Reasons To Have An Electrician Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System | Irving, TX

Reasons To Have An Electrician Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System | Irving, TX

The statistics are alarming! A whopping 6.8 percent of all residential fires are caused by electrical failures. Most of these cases are common in older residences that are likely to have defective electrical wiring, making them prone to electric failure.

Also, old electrical systems may not meet the power demands of the current household appliances, hence you may need an electrician to update your home electrical system. Old electrical wiring can result in unending problems, including blackouts, power surges, and electric shocks.

Upgrading the electrical wiring can improve your home safety. Continue reading to understand the reasons you should consider updating your electrical system.

Fire Risks

Some old homes in Irving, TX, often have outdated electrical systems that can cause fire hazards. It’s not surprising that electric failures in homes account for about 51,000 fires every year, resulting in approximately 500 deaths and 1400 injuries.

The risk is even higher in homes with outdated electrical wiring. Old homes may not have wiring systems that support the power needs of new appliances such as refrigerators. Therefore, when you plug in many devices at once, the circuit can become overloaded, causing sparks that can eventually spread all over your property. If you notice sparks whenever you plug your appliances, you should contact an electrician to replace your wiring system.

Additionally, the wiring system in old homes may be damaged or frayed. In the long run, the wiring system wears down, and the insulating materials such as rubber or plastic deteriorates, thus exposing the wires. Rats might also chew the wiring system, thus removing the insulating material. When this happens, live wires are exposed, which creates a fire hazard.

Moreover, damaged wires can cause overheating or short-circuiting and even start fires. Therefore, the main reason to upgrade your home’s electrical system is to prevent such fires. When it comes to replacing the wiring system, talk to a certified electrician to make sure the job is done correctly.

To Meet Power Needs of Modern Appliances

Most homeowners rely on electricity to power household appliances such as water heaters, air conditioners, and dryers. As a matter of fact, the estimated annual electricity consumption for every U.S resident was 10,649 kWh, approximately 877kWh per month in 2019.

Modern appliances require more power than standard ones. Therefore, if the electrical system cannot meet the power needs of such devices, you may have to deal with frequent circuit breaker trips. This may not be safe for you and your loved ones.

The faulty electrical system may have to overwork to meet the energy needs. As a result, the circuit overheats and can cause a fire. Having inadequate power may not only be inconvenient but also pose a threat to the safety of your devices. Their lifespan may be cut short as the defective wiring may not safely handle the power needs. So, if you are the one still unplugging a device to power another, it’s time you contact an electrical professional to upgrade your electrical system.

The Need to Enhance Convenience

Having insufficient power outlets is a problem for some homeowners. You may want to charge your phone or move your TV to a specific place, but you may not have power outlets in that particular location. In the recent past, the socket position wasn’t an issue of concern because they were only designed for its use and not for convenience.

Nowadays, individuals need the power to run almost everything. Lack of enough sockets can be a headache and can disrupt your plans. You can avoid this by reaching out to a certified electrician to install more outlets in your home.

The professional can ensure that your home gets up-to-date electric codes that can handle your power needs when it comes to sockets. You can have more outlets in areas that need more access to electricity, such as the sitting room or kitchen. With more outlets available in your house, you can easily rearrange the room whenever you need to.

To Prevent Power Surges

Electrical surges can damage electrical devices in most homes. They may be by lightning, improper wiring, or a damaged power line. It’s a common electrical problem most homeowners encounter and usually lasts for about a second. Surges may make your household appliances, for instance, a refrigerator TV or to go on and off. If they happen more frequently, they can damage your devices and may even decrease their lifespan.

If you’re experiencing surges more often, you should call an electrical company immediately to find a possible solution for the problem. An electrician can install a new electrical system in your Irving, TX, home. Luckily, modern electrical systems have whole-house suppressors to protect your home from surges. They can keep your devices and appliances safe any time you experience power spikes.

To Match Your Home With Modern Electrical Codes

|In case you’re not aware, building electrical codes usually vary from one year to another. For this reason, new safety standards may have been enforced since you last upgraded your home’s electrical system. That’s why you may want to have an electrician examine your electrical system to know if your home is up to date with the latest codes.

Upgrading your home can be advantageous, especially if you’re planning to rent out or sell your house in the future. If your home has a faulty electrical system, chances are you’re going to lose potential buyers. If you’re sure that your home was updated a long time ago, it’s wise you contact an electrician to upgrade your electrical system.

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