Our Indoor/Outdoor <strong>Drain Cleaning Service</strong> | <strong>Bedford, TX</strong>

Our Indoor/Outdoor Drain Cleaning Service | Bedford, TX

You may already know that it’s important to have a whole-house drain cleaning service to avoid increasing clog problems and inspect your drain pipes for damage. Did you know that Tioga Plumbing & Electric handles your outdoor drains as well? If you’ve been seeing backups during rainstorms that dig up your landscaping, flood your patio, or put rivers on your driveway in Bedford, TX, it’s time to unclog those outdoor drains. The debris that blocks proper drainage is generally different from clogs in your home’s plumbing, but the concept is the same. When drains back up, there’s a mess to clean up. If it’s been a while since your last outdoor drain cleaning service, you’ll be glad to see how big a difference it can make when downpours go down the drain instead. From floor drains to storm drains, they all have an important purpose. Our experts use professional-grade techniques to make sure drains are ready to serve you when the flood waters come.

Avoiding Flooding from Summer Rains and Winter Freezes

Landscape drains, drainage pipes, catch basins, and other outside drain systems all accumulate everything from landscape debris to unfortunate intruders around your home in Bedford, TX. They require periodic drain cleaning service to ensure that you don’t experience backups and potentially damaging flooding when the water from heavy rains can’t drain away. Slow outside drains can also lead to stagnant water where insects like mosquitoes breed. The most debris-related clogging tends to occur in the fall, but when freezing weather comes to DFW, you may find the cycle of freezing and thawing releases large amounts of water at once into the drains, and backups can occur.

Indoor and Outdoor Drains Are Different But Provide Essential Protection

Outdoor drain cleaning service protects your property against disruption from large volumes of water which can cause erosion, foundation damage, landscaping damage, and other powerful effects of flowing water. Outdoor drains of varying types help manage periodic flooding, even providing an escape for the water from washing your cars. Indoor drains manage the wastewater created in your home through various fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and washing machines. Normally, these flows are contained in a drain system leading to your sewer or septic system, which is designed to handle expected volumes. Constrictions in drain plumbing due to clogs of grease and other materials can reduce the effective flow rate and lead to backups, water damage, and even contamination. Remediation can involve wall and ceiling material replacement, rewiring from corroded wires, replacement of electrical fixtures and outlets, decontamination, and more.

Cleaning Your Household Drains

Emergency drain cleaning service can remove an object or clog that’s blocking a toilet, sink, shower, or tub drain. Sometimes, though, that’s the tip of the iceberg, evidence of slowing drain plumbing further along. Whole-house drain cleaning service uses professional techniques from augers to hydro jetting, along with video inspection to identify clogs and clear them away. Pipes are left in a near-pristine state, allowing maximum drain flow and reducing secondary clogs caused by slow drains. Video inspection can also identify potential problems from corroded drain pipes or damaged plumbing that could lead to future leaks and remediation.

Putting the Muscle to Your Storm Drains

While the accumulation of clog material over time is a significant enemy of your indoor drains, outdoor drains can be quickly blocked by seasonal effects such as bulky organic material that enters and slows the drain system. When drains are reduced in flow but still functional, dams caused by winter freezes that release during thaws and send large amounts of water into drains can create a significant problem. Professional plumbing techniques can extract large amounts of clog material or otherwise provide effective drain cleaning service, including powerful hydro jet methods. Well-timed period care can maintain clear drains and protect your property.

Managing Groundwater Flow to Protect Your Property

The flow of excessive groundwater can affect your property in many ways. It can surround and place forces on your foundation that is remedied by effective sump pump usage but could have been prevented by well-functioning drains. Drain cleaning service can keep overflows from affecting walkways, driveways, plantings, patios, and other features of your property from being damaged by the considerable force of large volumes of water. If you have areas where surface water flow can pick up speed and force such as a sloped driveway or terraced landscaping, the effects of this runoff can also be considerable. Well-placed drains, properly clear and operating normally, can be an effective relief for all these groundwater flows and are an important part of home and landscape architecture.

Infiltration, Backflow, and Other Concerns

Unexpected groundwater flows and pressures can impact your water and sewer lines as well. Infiltration is the entrance of groundwater, usually into a sewer line that’s not intact. Pressure variations in water supply lines can also allow infiltration of groundwater into your home’s water supply, sometimes called backflow. These pressure variations are sometimes caused by water main breaks or fire hydrant use that lowers the city water supply pressure in your area. Managing your home’s groundwater flow can help avoid these and other unusual but harmful plumbing situations in your home.

At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, you can find all the home services you need, along with care for your business property as well from our family-owned business. We’ve been serving the DFW area including Bedford, TX for many decades with 24/7 service, 365 days a year. Our licensed professionals from the plumbing, electrical, and other building trades provide award-winning service that’s tested and approved by our many metro area customers. Whether you need fast faucet repairs or a well-planned remodeling project, we have the capabilities you need. Our drain cleaning service helps you keep your property, inside and out, free of problems that could result in water damage and remediation. If you don’t already know us, you’ll be glad you’ve discovered us. Give Tioga Plumbing & Electric a call and get your drains cleared professionally today!

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