Is Your Water Bill Higher Than It Needs to Be? Your Plumber Has Solutions for Water Wastage | Irving, TX

Is Your Water Bill Higher Than It Needs to Be? Your Plumber Has Solutions for Water Wastage | Irving, TX

As plumbers, the value of fresh, clean running water for our customers is always on our minds at Tioga Plumbing & Electric of Irving, TX. We know that in our area of the state, drought concerns have been elevated and it’s important to conserve our water supply, as well as manage our water bills. You’d be surprised how many ways that plumbers can help you reduce your water consumption, which the EPA estimates includes on average 1,800 gallons per week, 9,400 gallons per year of wasted water for the average family. Simply updating your home’s toilets to the latest water-conserving models can save many thousands of gallons of water per year, as well as dollars off your water bill, and that’s just a start. Much of the time, our plumbers can provide services and update your equipment to stop leaks and reduce water consumption, without having you learn a whole new set of habits. Let’s talk about some of the opportunities we can provide to you and your family to help keep our precious water supply flowing where we need it.

Older Pipes Can Leak and Cause Damage

If your pipes are older or made of materials that can corrode or degrade over time, you may have water leaks developing in your walls or in your water line leading to your home. These leaks can waste a lot of water, but they can also cause damage including foundation issues from external water leaks and both decay of your building materials and the growth of mold, mildew, and insect colonies indoors. Our plumbers can run tests to detect signs of water leaks without having to dig or cut into walls, and possibly catch these leaks in the early stages.

Bathroom Fixtures, Leak Repairs, and Replacement

Newer toilets can save a tremendous amount of water since they not only reduce the amount of water used per flush, even offering two levels in some units but they are also designed for more effective flushing so you don’t just wind up performing multiple flushes to make up for the limited water flow. Some units use water pressure to build up a jet-action air blast that, while a bit startling at first, gets the most out of a limited amount of flush water. Showers are also becoming more effective places to save water, going beyond flow restrictions to technological advances that get the most washing out of a reduced amount of water.

Taking First Steps in Bathroom Water Conservation

If you want to take action before you’ve decided on upgrades, our plumbers can ensure that your current toilet’s flapper valve isn’t leaking and your sink faucet washers are in good shape so you don’t have a steady drip of water, especially hot water that wastes energy as well. Speaking of faucets, one of the biggest water wasters the EPA has identified besides toilet flushes is leaving the water on during tooth brushing, costing an estimated 8 gallons per day, which really adds up. We have an easy fix for that: faucets with paddle-style controls or touchless operation, which either allow you to quickly flick the water on and off with the back of your hand, or simply allow the water to activate when you need it, and shut off while you’re brushing. There are many new technology-based solutions to home water conservation needs.

Water Conservation in the Kitchen

Perhaps the most amazing new plumbing feature for kitchens is the voice-controlled faucet, which can dispense one quart or gallon of water into your pot on voice command while you remove the roast from the oven. No overflows, no dumping the pot and restarting to get the right amount, it’s precise and easily managed water use. If you’re washing dishes by hand, you can stop letting the water run as you wash, and use voice command or more convenient controls including touchless operation to easily get rinse water only when you need it, without distraction. Our plumbers can install new dishwashers that help provide water saving features, and of course planning for full dish washing loads can save hundreds of gallons per week, according to the EPA.

Tankless Water Heaters for Bathrooms and Kitchen

When you’re waiting for the shower or kitchen sink water to run hot, how many gallons are you sending down the drain in the meantime? If your water heater is located some distance away in your home, it can take some time for hot water to enter the pipes and travel to your location. Small tankless water heaters installed by our plumbers can instantly start heating your hot water on the spot, for a quick hot water supply that just keeps on flowing as long as you need it. In addition, while the recommended hot water heater setting for hygiene, safety, and energy conservation is typically 120 degrees F, you can set the temperature higher on local tankless units for better dishwashing and showers. Just make sure that those who may not be able to feel the temperature as well, such as children and the elderly, aren’t using that hot water without your help.

There Are Plenty More Ideas Where These Came From

As plumbers, we have the skills and experience to care for your plumbing and reduce leaks and other water waste, and offer ideas such as managing your sprinkler system electronically and using the best detergent for the temperature of water you choose. We’re also the team to turn to for installing new, more efficient and even smart appliances that can help you save water by being more effective, not just cutting back on water use alone. Let us know how we can help!

Your Irving, TX Plumbers and Water Saving Wizards

At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, our team solves Irving, TX plumbing problems for homeowners and businesses to save water, energy, and cost. We can help you save water with repairs and upgrades. Call us today.

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