Pros And Cons Of Evapotranspiration Septic System From A Plumbing Company | Bedford, TX

Pros And Cons Of Evapotranspiration Septic System From A Plumbing Company | Bedford, TX

Out of the numerous septic tank systems installed in homes, evapotranspiration is the only one that works differently. It is a process that The Environmental Protection Agency describes as the net water lost through evaporation from the soil surface and transpiration by vegetation.

The onsite wastewater treatment structure does not need the conventional soil absorption site that treats and disposes of the affluent in the soils because it uses evaporation to get rid of the liquid waste.

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How the Evapotranspiration System Works

The wastewater treatment system has a septic tank that serves as a pretreatment unit to separate the settable and floatable solids from the liquid waste. The evapotranspiration system also features a sand bed that a plumber from a reputable plumbing company installs with wastewater distribution pipes.

The bed works well with a fill material, a liner, and monitoring wells. It also has an overflow protection unit and a surface cover. In addition to the sand bed, the structure should also have vegetation on the surface to facilitate the transpiration process for the efficient disposal of effluent.

The liquid wastewater evaporates when it gets to the drain fields, making them the best for Bedford, TX homes with well water.

The following are some of the pros and cons that homeowners are likely to encounter with the evapotranspiration system installed by technicians from a trustworthy plumbing company.

Advantages of Evapotranspiration Systems

Highly Efficient During Sunny Days

The first advantage is its efficiency during summer, late spring, and early fall because of the latent heat. The process requires latent heat to evaporate 590 cal/g of wastewater at 15 °C and vapor pressure to eliminate vapor through the diffusion or convection processes.

The ET system works best with a continuous water supply on the soil’s evaporative surface. With proper installation by a plumber from a well-known plumbing company, the system efficiently disposes of wastewater to the atmosphere. The effluent undergoes evaporation into the air through the soil or transpiration through the plants.

Safe for Groundwater

Suppose you have well-distributing water to your house. In that case, a plumber from a reputable plumbing company may recommend the evapotranspiration septic structure to protect the water in the wells, nearby springs, streams, or lakes from sewage contamination.

When an expert plumber constructs the evapotranspiration septic system correctly, you never worry about groundwater safety. The ET structure significantly reduces the risk of groundwater contamination because of the sand bed’s impermeable water-tight liners.

Overcomes Soil Geological Limitations

Since most conventional septic systems require soils that can optimally absorb the effluent, the ET system is preferable for homes without absorbent soils. The expert from a trustworthy plumbing company evaluates the ground before advising on the type of septic tank to install for efficiency in removing wastewater from your house.

Therefore, the professional will consider installing the evapotranspiration system if your home cannot have an absorption soil site to discharge the effluent safely and efficiently. They are the next best alternative to the conventional septic systems, such as the drip system, aerobic, chamber, and mound.


Another advantage that most people consider before making the final decision is the cost of the entire system, including the installation expenses. It is wise to visit a nearby reliable plumbing company to do the cost estimates before plumbers start constructing the septic system in your home.

The access rises, air vents, and open-air tanks are cost-effective. Sand and gravel are also affordable, especially if they can be easily accessible from your location in Bedford, TX.

Efficient in Shallow Soils

Homeowners also prefer the evapotranspiration wastewater discharge method because it works perfectly in parts with shallow soils. The slowly permeable shallow soils cannot perform well with other conventional septic systems that need an absorption soil absorption site.

So, after the plumber you hire explains that your soils are shallow, the best alternative would be the ET system because of the evaporation and transpiration ways of eliminating waste instead of absorption.

Adds Beauty

In addition to the supremacy of the evapotranspiration, the system is the aesthetic look it gives to your home. The experts from the best plumbing company in Bedford, TX, can construct the septic structure in a landscaping manner that beautifies your yard or the area.

The Cons of the Evapotranspiration System

Everything has benefits and downsides, and the evapotranspiration septic system is not an exception. Some of its limitations include:

Governed by Climatic Conditions

The ET waste disposal systems work best in certain environmental conditions with adequate sunlight and heat, making them the best during summer. The evapotranspiration septic tanks have higher chances of failing on wintry, snowy, and rainy days.

Without the latent heat, the open-air tank where transpiration and evaporation occur remains full of effluent because of failed processes. The low temperatures, high wind speed, and precipitation compromise the evaporation of the effluent into the atmosphere.

Plumbers from a reputable plumbing company will advise against installing the ET system in places where temperatures are mostly low.

Non-efficient in Limited Space

If your residence has restrictions in size, the professionals cannot install the evapotranspiration system.

Its storage space is also limited, hence cannot store too much effluent for longer during winter because of the low level of evaporation.

Therefore, to avoid the tank from filling and overflowing, people should go for a vacation or to an alternative residence with a sewer line system or other conventional septic structures during the cold days.

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Septic tanks are an alternative to the sewer line system for removing wastewater from households. An evapotranspiration system is preferable in homes near groundwater sources, shallow soils, and soil geological restrictions.

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