How Your Electrician Can Help You Upgrade Your Home with Electrical Services | Hurst, TX

How Your Electrician Can Help You Upgrade Your Home with Electrical Services | Hurst, TX

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You don’t have to wait for a repair issue to call for electrical services. Your electrician can add upgrades to your home that will definitely get noticed.

Many homes, especially older ones, were not made to support our modern technology needs. The stress this puts on your electrical system can eventually lead to problems.

In Hurst, TX, Tioga Plumbing & Electric offers comprehensive services that can modernize your home, business, or industry. They can help you choose the projects that will help you and your family the most and complete the work quickly.

You customize your home to fit your life, so why not make sure your electrical system is upgraded for your usage needs? Here are a few ways that your electrician can update your home.

Additional Electrical Outlets

If you live in an older home, you have probably noticed the difference in the electrical outlets. First, many older homes have two-prong outlets. Modern homes in Hurst, TX are outfitted with three-prong outlets that are grounded. Grounded outlets are necessary for your computers, smart televisions, and all appliances.

Besides being set up with the wrong outlets for today’s technology, older homes generally don’t have a lot of outlets in each room. If you are constantly struggling to make an outlet free to use, you should consider getting modern electrical services for your home.

There are different kinds of outlets available, including:

GFCI Outlets

This is a commonly used outlet, especially in areas near water. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. It is designed to shut off the power to that outlet quickly in the case of a short circuit or ground fault.

AFCI Outlets

Not as well known as the last outlet, the AFCI outlet is also built to protect you. It looks basically the same as the GFCI outlet, but works differently.

AFCI stands for arc fault circuit interrupter and it protects you from electrical arcs. What is an arc? Arcs occur when electricity jumps from one wire to another. This can cause a fire to start very quickly.

20A Outlets

Generally, most outlets in the home are rated for 15 amps (15A). This means that the outlet is connected to a circuit that is capable of handling up to 15 amps of electricity, no more. 15A outlets are great for many things, including charging your smart phones and tablets and powering your microwave.

Some electrical appliances and devices, however, require more amperage. If you are continuously tripping the breaker in certain rooms, this may be the issue. You need an electrical services technician to help you fix the problem.

With a 20A outlet, your days of flipping the breaker could be over. The 20A outlet works with appliances that need more power to operate, like your washer and dryer. These outlets are generally found in your kitchen, laundry room, and garage, to handle the appliances that need the most power.

Switched Outlets

Switched outlets allow you to control the power of that outlet. These outlets have just one outlet, with a switch in place of the upper outlet. Using the switch, you can turn the power to the outlet on or off, as needed.

USB Outlets

Nearly every home in the nation could benefit from USB outlets. There are several options available. One popular choice are the models with two outlets and two USB ports for charging your mobile technology. Your electrical services specialist can advise you on which style is the best for you, based on your usage needs.

Smart Outlets

Smart outlets take your home’s electrical services to the next level. This technological advance works just like a regular outlet, except it allows you to control the outlet from your smartphone.

New Lighting Options

Nothing catches the eye like an exciting new lighting design. New lighting fixtures can transform your plain room into a celebration, adding interest to any room.

It is easy to set a mood with your lighting choice. You can choose lighting that floods the space with a warm glow, lending a cozy feeling. Or you might want a brilliant light to shine throughout the area, giving it a party attitude. If you have trouble deciding on a single mood, you could have your electrician install a dimmer. That way, you can change the atmosphere to suit the occasion.

Do you have a large room that is just not getting enough light to the outer edges? You might want to check into wall sconces or recessed lighting, to illuminate the dark corners. Your electrical services professional can help guide you through the wide variety of lighting styles that are available today, so your home can shine its brightest.

Security Lighting

There is nothing as important as keeping your family safe. Electrical services to light your way can help. Your electrician can help add to the security of your home or business with the addition of security lighting.

Whether you work the late shift or only work late occasionally, it can be scary to walk through the dark, even on your own property. Security lighting can illuminate even the most darkened corners of your property, so you can see everything near you.

Security lighting also makes your home or business less inviting to burglars and vandals. With enough light that everyone can see what they are up to, they may decide that your property is just too risky.

Landscape Lighting

With landscape lighting, you can do more than simply brighten up your property. By carefully planning your lighting around the unique and interesting features on your property, you can highlight what is special and add an artistic flair to your yard.

Landscape lighting can be used to illuminate whatever you wish. Shine a light on what you love most about your property. Add an extra glow to your address marker, so emergency vehicles can find your house quickly. The options are limitless.

Give your property a designer flair with intriguing landscape lighting design. You will give guests a beautiful view with properly placed lighting. It can transform an ordinary yard into an artistic vision. Check with your electrician to see how these electrical services could help you.

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