Plumber’s Guide: Benefits And Drawbacks Of Indirect Water Heating Systems | Bedford, TX

Plumber’s Guide: Benefits And Drawbacks Of Indirect Water Heating Systems | Bedford, TX

Indirect water heaters are a combination of space and water heating units that have taken the plumbing industry in Bedford, TX, by storm, especially for homeowners that fancy its multiple tasks. They have a storage tank with a boiler or furnace responsible for heating water for several household uses.

The system also consists of a heat exchanger, oil burner, drain, cold water inlet and hot water outlet, and a temperature and pressure relief valve that should operate efficiently for the water heating unit to perform at its peak.

Before finalizing the purchase decision of the indirect water heating unit, it’s wise to have a plumber explain its pros and cons that are not limited to:

Benefits of the Indirect Water Heaters

Lower Operating Costs

The first aspect that attracts buyers to indirect water heating equipment is its efficiency in providing hot water in the least expensive means. The water heater can only use less energy with a high-efficient boiler and a well-insulated storage tank that prevents leaks. It can also perform efficiently, reducing the energy usage with proper installation by a qualified and competent plumber.

Run-on any Fuel Type

Another benefit of dual-purpose indirect water heaters is the use of different fuels. Its boiler or furnace can run smoothly using propane, fuel oil, solar energy, natural gas, and electricity. It is an advantage because people from places without electricity can get the home appliance operational during the wintry days for additional comfort.

If a plumber installs the indirect water heater in your home, your worries of outages lessen because you can switch from one source to another for continuous use of hot water. Also, if you feel electricity is too expensive, you can opt for other fuels available in your home.

Requires Less Maintenance

Folks can also go for the tanked indirect water heater because of the low maintenance it requires. The system is the least complicated, implying that a plumbing professional can clean and inspect it thoroughly within an hour.

The plumbing professional can check the few parts that include the boiler or furnace, heat exchanger, and the tank for possible issues and make the necessary adjustments or repairs to the identified looming issues.

The expert can also inspect the temperature or pressure relief valves to ensure they are running smoothly and inspect the drain valve to see if it is loose and tighten it. The plumber can drain the tank periodically for cleaning. The short inspecting, cleaning, and tune-up process is an attractive feature for indirect water heaters.

Lasts Longer

The lifespan of water heaters is dependent on several aspects such as corrosivity of the metal components, level of mineral deposits in the systems, installation quality by a plumber, and the anode rod replacement. The water heating system has a stainless steel storage tank resistant to rust which negatively affects its lifespan.

If your indirect water heater uses natural gas or oil to operate, it can last the longest time because of reduced wear and tears. Additionally, regular maintenance by a skilled and experienced plumbing expert in Bedford, TX, can also influence the life years of the unit. A well-maintained unit can last the longest, but a neglected system can go to an early grave earlier than expected.

Constant Hot Water Supply

In addition to the above benefits is the continuous supply of hot water to meet your hot water demands. The indirect water heating systems have large boilers or furnaces that enable them to heat many gallons of water for storage in the storage tank.

You can access hot water whenever you need it through your faucets instantly. If you use a lot of hot water in a day to do chores and sanitary duties, it is best to hire a plumber to help you get the best unit that can heat more gallons of water.

Disadvantages of Indirect Water Heaters

Hard Water and Sediment Build-up

Tanked water heaters are notorious for sediment accumulation that leads to numerous plumbing issues, including leaks, corrosion, and increased energy costs that require the urgent attention of a plumbing professional to fix them.

The indirect water heaters do not use a burner because it works with the furnace or boiler that heats your shower and dishwashing water.

The lack of a burner reduces the level of sediments built up in the system if the water source is freshwater from the municipality. But if your home receives hard water, the indirect water heater can accumulate mineral deposits even without a burner.

The hard water makes it hard for the heater to heat your water, compelling you to wait for a while as it works.

Therefore, if you use hard water in Bedford, TX, you should be willing to pay a plumber to carry out frequent draining and flushing of the hot water tanks for cleaning.

Boiler Upgrade

The boiler your indirect water heater has should meet the hot water needs of a household. If the water heater has a lower heating capacity, it cannot provide a sufficient hot water supply for your home. It is appropriate to get a plumber to help get the best indirect water heater with adequate heat capacity.

The reason is that a small water heater cannot meet the hot water demands of a larger house. If you bought the small-sized system in a small building with few people, it is wise to upgrade it as you get a bigger home and more inhabitants.

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