Need A Drain Cleaning Service? Slow Flow And The Perils Of Older Pipes | Bedford, TX

Need A Drain Cleaning Service? Slow Flow And The Perils Of Older Pipes | Bedford, TX

We tend not to notice problems that grow slowly over time. For many homeowners, that’s why plumbing issues suddenly appear as crises: they’ve been growing long enough that they’re getting serious. The reasons can vary, from slow buildup of material on the inside of drain pipes throughout the house to corrosion of pipes made of materials like cast iron, which can affect water supply pipes as well. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we help our Bedford, TX customers with preventive measures such as drain cleaning service that help push back the slow-growing problems and keep pipes flowing smoothly.

There May Be Signs of Trouble You Don’t Notice

From year to year, you probably won’t realize that your sink is draining a bit more slowly, or your water pressure is slightly less than it has been. As long as it works well enough, your plumbing seems to be in good shape. What if you run the water full blast, does the drain keep up? Is it starting to back up just a little after a minute or two? It may not seem like a reason to call a drain cleaning service, but it is a sign of change that will eventually lead to trouble. The issues may be developing in the P-trap and pipes leaving from that sink, or you may be seeing the effects of slow clogging throughout your plumbing. It’s hard to say, but your drain cleaning provider can help you determine what’s happening.

Some Kinds of Buildup Are Signs of Pipe Damage

Pipes of certain types like cast iron corrode over the years, faster if you have hard water, and the material breaking loose from the corrosion weakens the pipe walls while also accumulating elsewhere as growing clogs. The inner surface of corroded pipes is also a magnet for grease, hair, dirt, and other materials since it’s rough and affects the flow of water going past. Other pipe materials such as older plastics may not get as rough inside, but they also break down over time, leading to weakening pipe walls and the accumulation of clog material. This is why it’s important to hire a quality drain cleaning service: it’s important to clean the pipes carefully, with a mind to their materials and condition.

Why Not Take a Look Inside?

Plumbing technology has advanced to the point where your drain cleaning service professionals can run a small video camera inside your drain pipes and see what condition they’re in. This technology can also help locate the clog, or clogs, that are slowing the drain, and determine what they’re made of, so appropriate cleaning techniques can be used. A regular hair and grease clog, for example, responds well to different methods than a stuck object that has then accumulated a bit of hair and grease to seal the pipe.

Pipe Information Is Power for the Plumber

Video inspection is extremely helpful for emergency drain cleaning visits, because it can target the plumber’s efforts right where they need to be. It’s important for whoever is tending to a backed up toilet to make sure that the problem is truly in the toilet itself, and not far down the line, with the toilet clog just a symptom of slowing drain flow. Video inspection also reveals the state of the pipes themselves and any plumbing joints or fixtures along the way. It’s not uncommon to find that, after a drain cleaning service is completed, the pipes are rough enough inside that they are likely to clog more rapidly the next time.

The Costs of Pipe Problems Make It Important to Stay Aware of Issues

When pipes back up, the cost of the emergency drain cleaning service and the disruption that the backup brings to your family is substantial. You may have to clean up unsanitary water that has spread and seeped into floors, walls, and ceilings. There’s a risk of mold developing from dampness from the seepage in those enclosed spaces. The consequences of a single clog can be considerable, and yet the damage is often quite avoidable. One effective way is a combination of inspection and cleaning that is provided in a periodic drain cleaning service. A professional service, performed annually, can clear clogs from the pipes and identify any further issues that need attention, from blockages that need extracting and main pipes that are also clogged, to problems with the pipe condition.

How Does Drain Cleaning Service Get the Job Done?

Your professional drain cleaning team has a variety of tools and equipment for inspecting the pipes and clearing them either carefully when the pipes require it, strategically when there are objects that need extracting, and forcefully with pressure tools when it’s the right thing to do to blast the pipes clean. First, though, your drain cleaning team will use their experience to make a plan.

Organizing Drain Cleaning Strategies

The age of your home tells plumbers a lot about what’s hidden behind the walls. They can see some of your plumbing in the basement and under sinks, but there’s a lot that can’t be seen without cutting into the walls and other spaces. Homes in Bedford, TX tend to have similar histories, so knowing when yours was built and whether it has had any plumbing overhaul can help the plumbers understand what concerns are likely regarding pipe corrosion, for some metals, or breakdown for older plastic pipes. The plumbers will also think about the path of the pipes and where flow may slow for twists and turns, yielding greater accumulation of clogs.

The Drain Cleaning Service Experts at Tioga Plumbing & Electric

Serving Bedford, TX and the surrounding area, our expert plumbers and drain cleaning teams are ready to provide emergency services, inspection and repairs, and periodic drain cleaning to minimize your risk of problems. If you have older pipes that need repair or replacement, our plumbing service has extensive experience with pipe servicing in your home, basement, or yard. Call us for expert service.

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