Illuminate Your Commercial Space: Expert <strong>Electrician</strong> Advises On Enhancing Security Lighting | <strong>Keller, TX</strong>

Illuminate Your Commercial Space: Expert Electrician Advises On Enhancing Security Lighting | Keller, TX

For a modern business, security lighting means more than just hanging up a few luminaries here and there. Security lighting not only keeps intruders out but also makes your customers and employees feel safe. Plus, you have the added benefit of visibility and advertisement.

With hundreds of security systems, business owners have difficulty choosing the most suitable lights. The following tips outline some of the key features and considerations you should keep in mind.

1. Hiring a Professional

The following lighting tips are just a general guide; not all may apply to your situation. Hire a professional lighting designer or commercial electrician to install the new lighting correctly.

You don’t want to light up the building like a Christmas tree with numerous lights that only waste energy. You want to make a visual statement while keeping your assets safe.

2. Get Motion Sensors

Security lighting should give intruders the impression they will be seen by guards, the CCTV system, or passersby. Lighting up an isolated building is not only a waste of electricity but could even help the burglar.

On the other hand, if you install motion-sensing lights, the person will be startled, and the sudden light will alert anybody nearby. Your electrician may also recommend investing in an automated light system to prevent human forgetfulness and grant you access anywhere globally.

3. Installing LED Lights

Lighting accounts for 17 percent of the electricity used in commercial buildings. Businesses looking to reduce energy costs should opt for LEDs, which use 75 percent less energy than traditional lights and last 25 times longer.

When shopping for LED lights, choose according to the number of lumens, not the watt rating. Lumens indicate how much brightness the light emits, while watts show how much energy the fixture consumes.

4. Optimizing the CCTV System

When installing or upgrading security lights, ensure they do not obstruct the CCTV system. While there are cameras that can see in the dark, properly placed lights will enhance the camera’s reach.

Efficient lighting will also make it easier to detect someone’s face. Have your electrician design a security system that includes CCTV and lighting. Getting both of them at the same time can reduce installation costs and enhance the effectiveness of both.

On top of CCTVs and bright lights, you want to ensure doors and windows are equipped with tough locks, glass, and anything that will make breaking in much more difficult.

5. Choose Your Lights Wisely

Lighting columns or bollards near a wall can serve as a ladder for burglars. Instead, have your electrician install perimeter lighting that causes anyone passing by to cast a shadow alerting nearby security guards. Make sure you buy lights rated for outside use. Such bulbs are durable and can withstand all types of weather.

While more light is better, you want several light fixtures, not one huge floodlight. Should one light go out, the others will still function. Moreover, you can create a balance between your lights. You’ll need lights illuminating a large area and task lights directing their beams to areas like doors and windows.

6. Opt for White Light

The color of the light, also known as light temperature, will affect how safe a premise is. For example, parking lots utilize white light because it is easier to determine a car’s color, and it imitates natural sunlight.

You may want warm, yellow lights to enhance a restaurant’s cozy ambiance but not to illuminate the storage area.

Be careful, however, that the indoor lighting does not affect a guard’s view of the outside. You want to avoid glare and reflections on the glass.

7. Protect Light from Vandalism

Sometimes burglars unscrew bulbs just enough to prevent them from coming on at night. They may also break them or turn the motion sensor upward or out of the way so it won’t detect anything. The solution is to install lights high enough or get unique vandal-resistant fixtures.

Additionally, ensure the wiring is protected. Bury it underground if possible and use a conduit. An intruder can cut exposed wiring or otherwise tamper with it.

Have your electrician install several lighting circuits for added security should one fail or be switched off. Don’t forget to lock all outdoor electrical boxes and main switches.

8. Be Creative

Light up staircases to prevent tripping at night. Drawing attention to artworks or decorative plants with dramatically placed lights can deter thieves from hiding behind them. Your electrician can show you how lighting can help you portray and advertise your business.

9. Maintenance

Even the most sophisticated lighting system won’t do you any good if you do not maintain it regularly. Keep a stock of replacement bulbs on hand and have the fixtures regularly cleaned.

It’s wise to plan regular service checks with your local electrician, who will ensure the wiring is in order and alert you of any issues. Also, prune any nearby shrubs and trees to ensure they do not block any lights or cameras.

If you experience frequent blackouts in your area, you should invest in a standby generator or other backup power solution to keep your lights on when the power is out.

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In Summary

Security lighting is a simple yet effective way to keep your business safe. Some business owners see security features as an expense. But if you hire a reputable commercial electrician, the upgrade can improve business and increase the value of your property.

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