Professional Tips to Prevent Drain Clogging in Keller, TX

Professional Tips to Prevent Drain Clogging in Keller, TX

Remember when a few days back your tub had turned into a lake and your sink was flooded! Drain clogging has always been a headache for homeowners. The first thing that comes to mind in the case of a clogged drain is to resolve it by pouring drain cleaner. While this may help in certain situations, this might not be the solution to all the drain clogging problems, and you will end up hiring a plumber in Keller, TX to fix it.

In either case, drain cleaning in Keller, TX is both costly and a time-consuming process. This particular problem, however, also brings with it the obnoxious and highly unbearable smell. Once you face a clogged drain, it leaves you with no other option than to hire a professional plumber in Keller to get you out of that mess. The amount of time and cost associated with drain cleaning in Keller, TX will, however, differ in accordance with the extent of damage inside the drain.

While the majority of homeowners prefer to save cost by attempting the task as a DIY project, they fail to understand the fact that this inexperienced attempt may lead to some severe damage to their drain system. This may ultimately cost them more amount of money than expected. In the case of improper handling of a task, lack of special tools and the required cleaners, you may end up damaging the drain line permanently and would have to bear the replacement cost.

So what can be done to avoid drain clogging?

If you want to save yourself from the ordeal of a clogged drain, then we bring you some simple yet professional tips from a plumber in Keller, TX to keep your drain system clean. Let’s discuss each of them separately.


1.             Are you allowing the food scraps to go down the drain?

The most common issue of a clogged drain is due to the food scraps that go down the drain and then block the drain system. This situation, however, can be prevented by the use of drain strainer. A drain strainer catches the food scraps or other residuals. This will help in stopping the food scraps from entering the drain system. Moreover, to further ease the situation, it is recommended to have a regular drain cleaning in Keller, TX to avoid facing the bigger problem at once.

2.             Are Grease and Oil affecting the drain lining?

This might sound a little awkward to you – how the substance like oil and grease can get stuck in the drain and result in drain clogging? This is simple to understand though. The oil and grease tend to choke the lining of the drain which ultimately allows the food particles to get stuck with the lining of the drain line.

The drain clogging due to the oil and grease may cause a major problem to your drain system as this not only clogs the drain, but also becomes a support for other particles to get stuck in the drain line. Therefore, it is recommended to always dispose the grease and oil to a separate trash disposal and to avoid spilling or disposing it off in the drain line. In the case of negligence, this may even cost you a plumber to do the drain cleaning in Keller, TX.

3.             Do you flush the toilet paper?

How frustrating does it get when you face the issue of clogged sewer line in your home or in the office! One of the common items that cause drain clogging are thick paper products. From paper towels to toilet papers, people usually flush them in their toilets and hence, face the damage in the form of a clogged drain, or even the blockage of the entire sewer system of the area. However, by avoiding these small practices, you can not only save yourself from drain cleaning in Keller, TX, but can also save a lot of money in terms of frequent drain line repairing and maintenance later on.

4.             Do you pour boiling water down the drain line?

The professional plumber suggests that by pouring boiling water down the drain we can easily keep our drain system cleaned. This can be done once a week but it results last for much longer. This helps is washing off the deposited oil, grease or other sticking food particles at the drain lining and inside the drain. Moreover, it is also beneficial in getting rid of the bacteria and germs that produce inside an unclean drain line and to remove the acrid smell of drain solution or obnoxious smell of drain line itself. Drain cleaning in Keller, TX is, however, easily avoidable by making a habit of it.

5.             Do you have a drain screen installed with your drain line?

There are many products available these days other than drain cleaners to keep the drains clean. One of them is the drain screens. They are used to block the food particles, soap scrum, hair and other tiny particles from entering and blocking the drain line and ultimately, prevent drain clogging.

In case a drain screen is not installed in your kitchen or bathroom drain system, then you can easily get one from the nearest store at a small price. This small price will, however, save you a lot more in terms of time and effort required for drain cleaning in Keller, TX.

Will it prevent the drain clogging in all situations?

By following the above-discussed tips, we can save a lot of time and money when it comes to drain cleaning in Keller, TX. But for many reasons, it is important to understand that not all the drain cleaning problems can be resolved by following these preventive measures.

Hence, there are few things that are best left to professionals, and there are some reasons for which professionals like Tioga Plumbing & Electric exist. If you are searching for quality services of a leading plumbing service, then check out their website to get yourself served professionally, right away!