Most Common Electrical Problems in Our Homes | Electrician in Fort Worth, TX

Most Common Electrical Problems in Our Homes | Electrician in Fort Worth, TX

Your safety is the most important concern when it comes to household electrics. If you are experiencing high bills, frequently damaged appliances, or flickering lights, it means there is an electrical problem with your house’s circuits or the wiring.

We seldom figure out what the problem actually is, and what the solution should be. Only an Electrician in Fort Worth, TX can help us figure out such problems and solve them effectively. Otherwise, we have listed a few common problems and their solutions. This will help get an idea of what problems your electrics might be facing and what to expect when you call an Electrician in Fort Worth, TX.

1.   Frequent Electrical Surges

Electrical surges could be due any of the following possible reasons. Starting from lightening strikes, damage to power lines, bad electrical wirings and damaged power lines in the house or right outside the house. Usually an electrical surge would last for a fraction of a second. However, frequent surges can cause the electrical appliances to damage, which reduces their life and simply creates the need to replace them with new ones.

Therefore, if you are experiencing frequent electrical surges at your home, the reason could be a faulty device connected to home wiring or the electrical grid of the house. Cheap and low quality power boards are an example. Try removing them from the outlets and notice if the problem persists. If it does, you should call an Electrician in Fort Worth, TX.

2.   Sags and Dips In Power

Just like electrical surges, voltage sags and dips in the electricity could also be because of the low quality or substandard devices or appliances connected to the house’s grid. Such devices either draw too much power or have leaks or short circuits in them, which leads to such ups and downs in the voltages.

3.   Light Switches Not Working Properly

Switches and dimmers that do not respond when operated means they are substandard or were installed by an inexperienced Electrician in Fort Worth, TX.

If you just moved in to a house, and notice some switches do not respond or do not activate an outlet. This means the switches are suspended or the fixtures have been removed. Another reason could be a faulty wiring or faults in switches or the outlets.

Which of these is actually the problem? Only an expert Electrician in Fort Worth, TX can tell. You should always consult a professional in such situations rather than trying to find and fix the problem yourself.

4.   Circuit Breaker Tripping Frequently

Circuit breakers trip when too much power is drawn through them. This could also happen when more than one high power items like hair-dryers and microwaves are used at the same source or nearby. A circuit breaker is a safety device that trips to protect you and your appliances in emergency situations. Therefore, if it trips, it means it is doing its job right.

If a circuit breaker has tripped, try figuring out what devices were being used at that time. If it was a hair dryer, try using it a lower power. Alternatively, you can try to limit power usage on a single outlet especially when a high power appliance is running.

5.   Circuit Overload

This is one of the major reasons of frequent circuit breaker tripping. When the power boards are overloaded, they cause higher current levels in their respective circuit breakers causing them to trip. Most homes even today have fewer electrical sockets or outlets. Therefore, we tend to add more load to a single outlet. If your circuit breakers keep tripping frequently this is what you should do.

  • Use good quality power boards,
  • Unplug devices that are not in use, e.g. home entertainment systems etc, they still use power while on standby
  • Spread your electrical appliances to different outlets around the house. This will prevent you from overburdening a single outlet.

If these steps do not work, call an Electrician in Fort Worth, TX to get your wiring inspected and the problem fixed.

6.   Lights Too Bright or Dim

If your lights around the house are not evenly bright, there could be different reasons for it. Either the lights are of different wattage, or your neutral connections are bad.

First, check the wattage on all the lights and replace them with identical ones. Secondly, hire an expert Electrician in Fort Worth, TX to inspect your neutral connections and fix the problems these might have.

7.   Electrical Shocks

An electrical shock can be a bad experience, which is a gentle reminder that electricity is also extremely dangerous along with being highly useful. It can also prove deadly if not properly utilized.

If you experience a mild electrical shock while turning on or off an electrical device, the problem could be with the device or with the wiring. In such cases, we would not recommend you to find out the cause yourself. It is wise to call an Electrician in Fort Worth, TX.

8.   High Electrical Bill

You can reduce your electrical bills by switching to another provider if an option is available, identifying the devices at your home that cause surges, finding out leaks in the appliances etc.

In addition, you should unplug the devices that are not in use. Another great way is to hire an Electrician in Fort Worth, TX to check if there are any broken or damaged wires.


If you are facing frequent electrical problems from those mentioned above other than these, you should consider calling an Electrician in Fort Worth, TX. This is because yours and your family’s safety is the first priority, and faulty electrical fixtures can pose a threat of electrocution to the users.

If you live in Fort Worth, TX, and need any sort of electrical inspections or repairs, Tioga Contractors is just one call away. Our experts have served many households professionally ensuring their satisfaction as a priority.