Preparing Your Home For The Electric-Enabled Future With Your Electrician’s Help | Keller, TX

Preparing Your Home For The Electric-Enabled Future With Your Electrician’s Help | Keller, TX

You’ve probably noticed that your home’s electric outlets are filling up. You may be adding more connections for higher-powered equipment, too, from kitchen appliances to shop tools. For many homeowners, an electrician visit to install an EV or electric vehicle charging station is also a current or near future necessity. With all these power connections, most homes also need better access to the power grid in the form of upgraded electric service and power panels. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we can help you keep up with your electric needs in Keller, TX and plan for the future with the right amount of capacity. Our experts are skilled in residential, commercial, and industrial wiring and other services, so they have the experience to provide whatever services you need. From your home to your business, your workshop, and your well-outfitted garage, we provide the safe wiring, outlets, circuit breaker boxes, and service connections you need.

Electrical Upgrades and Remodeling Services

Home offices, modern kids’ rooms, and home theater or family rooms all have a lot of electrical equipment these days. Our electricians can provide additional outlets and circuits to meet your needs, so you don’t have to use power strips and other makeshift arrangements for your long-term electrical needs. In some cases, such as home theaters, you may be surprised at the amount of power you need for equipment such as audio amplifiers and subwoofers. We can help you plan the wiring for installations like these, and also run and connect low-voltage, speaker, and network wiring that’s safe and reliable, meeting professional standards. Expert wiring keeps your spaces attractive, with connections provided through wall plates and wires carefully hidden from view.

Full Panel Updates and Subpanel Addition

Adding circuits or planning for future expansion can require additional space in your power panel. If you don’t already have circuit breakers, our electricians can perform the changeover for you and make sure you have space for future updates. When your older home is using more power outlets and circuits, we can upgrade your panel or provide a subpanel to properly manage your home’s wiring. In some cases, homeowners have outbuildings or garage spaces with significant power usage. We can provide proper local circuit breaker panels so you don’t have to run inside to reset if your air compressor and table saw start up at the same time. Of course, with a local panel we can provide separate circuits to support those loads as well.

Power Service Improvements

Especially for homes that currently have fuse boxes, chances are your incoming power service is insufficient for your future and even current power needs. A sixty amp service, common at one time, will significantly limit your power use with modern equipment and features in your home. A one hundred amp service can even fall short, especially if you plan on having a specialized EV charging station for your car. Our electricians can help you calculate your power service needs for now and into the future, and install a power service connection that takes good care of you and your family as you expand your activities.

Protection Features for Your Circuit Breaker Box

Have you noticed those GFCI outlets in your kitchen and bathroom, the ones with the reset button that protect against electric shock near water? If your home is fairly old you may not have them, but all construction since 1975 has provided this vital protection, also important for outdoor outlets. In 1978, garages were included in the requirements. These days all circuits can be covered with GFCI features incorporated in your circuit breakers for convenience. An additional feature called AFCI is now available, that helps avoid fires started by arcing in your Keller, TX home’s wiring. For all your home’s outlets, both lightning arrester and surge protector features are available at the power panel, protecting your electronics and even your AC system from a centralized location.

Specialized Outlets

When you’re buying woodworking or shop tools, appliances, and other high power consumption devices, you’ll usually get better results from a 240V connection than using a device that works with standard 120V outlets. In particular, you’ll notice that electric motors tend to struggle less to start and run. Our electricians can install new outlets where you need them, so you can put your equipment and appliances exactly where you want them.

EV Charging Stations

A special case of a high-powered connection is the EV charging station, which provides significantly improved charging times for your electric vehicles over standard wall plugs that can take more than overnight to charge your car. Our electrician can provide the services needed to install the charging station, run the wiring, and provide any capacity upgrades needed to supply the power needed. Most importantly, we can do the calculations and provide clear information about what’s needed to charge your vehicle before you bring it home.

Electrical Safety Inspections

In addition to top-quality electrical services and equipment, our team of experienced electricians provides careful and thorough electrical inspections for your home, garage, outbuilding, or business. We can identify any non-standard wiring or services, and provide information about how they should be properly done. In the case of any emergency electrical service needs, we can check your wiring for risks or problems after storm damage, water damage, or signs of wiring problems such as odors, flickering lights, or dimming lights.

Your Full-Service Electrician

Tioga Plumbing & Electric provides skilled electricians and electrical design for your home or business in Keller, TX. Our versatile team performs top-quality work for new construction, remodeling, upgrades, and emergency electric services. Electrical wiring and power sources are your home’s private infrastructure, and your family is best served when everything is up to standards and has the capacity you need. We’re a large organization with extensive experience in our area, and we can provide clear quotes and an efficient team so your work is done right. Call us today and see!

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