How Your Plumber Prevents Common Bathroom Plumbing Disasters | Keller, TX

How Your Plumber Prevents Common Bathroom Plumbing Disasters | Keller, TX

If your bathroom experiences a serious plumbing problem, it can bring your household to a standstill. Your bathroom relies on your plumbing system to function. Preventing plumbing disasters isn’t always possible, but you can reduce the risk of serious plumbing issues. If a plumbing disaster should occur, you can rely on a plumber from Tioga Plumbing & Electric. We serve Keller, TX, with a full range of plumbing and electric services. Here are some tips to reduce the risk of major plumbing issues that nobody wants to contend with at home.

Overflowing Toilet

If your toilet is overflowing, there’s a good chance there’s a drain clog. Toilet clogs happen and, frequently, occur because too much waste and toilet paper is flushed at once. Ideally, people should not flush too much at once, but it happens. When a clog occurs and people flush, especially if they flush more than once, an overflow can occur. An overflowing toilet is a good reason to call a plumber. If you cannot clear the clog using a typical household plunger, you’ll need to contact a skilled plumbing professional who has the techniques and tools needed to clear the drain clog so you can safely flush the toilet again.

A toilet overflow can set water pouring out all over your floors. If the toilet happens to be on an upper floor, the water can even drip down through the floor and then through the ceiling of the lower story. In these cases, the water can cause a mold problem to develop, making the cleanup a nightmare.

If you have toilet clog that can’t be unclogged using a plunger, it’s best to contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric. We can send an experienced plumber to your home to unclog your toilet so it can be used again. Also, be sure that you don’t flush anything down your toilet that shouldn’t be introduced to your plumbing system. Don’t flush sanitary products, kitchen grease, or kitty litter down the toilet or you could risk a clog developing.

Running Toilets

While you might not think that a running toilet is quite the bathroom disaster that an overflowing toilet is, but your pocketbook might. Running toilets are costing you extra money every month. How much is your running toilet costing you? In some cases, the cost of a running toilet can add up to about $200 per month. By preventing that same toilet from running, you can save $1,200 a year. Plus, the toilet is using water unnecessarily, which is an environmental waste.

A running toilet may be caused by faulty toilet parts such as a worn-out flapper. On the other hand, if the toilet is old, it may need to be replaced. A plumber from Tioga Plumbing & Electric can visit your home to inspect your toilet and determine why it’s running. Sometimes the fix is quite simple. However, if you do need a toilet replacement, we can manage the project from start to finish. Toilets can vary widely in cost, but we can help you select one that suits your budget.

Generally, a new toilet costs anywhere from $100 to $1,500. Some upscale toilets may cost more. However, replacing a running toilet with a new one will save you money in the long run.

When properly installed, a new toilet should function properly. If your toilet is running and wasting water, don’t ignore the problem. It’s costing you every month. The money you save in just one month from a running toilet could pay for a new one.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are a problem all over the house, but they aren’t uncommon bathroom problems. Unfortunately, while a leaky pipe may be easy enough for a plumbing professional to fix, it isn’t always easy to access. That’s why it’s essential to contact a certified plumber to visit your Keller, TX, home if you suspect that you have a bathroom plumbing leak. Whether the leak is beneath your sink or hidden in the wall, you need a trusted plumbing pro to quickly and skillfully make the plumbing repair.

Even small leaks can cause big moisture problems. Water can damage your walls, and flooring, and lead to serious and hazardous mold outbreaks. Although it’s not always possible to prevent leaks, you should contact a plumber immediately if you suspect one. If you notice mold growth near your shower, see unexplained increases on your water bill, or smell musty odors in your bathroom, contact a plumber to inspect your plumbing system.

Smelly Drains

Smelly bathroom drains can be embarrassing. They also indicate that there’s a problem. A smell drain suggests that there may be a clog developing someone in the sewer line. Your drains shouldn’t smell. Waste and smells are supposed to flow down the drain and away from your home into the main sewer system. If smells are lingering, there may be something preventing the waste from flowing smoothly out of your drain system.

A plumbing pro from our team can inspect your drains and make sure the drain line is clear. Drain cleaning can also remove the smelly biofilm that may be clinging to the insides of pipes. Whatever is causing your drains to smell, our plumber can troubleshoot the issue and provide the correct fix.

If you live in Keller, TX, and need a plumber to contend with these bathroom plumbing problems or any other plumbing issues around your home, contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric. Don’t attempt to fix plumbing problems on your own or you could make the problem worse. Our plumbing professionals are licensed and insured. Plus, our company is known for its fair rates. You can also rely on us if you need electrical services. Call us to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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