuits. We’re proud of the work we do, and we think that you will be also, now and in the future when it’s time to make further upgrades or additions, safely and conveniently. Plan ahead by calling us today for your electrical service work.

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