Guide to Microwave Electrical Problems | Electrical Repair Service in Euless, TX

Guide to Microwave Electrical Problems | Electrical Repair Service in Euless, TX

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Everyone who owns a microwave ought to know just how it works in order to understand when things end up going wrong with it. Now, the inner workings of a microwave might seem complicated but the truth is, microwaves work in a very simple way.

So how do microwave ovens work?

What happens in a microwave oven is that the oven channels heat to food molecules as the food revolves around the platter. Molecules are tiny particles that are present in all objects.

So basically, what the microwave oven does is use radiation to heat your food using waves that are pretty much like electromagnetic waves from radio stations. You can see the microwave oven heat the food, as the trusty light is always on inside, just like the Sun would heat the Earth.

What Are the Uses of Microwaves?

Here are some examples of the uses of a microwave oven for Euless homes.

Heating Up Food

You can use microwaves to heat up food. It can be used to heat up leftovers, water, soup, and even make popcorn. There are different program and time settings you can use for each of these options.

Microwaves are a great help in reusing food or quickly helping to make tea. You can even heat water up for medicinal purposes like for a steam.


Along with making popcorn, microwaves can be used for multiple cooking purposes. You can make mug cakes, noodles, soup among other food options all inside a microwave. Some food comes prepackaged and prepped for a microwave, like ramen noodles.

However, you need to be careful about timing, packaging and plating. Do not use a plate or dish that is not suited for microwaves.

When it comes to cooking, you can even use microwaves as a supplement to conventional cooking techniques. You can heat up, thaw or soften food items that are to be used in a recipe cooked on the stove.

What Are Some Common Microwave Problems?

So, now that we know how a microwave works, we ought to move on to the real question. Which problems can occur in a microwave oven?

Microwave is Not Heating

If your microwave is not heating correctly, that is some bits of the food are cold or the food does not warm at all, you have an electrical problem. Your microwave’s heating components, called diode and magnetron, have burned out in this case and will need replacement.

Don’t try this yourself since it can be dangerous and complicated. You should hire a professional repair service in Euless, TX instead.

Microwave Stops Midway

If your microwave tends to stop midway through the heating process, you should call an electrical repair service in Euless, TX. The switchboard of the microwave might be malfunctioning, and possible wiring issues might cause heating and tripping in the fuse. There are then resultant power failures.

It could also be that the microwave oven is overheating due to lack of ventilation. A professional electrical repair service in Euless, TX will be able to identify this problem and remedy it.

Microwave Plate is Not Spinning

Is your microwave plate stationary? If the plate is not spinning, the problem probably lies with the motor underneath the plate or the switchboard of the microwave.

If you face this problem, you should get an electrical repair service in Euless to fix the issue. Handling it yourself could further the damage to the microwave and endanger you and your household.

Sparking Microwave

A major sign of a problem in microwaves is when they start sparking. If you see that the microwave is sparking, call an electrical repair service in Euless. The sparking can be a fire hazard and safety risk and needs to be dealt with professionally.

A common cause of this problem is paint peeling off inside the microwave oven that cause microwaves to malfunction and get absorbed instead of reflected. Two possible other causes could be busted rack supports and diodes.

No Light Inside

Whenever you see that there is no light inside the microwave, it means there is a problem that needs electrical repair in Euless, TX. The turned off light could be a sign of bad wiring, power problems in the switchboard, malfunctioning sockets or even fuses in the light bulb installed in the microwave oven.

If you face this problem, you will need to contact an electrical repair service in Euless, TX to examine the components mentioned above and repair or replace them if necessary.


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Microwaves can be very useful for heating, thawing, cooking and even baking food inEuless. If a microwave does not work properly, all of these activities can become harder to accomplish.

If your microwave is not heating correctly, you should not ignore this. It could mean that the magnetron has failed or burnt out because it is empty. This component uses a lot of voltage for the production of microwave frequency.

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