No Matter What Kind Of Water Heater Repair Or Upgrade You Need, Our Plumbers Have the Answer | Arlington, TX

No Matter What Kind Of Water Heater Repair Or Upgrade You Need, Our Plumbers Have the Answer | Arlington, TX

Is your home’s water heater a standard, 40 gallon tank-style unit? Or a newer water heater technology? At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, our water heater repair team serves Arlington, TX homes with standard tank-based water heaters, hybrid water heaters, tankless water heaters, and other hot water systems. We’re the company to call for any type of water heater repair, and for information if you’re considering switching to another type of system. We’re also detail-oriented, so we focus on the important maintenance and repair factors that ensure your system provides reliable hot water with efficient energy use and provides a long service life. We come well stocked with parts and knowledge, and offer emergency service when you need it. Whether you need water heater repair to remedy a shortage of hot water, or you’re concerned about a leak or strange noise from your unit that could get serious quickly, you can rely on us for the most reliable, informed, and trustworthy service.

Basic Tank-Based Water Heater Repair

Standard water heaters hold, typically, 40 gallons of water in a tank, with thermostat-controlled heating equipment keeping the water at a temperature around the clock. These units should have regular maintenance as well as water heater repair, to help protect the tank against corrosion and premature failure, keep water quality good and check the protective valve that is provided to avoid situations such as pressure buildup in the tank that could be catastrophic. Our water heater repair technicians replace anode rods, check for sediment in the tank, and replace temperature and pressure valves as necessary, and also handle problems with the heating gear and thermostats when needed. It’s important to note that, when this type of equipment doesn’t supply as much hot water as expected, it could be because one of two heating elements is not operating properly, providing basically half the capacity. In a busy household, the blame for running out of hot water could be placed on a family member when in fact it’s just a simple water heater repair problem.

Cutting Energy Costs with a Hybrid Water Heater Model

There are water heaters that, instead of using electricity or gas around the clock to keep the water hot, use a primary heat source that’s similar to the heat pump technology people use to heat and cool their homes. It uses a mechanism to capture ambient heat, usually from nearby, and heat the water using only the energy required to operate the mechanism. They usually have a backup electric heater for situations where ambient heat is not enough, which isn’t a common problem here in Texas. Our water heater repair team understands the technology and control systems that make these hybrid systems so energy efficient, and they also can provide the routine maintenance that this tank-based system, like the basic tank water heater, requires. If you want to upgrade to a hybrid unit from a standard model, our team can advise you about costs and logistics. This model typically fits in a similar space to the basic 40 gallon tank-based model, but with a bit more space above for the heat-capturing equipment.

Tankless Water Heaters, The Never-Ending Supply of Hot Water

Tankless units require periodic maintenance, mostly the cleaning of vents and removal of sediment, and they tend to be light on the repair needs, but their control electronics are somewhat complex. Our water heater technicians have the experience and training they need to take care of any problems that arise with your tankless system, allowing you to have your endless hot water supply once again. Of course, there are a couple of issues to be aware of with tankless hot water, including the fact that the supply may be endless, but the flow rate is limited. You can run loads of wash forever or long showers, but if you are drawing hot water from too many places, in large volume, you won’t get all the hot water you need. That’s just a natural fact of the way the unit operates, and you can buy units with large flow capacity if you need it. Our team will also help you calculate the flow rate you need if you decide to install one of these units. Another issue that people encounter is no hot water flow when they turn on the faucet because the unit requires the average faucet to be open about halfway before it senses the demand for hot water and fires up to serve. Drawing a trickle works from a tank-based unit because the water is already hot, but a decent flow is what triggers a tankless unit to heat.

Are You Thinking About Replacing Your Hot Water Heater? Maybe With New Technology?

Our team can help you consider the costs and savings available with each type of hot water heater, and also help you figure out when your current unit will likely need replacement based on its age, condition, and repair needs. With our extensive experience with all common types of water heaters, we can also create an efficient installation plan that will minimize the disruption to your household when we perform the exchange, whether it’s a simple replacement basic model or an upgrade to newer technology. We’ll also be there for you for expert ongoing maintenance and repairs over the years.

The One Company to Call for Water Heater Repairs in Arlington, TX

At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we help homeowners in Arlington, TX keep their hot water fresh and flowing no matter what type of system they have. Our plumbers are versatile and experienced, providing not only expert services but also helpful advice about your hot water system so you can plan for replacement and avoid emergencies. If you’re considering a major change such as a tankless upgrade, we can outline the considerations and help you make sure it’s right for you. Call us for help ensuring your family has plentiful hot water.

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