Some Strange Signs That You Need <strong>Water Heater Repair </strong>| <strong>Flower Mound, TX</strong>

Some Strange Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair | Flower Mound, TX

As a homeowner, there are many mysteries to solve. Sometimes it’s not even clear which professional to call until you determine what some unusual clue tells you about the issue at hand. With your hot water, there are many ways that problems can be reflected by sounds, odors, even warm floor areas nearby. You also might not notice that the volume of hot water has changed, or even the color. To help you realize that there may be a water heater repair problem at your home, Tioga Plumbing & Electric is sharing these stories of strange signs that can indicate the need for straightforward repairs. The more we can catch your plumbing problems early and take care of them with expert repairs, the happier we can make your family with reliable, enjoyable hot water.

Lack of Hot Water

Even a lack of hot water can require additional specifics, such as whether it’s not flowing at all or just not hot. Our water heater repair expert will follow a diagnostic process and identify problems with heating elements, energy supply, thermostat issues, and other functional concerns. Where things get weird is when there’s less hot water than there used to be, which might take some time to recognize. In many tank-based water heaters there are two heating elements and thermostats. Depending on which one is having trouble, you might have half a tank of hot water followed by warm or cool water, or the reverse. Before you start pointing fingers at who ran the long shower, it’s worth having this problem investigated!

Weird Noises from Your Water Heater

Sizzling and hissing noises can come from bubbles passing through accumulated sediment in the bottom of the tank. It’s a very strange sound for a water heater and is less likely to happen if you have our water heater repair expert flush out the tank occasionally along with other maintenance. Sediment can also lower the effectiveness of the heater, raising energy usage, and causing a reduced service life. Other strange noises could come from the TPR valve, or temperature and pressure relief valve if it is releasing excessive pressure in the tank or malfunctioning. Typical maintenance checks include verification of the TPR valve as well as tank inspection, both to help avoid tank ruptures and flooding.

Your Hot Water Has Strange Odors and Colors

Sediment can discolor your hot water, and the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the dark, airless tank can also produce foul odors that occur only when you run hot water, not cold. If there’s a problem with water coming from both hot and cold faucets, our expert plumber will investigate further.

Why Does the Anode Rod Need Replacing?

Inside your tank-based water heater is a piece of metal called the anode rod, which releases or “sacrifices” metal over several years to help prevent corrosion of the tank and also address the growth of bacteria in tank water. The type of metal used depends on your water quality and hardness, so your water heater repair expert will select the right one and replace it as needed during maintenance. If the anode rod needs replacing, corrosion of the tank may accelerate and you may experience odors in your hot water.

TPR Valve and Signs of Leaks

Strange puddles or dry evidence that there was a puddle next to your water heater can be signs that your TPR valve either was doing its job and relieving pressure, or releasing hot water in the process. These concerning signs can also be indications that the valve is malfunctioning and needs replacement. It’s possible to confuse puddles and floor stains from the TPR valve with leaks from the tank itself. Our water heater repair professional can perform the testing and inspection needed to determine which it is. Either way, it’s a good idea to call right away to have these checked!

Tank Leaks

One of the risks of having a 40-gallon or more tank-based water heater is that the tank will leak, and cause some damage to nearby items, or it will burst and flood. If the situation is not caught, continued flooding may occur. These days, there are several excellent ways to catch problems like these. Leak detection features are built into some modern water heaters. Floor-based flood detectors stand watch. Water main leak detection systems interrupt your supply if major leaks are detected. Ask our water heater repair specialist for more information.

A Warm Floor Can Indicate a Hot Water Leak

If your hot water pipes, along with other plumbing put in place when the house was being built, were run “under the slab,” you may experience a cement floor with a warm spot above a leaking hot water pipe. This can create several misleading symptoms that seem to indicate a water heater repair is needed, when in fact the pipes need to be checked and repaired. Typical symptoms include higher energy costs and reduced hot water availability since hot water is escaping as it is being heated.

Aging Hot Water Heaters and Strange Symptoms

As your water heater gets older, and our hot water heater repair professional can check its age using the manufacturing label, the risk of these symptoms increases. We’re here to help you!

When signs point to possible water heater repair, Tioga Plumbing & Electric is the company to call. In fact, with our broad range of services, if you’re unable to determine the source of an unusual clue, our team is an excellent place to start. We’re ready to serve you with well-stocked vehicles containing the parts for most repairs, along with test equipment and tools, and of course our skilled plumbers and technicians. We’re here to make home ownership easier for you. Keep our number handy, and call us today if you’re not sure about your water heater’s health!

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