Plumbing Is A Versatile Profession. How Can Our Plumber Help You? | Hurst, TX

Plumbing Is A Versatile Profession. How Can Our Plumber Help You? | Hurst, TX

Residential and commercial plumbing are only two of a large number of specialities for which plumbers train. Over the years of education, experience, and mentoring, they gain important skills that can also prepare them to work in industrial environments, public water supply systems, steam-based systems, even submarines and oil refineries.

Anywhere that depends on the reliability and integrity of pipes, plumbers are at work. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, our plumbers have chosen work that puts them in contact with homeowners and business operators in the Hurst, TX area, and allows them to directly experience the benefits of their skills. We are proud to have them on our team, and to provide their services to our customers. So, what can our professional plumbers do for you?

Emergency Plumbing

The personal touch is never needed more in the plumbing field than when our plumbers respond to an emergency. At a minimum, the situation is disrupting a family’s peaceful life. An overflowing toilet can have a disruptive effect on a party celebrating an important event, or a pipe burst can wake everyone up in the night with water flooding through walls or ceilings. Our plumbers arrive in a professional, respectful manner, ensure that they leave the home cleaner than they found it, and work skillfully to halt the progress of any damage and then make necessary repairs.

If appropriate, they’ll work with the homeowner to plan a complete repair once the initial situation is addressed. Prompt, highly skilled, and professional, they represent the values of our company as the front line in addressing our customer’s concerns and taking care of their plumbing needs.

Drain Cleaning Service

If your home hasn’t experienced a good drain cleaning in a while, there’s a lot we can do to help you avoid emergency calls by clearing out the drain lines through your home and to the city sewer. A lot of clogs accumulate over time, aided by slower drain pipes that make it harder for the forces of gravity to drive wastewater through the lines. That water pressure is what keeps hair, food, sanitary products, paper towels, and other material that’s not great for the drains, going down the line anyway.

Narrower drains can be cleaned out with our array of tools including high-pressure hydro-jetting, getting everything moving again and providing less chance for opportunistic clogs, even in your sewer line to the street. We can use video inspection to make sure that the lines are clear, and to identify problems so that we can clean out using the right tool for the job. A stuck plastic dinosaur requires different tools from a hair and grease clog, for example. Video checks also give us information about the state of your drain pipes and sewer line too, helping us get an idea of whether corrosion or other damage may need addressing.

Water Heater Maintenance

Keeping your hot water heater in good shape not only keeps your showers and clothes washing nice and hot, it also prevents another of our most common emergency plumbing calls, the water heater flood. Regular maintenance of your hot water heater not only keeps it functioning, it also helps us keep an eye on tank corrosion and maintain the anode rod, a device that contributes to the tank’s longevity. The pressure relief valve also gets our attention, since it can cause minor floods if it malfunctions or if the tank’s pressure goes too high and the relief valve operates as expected.

A combination of rising pressure and an unresponsive valve can have devastating effects on a weakened, corroded tank, another emergency we’d like to avoid. We also handle heater and thermostat problems, sources of confusing hot water problems depending on how they malfunction. In the case when hot water lines are routed under the basement’s concrete slab floor, we may also catch a slab leak that’s warm, and solve your hot water problems with a slab leak repair for the hot water lines.

Water Line Leaks

A water line leak can be a long-term water waster hiding under your yard or concrete slab foundation, or an elusive destroyer of walls and ceilings, rarely located near where the water shows itself by leaking through to where it can be seen. Of course, some leaks just spray and flood and create visible chaos. This is an area where an experienced plumber can make a big difference, using experience and knowledge of typical home construction to discover hidden leaks with the least amount of cutting or digging. We also have modern equipment that listens to your plumbing and decodes the high-pitched sounds of leaks, doing the math to determine how far down the line they are located.

These and other advanced techniques are making leak detection and repair a much less troubling situation for homeowners, though it can still involve cleanup, mold mitigation, and other costs after the leak is fixed. As with drains, our plumbers also review your plumbing to determine the source of the leak, whether it’s a joint problem from a past repair, aging pipes, or another issue. If we think that a problem such as aging pipe material may lead to future leaks, we’ll offer suggestions about repairs including repiping part of your home’s water lines, or a total repiping if necessary, which is actually fairly common in older homes.

Plumbers for People at Tioga Plumbing & Electric, Serving Hurst, TX

If you’re in the Hurst, TX area, we recommend that you keep our number handy. We have top professionals who look forward to helping you and your family prevent plumbing problems and, if they do occur, work to resolve the situation quickly and calmly. They could be working in industrial plants, on ships and submarines, or in other places where their skills are needed, but they choose to work for us — and for you. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with them, and do make sure to have our number handy.

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