Risks of Doing Electrical Repairs Yourself | Electrician in Fort Worth, TX

Risks of Doing Electrical Repairs Yourself | Electrician in Fort Worth, TX

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Doing electrical work on your own is not a good idea. But why?

You might be a big DIYer, but doing your own electrical repairs can be extremely risky. Out of habit, you may feel tempted to touch the electrical wires to save a few dollars while ignoring the potential risks involved, but sadly, what you don’t realize is that hiring a professional electrician in Fort Worth, TX can save you big time.

Every year, a large number of individuals in the United States are badly injured because of electrical flames, mishaps and electric shock in their own homes. According to the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission (CPSC), every year 5,300 fires are reported, causing up to 40 deaths and more than 100 injuries among consumers due to the electrical receptacles. Therefore, taking professional help of an electrician in Fort Worth, TX is a good idea.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are bound to tackle their own electrical issues than ever before, probably because of the current economic downturn. Therefore, most of them avoid paying for the services of a professional electrician in Fort Worth, TX.

However, most of them don’t have the required experience and training expected to securely perform home electrical repairs, expanding the danger of injuries and electric shocks and possibly bringing new risks into the home. The electrical work must be done with proper planning and safety as it can harm you badly. That’s why no one can do it better than a professional electrician in Fort Worth, TX.

Let’s take a look below at why hiring a licensed electrician can save you from costly mistakes.

·      It’s a Risky Business

You may be surprised to know that each year 360,900 residential building fires are reported to U.S fire departments, causing 13,250 injuries, 2,496 deaths and about $7 billion in property losses. The main cause of the biggest fires was an electrical breakdown.  If you don’t want to avoid such thing to happen then you can seek the help of a qualified electrician in Fort Worth, TX who can handle all your electrical repairs with extreme care.

Although, you might think that by not hiring a professional electrician in Fort Worth, TX you can save some money, in fact, you are taking a chance with your well-being by carrying out the electrical work yourself. There is also a chance of electric shock if the electrical repair work is not being done with proper care.

Licensed electricians are experts in conducting electrical work as they are being trained to perform the job safely. They have proper safety tools and types of equipments which reduces the chance of risks during electrical repairs.

·      It Can Affect Insurance Claims

Before jumping into the bandwagon of the DIY culture, you must make sure that it can damage your property and can cost you much more money that you were trying to save by not taking the assistance of a professional electrician in Fort Worth, TX. Similarly, doing DIY jobs like electrical repairs or plumbing will not only endanger your life but can affect your chances of claiming the home insurance. The agency may deny your insurance claim in the case of fire or other harm brought about by a DIY work. As most of the insurance companies have a policy for property insurance which specifies, if any harm to the property is done by the deliberate ignorance of the homeowner, the insurance company won’t be paying for the loss.

Therefore, it is essential to employ an expert electrician in Fort Worth, TX to lead electrical fixes at homes.

·      You Can Break the Law

In many states in the US, it is unlawful to alter or fix any wires at home without getting it checked by an authorized electrical professional. As indicated by the Electricity (Safety) Regulations Act 2010, people can conduct an only a limited number of electrical work at home by themselves. Even these limited electrics jobs can’t be performed without proper permits and knowledge. And, there is also a chance if you would want to sell your house in the future, it might not pass the safety code requirements. To avoid such legal issues you must seek the assistance of an expert electrician in Fort Worth, TX.

Next time when you decide to roll up your sleeves to do electrical fixes yourself, don’t forget to consider the risks of DIY electrical work first. You will realize for what reason doing electrical fixes yourself is an incredibly risky activity that ought to be better left to a licensed electrician in Fort Worth, TX.

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