Pros and Cons of Jetted Bathtubs: Insights From Your Trusted Plumbing Company | Bedford, TX

Pros and Cons of Jetted Bathtubs: Insights From Your Trusted Plumbing Company | Bedford, TX

Have you ever wished for a relaxing and spa-like bathing experience in the comfort of your home? You can now have one by choosing from multiple tubs with unique styles, features, and designs to make your bathroom luxurious and elegant.

If you are upgrading the plumbing fixtures in your Bedford, TX home, you might as well go for the jetted bathtubs, which are a fantastic choice for stress reduction, pain relief, and relaxation. They have relaxing features that provide therapeutic massages to soothe sore muscles and joints, something you can enjoy after a tiresome long day in the office.

You can get an expert from a plumbing company to help you purchase whirlpools and air-jetted tubs to shoot water or compressed air to facilitate relaxation. Whirlpools are excellent in providing a gentle jet water stream that massages and stimulates the skin and deep blood vessels and relaxes muscular body systems. On the other hand, air-jetted bathtubs jet out compressed air that creates a bubbling and soothing sensation that penetrates body tissues for healing warmth.

Learning the advantages and limitations of jetted bathtubs from knowledgeable professionals from a reputable plumbing company in the city is crucial before purchasing this plumbing fixture.

The Superiority of Jetted Bathtubs

Promotes Health

Getting a whirlpool jetted tub is a perfect choice for promoting health, especially for sports people that experience sore muscle strains and painful joints. The state-of-the-art plumbing fixture brings wellness through jets that ooze water in a circular motion for relaxation.

As the water moves in circles, it improves blood circulation and relieves your sore muscles and joints. You can also enjoy long relaxing soaks in the tubs using cold or hot water, whichever you prefer.

With correct installation by a qualified contractor from the best plumbing company in Texas, you will notice multiple colored lights in the jetted bathtubs that provide therapeutic benefits for cancer patients.

It has green lighting that affects the digestive system, blue for calming and soothing, yellow for radiating the sun into the body, and red for infusing vitality and energy for ailing individuals. So, to enjoy therapeutic and relaxing baths, you should hire technicians from a trustworthy plumbing company in Bedford, TX, to help you find the finest whirlpool jetted bathtubs and install them.

High Chemical Resistance

Another pro of jetted bathtubs is their resistance to chemicals. Since the whirlpool and air tubs require frequent cleaning to ensure their peak performance for the longest time, they are prone to be exposed to numerous cleaning agents, detergents, chemicals, and body care products.

Jetted bathtub features three layers, the special transparent acrylic top layer that is chemical resistant, a Special polymer for mechanical resistance, and a polyurethane layer that is recyclable with high insulation. The ability to withstand harsh chemicals that plumbers from a nearby plumbing company periodically cleaning the bathtubs preserve the structural integrity of the tubs for longer.

You don’t have to worry about fading or discoloration of the air and whirlpool tubs. In addition, its acrylic material makes it durable and able to serve you for the longest time.


Having plumbers from a well-renowned plumbing company in the city install jetted whirlpool bathtubs are one way of enjoying clean, relaxing, and soothing baths.

Instead of sharing jacuzzi tubs in fitness centers and local pools, you should get a tub at home where no one disturbs your peaceful and comfortable bath.

People that can afford high-end models of jetted tubs can enjoy the self-cleaning features of the plumbing appliance that works by blowing excess moisture from tubes.

Drawbacks of Jetted Tubs


Buying fantastic and advanced jetted bathtubs can be expensive. They are more costly than standard tubs because of what they offer in terms of comfort, relaxation, and bubbling sensations that promote health for people with cancer or sore muscles and joints. The price of the whirlpool and air-jetted bathtubs differ from one brand or model, depending on the additional features they may have.

In addition to the purchase price, paying a plumbing company in Bedford, TX, to install the large, heavy, and deep jetted tubs can create a dent in your wallet. The hired plumber can also require a consultation fee to help you get an unmatched jetted tub that perfectly fits your bathroom.

Using the air and whirlpool bathtubs can increase your water and energy bills because they use more water than standard tubs. The jets also use electricity to jet out water or compressed air to provide a soothing, comfortable, sensational, and relaxing bath.

Requires More Space

The complex, deep and large bathtubs can only fit in large bathrooms. Therefore, if you want one and have a small space to install it, you might have to remodel your bathroom by creating more room for the tub. The hired plumber can recommend creating more space on another floor that comfortably accommodates your new whirlpool or air-jetted bathtubs.

High Maintenance Needs

Jetted air and whirlpool bathtubs come with a lot of responsibility. The pipes connecting to the tubes need frequent cleaning. Each model and brand of jetted tubs have diverse cleaning processes that can be time-consuming due to the complexity of the make.

Neglecting the maintenance process increases the risk of algae, mildew, or mold growth that can trigger allergic reactions. For that reason, you need to buy a maintenance plan from a reputable plumbing company for guaranteed regular tune-ups and servicing.

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