Plumbing Service: What To Do If Your Shower Drain Smells | Euless, TX

Plumbing Service: What To Do If Your Shower Drain Smells | Euless, TX

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Having a drain in your shower that smells can be very unpleasant and is a common problem that plumbers are regularly asked about. If you’re interested in finding out why your showers drain smells, this article will discuss common drain problems and how to solve them.

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Why does the drain in my shower smell?

There are many reasons that shower drains can begin to smell. You may have Mold growing beneath your drain cover, or the drain’s p-trap could have stopped working, which would allow sewer gas to rise through your pipes. One of the most common reasons that your drain in the shower starts to smell is that there could be hair and grime stuck in the drain’s strainer.

You’ll be glad to know that many things that make your drain smells bad can be quickly and easily fixed. Here are some of the main reasons you drain likely to be smelly. You’ll be able to follow these tips to help freshen up your drains. However, if you think that there’s a blockage in your drain or sewer or any other problem with your plumbing system, you should call a service.

Clogged Drain Strainer

Most showers have a strainer that covers the drain, and this catches any hair and soap scum. In time this will start to accumulate and can cause a smell or even a blockage. This is the most common reason that shower drains smell.

To fix this problem, you’ll simply need to remove the stopper and clean it. Some filters may be attached by a screw which needs removing. The strainer can then be emptied and cleaned with soap.

Mold or Mildew Growth

Often mold or mildew will start to grow in the showers drain. This is because the shower drains dark and damp conditions, which are just right for mold and mildew to grow. Mold or mildew is likely to accumulate in gaps between the drain cover and the tub. It’s essential to have your strainer and shower installed correctly. It needs to be sealed to reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew developing.

If your shower drain smells because of mold or mildew, you can clean it using a mold removal solution. This is available from most supermarkets.

If you think that your shower or drain strainer hasn’t been installed correctly, you can call a plumbing service, and they will check that everything’s in working order and apply sealant where necessary.

Dry p-trap

The drain has a curved pipe known as a “p-trap,” this pipe is a fixture that connects the drain to the rest of your plumbing system. This part gets its name because it has a distinctive p shape. The p-traps has a curve that allows it to hold a small amount of water to stop sewer gas from entering your home. If your p-trap isn’t working effectively or is dry, you’ll start to notice a smell coming from your drains. This is usually a gas which has a rotten egg smell.

Sometimes water in the p-drain evaporates, and all you need to do is pour some water down the drain to get it to work again. If you continue to have problems with your shower smelling, you should call in a plumbing service. The plumber will be able to remove the drain strainer and look further into the drain. You may need to have your p-trap replaced.

Clogged or blocked vents

If you keep trying to put water back into your p-trap with no avail, you may find that blocked vents cause it. Pipes have vents so that the air has somewhere to go. Without vents in your plumbing system, suction would be created, which could siphon water out of your trap. This problem happens if your vents get blocked or clogged with hair or soap. Some vents are connected to your trap, and these also connect to a vent stack, which is an outlet for the air. Each pipe in the drainage system will have a vent that’s connected to the vent stack.

In most cases, if a blockage occurs, it will be in the vent stack. You may be surprised to find that the blockage has occurred due to a bird’s nest near the vent stacks entrance. Sometimes debris falls into the vent, and this causes problems.

If a blocked vent has caused your drain smell, it’s relatively easy to rectify. If you know where your vent stack is, you can clear any debris from its entrance. However, it’s likely that the problem will be further inside your pipes, and for this job, you’ll need a plumber. A plumbing service will be able to clear the blockage and will have your water and air flowing effectively again soon.

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